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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Finishing up the front corner.....................

It has been so wet, yes it still is after a night of rain. It's been difficult to get out and work. I did manage for a short time today but it got so humid I didn't stay long. I did put up the rest of the fence that I had on hand yesterday. The poles that hold it together need banging down so it looks funny right now.
 photo 103_2379_zps0z8fvffx.jpg
 photo 103_2378_zpsuzqeeodr.jpg
This back end shows my collection of Butterfly's Milkweed. That is doing well this year. I am thinking that I need some shrubs up in that back corner. I was putting box wood back there so maybe I will just put in more of that.
 photo 103_2380_zpszeu0htkr.jpg
We trimmed up the pine trees along that side, it looked very bare at first. I think since things got trimmed things have taken off. I put wood chips down and I still have a lot of weeding to do but the ivy and wild flowers are doing well. We found this wagon abandoned in a field a long time ago. Right now it is growing its own collection of weeds.
 photo 103_2381_zpsbpx0eem0.jpg
I cleaned up my garden lady. She needs new hands (wooden spoons) and once it gets better outside I will paint the chair and fix her her good. She will be holding a plant when I am finished.
 photo 103_2376_zps7wkftgrr.jpg
 photo 103_2377_zpspbd0n2xz.jpg
I dug out several plants and put those along the fence line. In their place I put a new Day Lily and a couple of blue Salvia. I hope they do well. The plants I had in there grew well but flopped in the heat, so they will do better under the trees and as they spread they can enjoy life in their new place.
 photo 103_2393_zps1etr6xkw.jpg
Some of the Day Lilies are budding. This is the new one
 photo 103_2392_zpsqvodhjg6.jpg
This one was blooming
 photo 103_2390_zpskcywgsrq.jpg
Jason's roses from last years birthday are blooming. One is red and one is yellow but, the yellow one also has red blooms on it.
 photo 103_2400j_zpszxtkpnn9.jpg
one new rose that didn't seem to have taken has some shoots. Say what you will about rain, the garden sure likes it.
 photo 103_2389_zpsvqef6rng.jpg
The shrub I put in a barrel has thrived and is growing well now. I moved the other one out front and I think it may have survived. Hard to tell yet but I do like this with the red tips
 photo 103_2404_zpshgarxwsd.jpg
 photo 103_2403_zpscuq0hw0f.jpg
Last year the tea pot and the little house were on copper pipes but they fell off so this year they can sit on the small steps
 photo 103_2399k_zpsqv8qobno.jpg
This guy was happy that I did some digging
 photo 103_2386_zpsgku2r4yb.jpg
I think I got everything planted now. I still have weeding to do out front under the pines but the big stuff is done now. There is always work to do in the garden but now I am at the point I can take my time.
This is another ornament I refurbished. Its copper and had a glass ball that broke so I replaced it with a Christmas ornament.
 photo 103_2407_zpsdox8c1g1.jpg
I was checking out the veggies and some tomato have babies
 photo 103_2412_zpsoz4qkyp4.jpg
 photo 103_2411_zpsfushkvlq.jpg
I don't know who this cute little bugger is
 photo 103_2413j_zps5tw6lkrx.jpg
but hope hes not the one eating my stuff
 photo 103_2415_zpstztk98lb.jpg
Meanwhile the zucchini is flowering. last year they bloomed but didn't have fruit.
 photo 103_2414_zpsjraojbua.jpg
This is an extension on the veggie patch
 photo 103_2418_zpsgapojnr5.jpg
Well thats enough from we sit and wait for things to sprout. As long as it's not weeds.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Will the rain ever stop?..........

Rain rain and more rain and rain again. While it seems to be good for the garden its not allowing me out to get anything done out there. The weeds are growing in the veggie patch and I have to cut the suckers off the tomatoes. I got most of the stuff done out front but it's coming back so still need to do it again. Well. Yesterday we went to Mennards as they had a sale, a mail in of 11% but it's something and Gerry let me use his account. I got 3 more panels for my fence yeahhhh!!!! SO if it would just stop raining, I can get that up.
The grass seed on the side is popping
 photo 103_2255_zpsn1ca4rmf.jpg
My Peace rose is so pretty. So full, it will shed its petals tomorrow, but today it was gorgeous with the rain drops on it.
 photo 103_2254_zpsjcuj1qwr.jpg
 photo 103_2253k_zpszgwyxkha.jpg
 photo 103_2248k_zpsly9kel45.jpg
The others are looking pretty too
 photo 103_2252_zpsvcorek5x.jpg
They will all drop their petals tomorrow
 photo 103_2249l_zps5kl6wcrx.jpg
As soon as it's dry enough I will give them all a dose of dairy doo
 photo 103_2251_zpsmf2q7qdf.jpg
There is hope that the zucchini will do well this year, there are flowers.
 photo 103_2243_zpsgzegpwzp.jpg
The peppers all have flowers but look too spindly to hold fruit just yet. I hope they thicken up. To that end they too will get some topping up with fertilizer.
 photo 103_2234_zpsizeemsv5.jpg
Bessie still follows me when I am outside and always tries to show off
 photo 103_2168_zpsazeil8ag.jpg
My first Day lily is out
 photo 103_2173k_zpsgfxrg8ia.jpg
I did sneak in a new one when I went to Mennards along with a Hosta that will sit out on the chair with my garden lady. These two were on sale and with a little fertilizer will be nice again. I think I will re-pot and sit them in the shade somewhere to brighten up a corner.
 photo 103_2246_zpsjoa9mabj.jpg
So I have a lot to do this week if it stops raining long enough.
jason's rose is pretty with one yellow and one red bloom.
 photo 103_2235_zpsdva6k3b7.jpg
Another helper out in the veggie garden
 photo 103_2231_zps4k3k8e03.jpg
Next time we get out in the countryside I want to dig up some daisies. I love these old daisies. I had some in the garden a long time ago but they disappeared.
 photo 103_2206_zpstkd80vvu.jpg
Well, here's hoping that the rain stops long enough to get what needs to be done accomplished, then it can have at it. Would be nice to have a day at the beach too one day this week. Ya never know.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Roses are red..........

