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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Bees are Buzy..................

I had a walk around the garden today. What a mess........not a lot of hope for improvement at this point. The Asters look great though and the bees are very buzy.
 photo f3ed5306-4377-4090-a376-51fcc385ef45_zpsbf0baafa.jpg
 photo 64be967a-b53e-4f9e-9f52-6357085372cd_zpscdd08ae8.jpg
 photo b4de177a-346e-4694-871b-56228a290ab6_zps1f786f63.jpg
Trying to get close ups is difficult. The little buggers wont sit still
 photo c11449bf-b6e0-41ce-b449-6da710b9d88f_zpsd96ee622.jpg
There were several kinds of bees all buzzing around me. Bees do not sting unless they have a reason. Nothing to be afraid of.
 photo 6effbd8d-3bde-4cfa-82fc-5b03bf6c3b7e_zpse95698da.jpg
 photo 339c8408-9774-462d-b0c8-a4945bc72563_zpsedb6da8f.jpg
The Asters or Michaelmas Daisies are so pretty this year. The white ones almost done, and the pink ones are not full yet, the others have been in a lot longer and spread so well. I love it. Fall colour. Wonderful
 photo cafd0701-b3ae-4a80-8775-fc9c06c25707_zpsdb079a04.jpg
The Holly has loads of berries, so does the Mountain Ash..........oooh I sure hope that wont mean a hard winter. Actually I dont mind a hard winter if its a short one.
 photo d90d2ac4-47bd-4ff5-bcf1-6a709e3d6e0e_zps63bdc1ab.jpg
 photo ff5a9dfe-ffc7-4b5f-b921-79421debed43_zpsb73da3a4.jpg
The white ones are a little over the hill
 photo 3edc5c13-25d0-45dc-a9b3-14047730a5b6_zps40d88eda.jpg
Out front the bees were happy as well, they seemed to just love the sunshine. I suppose they know it will be short lived. We can get snow any time now in Michigan, I just hope not for awhile. Frost tonight again......
 photo 44afbb9b-667b-4487-88d0-6a03baa836b4_zps77ea8f5a.jpg
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

fixing the roof.............

I now know why I never got time to work on the front garden. What a waste that would have been. My husband decided to fix the roof. It had to be done before winter but........well, you know how it is when men work. Or maybe its just mine.........the garden was trashed by falling shingles and a not so helpful child.
 photo 14251850-84b9-4ee6-a5de-fa80da015265_zpsce1b50cd.jpg
Not sure who made the most mess. Here is Gerry on the roof. photo b1b89bab-ef92-47f4-88b8-8bf4ab110e00_zps466d9097.jpg

Tristen wanted to go up there so bad, and I caught him half way up the ladder once. He didn't try it again. Not as far as I know anyway. Naturally I couldn't get much done as I had to keep looking out the window. He did not seem capable of following instructions. Well he is only 4 but still............never trust a child. So I caught him emptying stuff out of the tool kit, he fancies himself a carpenter
 photo 0201faf1-d71f-4194-ad07-cf40e439751a_zps59e15356.jpg
You can see they are making a right mess of things.......
 photo 36bce654-1fc1-49cb-a551-03f7c5a05fa9_zpsf339d94e.jpg
.....and Tristen is enjoying it
Notice all the shingles all over the glad I didn't get around to working there before now.
 photo 3ee61799-a6cf-4501-9851-90801a841d31_zpse20765bb.jpg
Yeah, between the two of them they pretty much made one heck of a mess. Ah well, never mind...........Maybe we will still get some nice weather. At least its cooler now. The garden itself is a big mess anyway. Might be just better to wait for Spring.
 photo 65ad2992-e773-40a6-b40d-7b460b05e481_zps9652a625.jpg
At least the rain wont come in next time it rains. Sigh!!!!
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fish baby.........

