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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome to my Garden in May............

Its been a very long time coming but the garden is waking up at last. May, and nothing planted yet. We are not supposed to plant till the end of May but most years I have stuff in by mid April. This year I haven't even finished the clean up yet. I am working on it though a little at a time. This old body needs exercise after the long winter basically vegging. So nice to be out in the air.
Its a miracle what a few days can do. A little rain and then a lot of sun yesterday got things going really well.
 photo f009b4d8-01de-4887-9fdd-1eb659e20f8e_zpsd7205847.jpg
My Mini daffs are out and looking happy and I just love this one with all the petals.
 photo 65a13a7d-418c-43c8-b6da-1f34d2dd8164_zps9b42c90d.jpg
Isn't she beautiful?
 photo a390f16d-f9e4-4238-b633-1aad51dab706_zps00052224.jpg
Primula or Primroses are out now too
 photo 7d7a5bbc-4998-45cf-b698-c25186090799_zpsde06b73e.jpg
 photo 51270201-1c51-4293-b647-170f6e7fbae1_zpsf598fda4.jpg
Lots of blue too
 photo aeaa1645-796e-468b-8969-93603149e0e0_zpsecb5925c.jpg
 photo 18d50f9a-ecbf-46a2-857c-6ae07c3574f4_zpsd82b1342.jpg
Then there is the squirrels........Bud next door set his live traps and has captured and (he says) relocated two black ones. This guy pesters me every day, and sneaks up to see if I am looking before he gets into snacking
 photo 2d28d6b3-520b-44f4-8e60-d859addab11d_zps743eb757.jpg
I sort of hope Bud does not capture him, he is a bit of a lad.
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Lorrie said...

pretty, pretty flowers. I love the daffodils all dripping with raindrops. Seeing the color come into the garden is one of the best parts of spring. Enjoy!

Merlesworld said...

Blue and yellow flowers are my favourites, the one with all the extra bits is very stunning.

Lavender Cottage said...

Your double daffodil is a beauty.
I may be relocating a few squirrels myself this summer; they seem to breed like rabbits.

Pamela Gordon said...

Your photos are beautiful. Spring is a miracle I think with all the regrowth of plant life. I hope you enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela

Beth said...

The primula are so pretty! Love the pink roses in your header photo too. Have a wonderful wknd!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love squirrels! Leave nature be ;o) Poor little guys! Love your flower pictures! Simply stunning ;o)