The roses are doing well this year. I have never had luck with roses before. I still have a problem with them even now. For some reason the leaves are turning grey splotchy like a fungus, maybe bugs. I will check better tomorrow. Its been so wet, so hot, so humid I am sure that the wetness has something to do with it. This one is one of the two mini roses that Jason gave me a year ago.
 photo 103_2149d_zpsrjsz4ysl.jpg
The other one has buds on.
This one is a knockout rose, its been here for several years and never does much but the plant is getting stronger.
 photo 103_2158k_zps8d7bfrme.jpg
The next one is an old farm rose given to me by my sister in law's father. It smells divine. I had to move it a couple of years ago as it got too shady where it was. It is making a come back.
 photo 103_2156k_zpsui406snv.jpg
This Yellow rose is quite prolific, it would make a good climber, I must prune it back in the Fall. I really must learn some of the names.
 photo 103_2165j_zps9fvzs5n5.jpg
This one is doing really well this year, probably about 5 years old. This year it is really blooming well, in fact I gave Laura 6 roses from that bush.
 photo 20170612_102736_zpsthy6zs49.jpg
 photo 20170615_135606_zpsmuuqe9vo.jpg
I have several other rose bushes, not that you could really call them bushes at this point but it seems my Dairy Doo really did the trick. It has given them a burst of energy and they are all doing well this year. Even the ones not blooming are getting bushier.
This is an old favourite, maybe one or two blooms a year so far but at least still blooming. I believe this was my "Peace" rose.
 photo 103_2128k_zpsotgx3x9m.jpg
The other new one from last year, a small bushy rose.
 photo 103_2133_zpse7zmqmj5.jpg
I have another couple of roses that are not blooming yet so will show those in another blog when they do. This one I put in last year and it seemed to like its spot but this year I am not so sure. When I can get working out there again I think I must try to prop it up and give it some Dairy Doo. The front garden has not had any yet. I had made a good beginning then we got all the rain. I have finally finished with the weeding and thinning so now I can work on details.
 photo 20170j_2a_zpsgtisbpsz.jpg
When I got back from taking pictures this was waiting for me............."come on Mum, get back in here"
 photo 103_2171_zpsj8emqpix.jpg
Every time I get back they want a treat............

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Veggie Garden..........................

I tried a veggie garden last year with moderate success. I didn't expect anything and was moderately surprises. I did learn a few things. I learned cucumbers can climb trees, so this year I planted some seeds in a more convenient spot and not one came up.
Anyway, this year I expanded the plot somewhat and laid down some Dairy Doo..........that helped. The rest of that part of the garden is shaded so that is still a Hosta garden. I put a lot of the plants in pots so that I could move them later. These are my Spring onions, taste awesome, just snip off the greens for now.
 photo 20170615_111349_zpsrs3jsjji.jpg
At first they were all together so they caught the most sun. Now the trees have foliated, the area is more shaded so I have moved the tomatoes and peppers to another spot. I will continue to move as needed and will be buying some more dairy doo to help them along. It is another experiment this year. Some year I will be better at using the space I have.
 photo 20170612_103722_zpsysaq0ts0.jpg
This is the top corner of the drive. An unused space and so it is now a spot for my veggies. I have since moved the pine to our deck. I got that one out of the front garden as it had sown itself, I didn't want to kill it off and so its in a tub. It will be a Christmas tree this Winter.
In it's place now are some tomato and peppers. I want to see who does best this year, those in ground or pots.

 photo 20170615_111538_zpswp6xzffx.jpg
 photo 20170615_111533_zps2mylq9rh.jpg
Chives, I plant Chives as much for the flowers and have them in several spots in the flower garden
 photo 20170617_150103_zpsavbfqopd.jpg
 photo 20170615_111420_zpssz8oflje.jpg
Variegated Lemon Thyme
 photo 20170615_111427_zpsfq6jmixe.jpg
Mexican Tarragon (I think)
 photo 20170615_111505_zpsgtq6lysm.jpg
Parsley and mint
 photo 20170617_145801_zpsbqr993i4.jpg
 photo 20170615_111549_zpsl5jqvcdo.jpg
 photo 20170615_111303_zpsprwsnxqs.jpg
 photo 20170615_111253_zpsbumhbrh8.jpg
Several kinds of Peppers, including Mild Jalapeno
 photo 20170615_111311_zpswofwn3hj.jpg
 photo 20170615_111326_zpscx4qeguq.jpg
I have peas, and beans, except the beans got eaten by Chippy and so only two sprouted.
 photo 20170615_111148_zpshubsunpp.jpg
 photo 20170617_145745_zps4nqjg66g.jpg
 photo 20170617_145836_zpsbygmxvzg.jpg
 photo 20170617_145521_zpspkslbrb6.jpg
 photo 20170617_145424_zpsvs9fctac.jpg
Sage came back from last year.
 photo 20170612_103106_zpscajin6no.jpg
Then we have a couple of lazy cats hanging out. Bessie is napping on the front porch.
 photo 20170615_155212_zpsknq9taqz.jpg
Boots likes the shade on the deck and takes advantage of the pond.
 photo 20170615_135205_zps3ue9ogyp.jpg
 photo 20170615_140854_zps19orjr7y.jpg
I have not shown the tomatoes but you can see them in the garden shot...........sigh, I am really hoping they do well this year. I have to figure out what the "suckers" are and clip those so that they don't spread over the whole garden this year.