I finally got a picture of the baby fish. Well, I think I said we had 3 fish, and they all made it through the winter. Come to find out a few weeks ago we now have 4. My cousin in England breeds goldfish and so I told him that we have a black one. He said goldfish are black when babies and its rare that they breed like this in a small pond. They must like this pond. We dont try to keep it clean like we used to. We just try to keep it from being filled with tap water (chlorine) and just try to keep debris out of it. We kept the pump going all winter and will do so again this year.
Here are the adults
 photo e964161f-382a-4d74-9ca1-1393e1f2942e_zps03c5ac1e.jpg
They look healthy dont they.
 photo 12ed8907-cc94-4e03-a823-e388786e8e2d_zps581a1216.jpg
I sure hope that I can keep them healthy and growing like this. They should not get bigger than their environment can handle. Who knows I might have to put in another pond.
 photo e7fcf3fd-b299-43df-8d63-6d9a2ddbbc15_zps1057d1f8.jpg
Well I don't know who the mother is but here are a couple of shots, not very good ones of the baby.
 photo 3ec32e11-f5ff-4dc8-9d98-4ccdfb7d63ad_zpsa85158d8.jpg
This one is a bit harder to make out because it has a shadow
 photo 4f0b1f67-0a6d-475b-a55f-c6c54e5fdad2_zpsb1a49de1.jpg
Now to just keep Miss Boots away, she does like to watch them. Miss Boots has a cold/cough so may need to visit the vet, she wont like that one bit
 photo 36f9c355-24cc-4110-84a8-68640f8df025_zps9352c154.jpg

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September again...........

The cat is in the garden sunning herself.
 photo da52e465-0ed4-4863-9d73-f8048a7b5161_zps9d0ef4a4.jpg
 photo de182dd4-bd04-4cc1-a117-047fea219c5c_zpsc56f445d.jpg
What a lazy cat. Well I hope she is enjoying watching the fish from a distance. Did I say, we now have 4? well we do. My Goldfish had a baby. It took awhile to notice because goldfish are black when babies. So the shadow I kept seeing was really another fish.
Anyway tis the season of the daisies, the yellow black eyed Susies and the more Autumn flowers.
 photo c5ba875c-0516-4eee-9524-edd6979e4d32_zps82ac4135.jpg
What is this.....someone eating my daisies?
 photo 1657cbe8-7308-4045-90aa-6d86e0c5bc10_zps96c23183.jpg
These white Cone flowers are beautiful and doing well.
 photo c01f9731-0d64-4ac6-a0b5-1248bbb8237d_zpsf7ecbcbe.jpg
The magic is in the details
 photo c79bf6b6-ddeb-4aa6-902c-81da37211434_zps95222213.jpg
The light was beautiful I love how it glows through the leaves
 photo 99554a2b-168e-49d1-8347-7e10a505324f_zpscf3ccf81.jpg
 photo 6d39403a-27b6-411e-8de7-f336844e3c5d_zpsa9a57d26.jpg
 photo 2e8674cd-d98f-4871-a881-03543440abea_zps53840641.jpg
Asters are beginning to bloom
 photo a55fe010-21fe-4735-910b-d776e6c1b4c6_zps0ac3a02f.jpg
 photo 61b4aeff-b2e9-4832-869a-3d34d25714cf_zpsd7df9786.jpg
 photo 30c67056-8607-4a6a-8588-51e9960bf0b3_zpsb4458299.jpg
The roses are blooming again. I love it when that happens, a second bloom.

 photo 9d490db2-f6db-4156-9333-361a68f417bc_zps77ec968f.jpg
 photo ebeb337c-493c-4806-9371-97621d9c1831_zps8e38bf10.jpg
The Holly has a load of berries this year, is that a bad sign?
 photo bae21cd0-bc65-4dcb-9d4c-03d14beb95e8_zps425f608c.jpg
I try to make every little corner special. We collect stones on the beaches and in the fields. This is where they end up, somewhere in my garden
 photo 4e9baee5-e1a3-425a-a685-71fc0877dce2_zps21569e6c.jpg
 photo 2fa11029-3b2e-4dcf-9614-9ee745153710_zpsdd94d14a.jpg
A view of the back of the pond from the shade garden
 photo 2b6eff0f-60d1-4f2f-a965-ce9e72fea34e_zps4f4ea940.jpg
The baskets I bought in the Spring have all done well. I will remember that for next year.
 photo 8a322bd3-2d89-4008-a402-b49d22bbf7e0_zps2bb92fe6.jpg
Loads of work to do before I put it all to bed for winter. I was hoping for a good weekend but it looks like it might rain. Next week is supposed to be hot again. I am soooooo ready for the Autumn cooler days.

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