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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Pictures.............

I am experimenting with a new edit program and so I will add to this post as I get some images done............This is a new plant I put in the garden a couple of days ago. I love it, it's an Icelandic Poppy. I think they come in other colours, at least yellow. So I am hoping to find a few more in the hope of them coming up again next year.
Columbine or Grannybonnet..........I do not have much luck with these particular flowers. It's sort of ironic that this beauty is growing on the other side of the fence, still mine but I can't see it unless I go over next door. I must try to get seeds this Fall, so far no luck with them taking.


I have long wanted a water Iris and I found this little treasure when I went to get my fish. I would love some purple ones but we shall see how this goes first. I dont know how long they bloom for. The regular Iris don't last too long really. It seems that in Michigan nothing lasts long. They bloom and are pretty and then they are gone. Not a lot blooms all summer.


I liked this fairy hiding behind the nettles. These are pretty variegated leaves with yellow flowers, I also have some with pale leaves and pink flowers. Not sure of the real names.


My neighbour has some beautiful yellow dad used to call them Flags. Maybe it was a different kind because his all seemed to be blue or purple maybe.


I will post some more pretty flowers another day. Hopefully I will find more interesting things.

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