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Friday, June 23, 2017

Roses are red..........

The roses are doing well this year. I have never had luck with roses before. I still have a problem with them even now. For some reason the leaves are turning grey splotchy like a fungus, maybe bugs. I will check better tomorrow. Its been so wet, so hot, so humid I am sure that the wetness has something to do with it. This one is one of the two mini roses that Jason gave me a year ago.
 photo 103_2149d_zpsrjsz4ysl.jpg
The other one has buds on.
This one is a knockout rose, its been here for several years and never does much but the plant is getting stronger.
 photo 103_2158k_zps8d7bfrme.jpg
The next one is an old farm rose given to me by my sister in law's father. It smells divine. I had to move it a couple of years ago as it got too shady where it was. It is making a come back.
 photo 103_2156k_zpsui406snv.jpg
This Yellow rose is quite prolific, it would make a good climber, I must prune it back in the Fall. I really must learn some of the names.
 photo 103_2165j_zps9fvzs5n5.jpg
This one is doing really well this year, probably about 5 years old. This year it is really blooming well, in fact I gave Laura 6 roses from that bush.
 photo 20170612_102736_zpsthy6zs49.jpg
 photo 20170615_135606_zpsmuuqe9vo.jpg
I have several other rose bushes, not that you could really call them bushes at this point but it seems my Dairy Doo really did the trick. It has given them a burst of energy and they are all doing well this year. Even the ones not blooming are getting bushier.
This is an old favourite, maybe one or two blooms a year so far but at least still blooming. I believe this was my "Peace" rose.
 photo 103_2128k_zpsotgx3x9m.jpg
The other new one from last year, a small bushy rose.
 photo 103_2133_zpse7zmqmj5.jpg
I have another couple of roses that are not blooming yet so will show those in another blog when they do. This one I put in last year and it seemed to like its spot but this year I am not so sure. When I can get working out there again I think I must try to prop it up and give it some Dairy Doo. The front garden has not had any yet. I had made a good beginning then we got all the rain. I have finally finished with the weeding and thinning so now I can work on details.
 photo 20170j_2a_zpsgtisbpsz.jpg
When I got back from taking pictures this was waiting for me............."come on Mum, get back in here"
 photo 103_2171_zpsj8emqpix.jpg
Every time I get back they want a treat............

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Veggie Garden..........................

I tried a veggie garden last year with moderate success. I didn't expect anything and was moderately surprises. I did learn a few things. I learned cucumbers can climb trees, so this year I planted some seeds in a more convenient spot and not one came up.
Anyway, this year I expanded the plot somewhat and laid down some Dairy Doo..........that helped. The rest of that part of the garden is shaded so that is still a Hosta garden. I put a lot of the plants in pots so that I could move them later. These are my Spring onions, taste awesome, just snip off the greens for now.
 photo 20170615_111349_zpsrs3jsjji.jpg
At first they were all together so they caught the most sun. Now the trees have foliated, the area is more shaded so I have moved the tomatoes and peppers to another spot. I will continue to move as needed and will be buying some more dairy doo to help them along. It is another experiment this year. Some year I will be better at using the space I have.
 photo 20170612_103722_zpsysaq0ts0.jpg
This is the top corner of the drive. An unused space and so it is now a spot for my veggies. I have since moved the pine to our deck. I got that one out of the front garden as it had sown itself, I didn't want to kill it off and so its in a tub. It will be a Christmas tree this Winter.
In it's place now are some tomato and peppers. I want to see who does best this year, those in ground or pots.

 photo 20170615_111538_zpswp6xzffx.jpg
 photo 20170615_111533_zps2mylq9rh.jpg
Chives, I plant Chives as much for the flowers and have them in several spots in the flower garden
 photo 20170617_150103_zpsavbfqopd.jpg
 photo 20170615_111420_zpssz8oflje.jpg
Variegated Lemon Thyme
 photo 20170615_111427_zpsfq6jmixe.jpg
Mexican Tarragon (I think)
 photo 20170615_111505_zpsgtq6lysm.jpg
Parsley and mint
 photo 20170617_145801_zpsbqr993i4.jpg
 photo 20170615_111549_zpsl5jqvcdo.jpg
 photo 20170615_111303_zpsprwsnxqs.jpg
 photo 20170615_111253_zpsbumhbrh8.jpg
Several kinds of Peppers, including Mild Jalapeno
 photo 20170615_111311_zpswofwn3hj.jpg
 photo 20170615_111326_zpscx4qeguq.jpg
I have peas, and beans, except the beans got eaten by Chippy and so only two sprouted.
 photo 20170615_111148_zpshubsunpp.jpg
 photo 20170617_145745_zps4nqjg66g.jpg
 photo 20170617_145836_zpsbygmxvzg.jpg
 photo 20170617_145521_zpspkslbrb6.jpg
 photo 20170617_145424_zpsvs9fctac.jpg
Sage came back from last year.
 photo 20170612_103106_zpscajin6no.jpg
Then we have a couple of lazy cats hanging out. Bessie is napping on the front porch.
 photo 20170615_155212_zpsknq9taqz.jpg
Boots likes the shade on the deck and takes advantage of the pond.
 photo 20170615_135205_zps3ue9ogyp.jpg
 photo 20170615_140854_zps19orjr7y.jpg
I have not shown the tomatoes but you can see them in the garden shot...........sigh, I am really hoping they do well this year. I have to figure out what the "suckers" are and clip those so that they don't spread over the whole garden this year.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More garden news..............................................

I have not had the money to buy plants this year. Well, I did buy a few shrubs but that was the end of that. As my husband is still paying for those I am in the dog house so to speak. So.........I am being thrifty. The original spending spree only managed to fill one basket that I put on the deck.
 photo 20170613_184359_zpsysffj6ql.jpg
I have to say it is very pretty at the moment. I have never before bought these and I love them
 photo 20170606_111823_zpsxpnrzpul.jpg
 photo 20170518_163111_zps1epgrqbw.jpg
 photo 20170607_100518_zpsqcjrejo5.jpg
The back garden is thriving
 photo 20170613_184449_zpsrr4vuhk4.jpg
The vegetable garden is doing well and I will do a seperate post on that later. Meanwhile my climbing thingie is looking really nice this year.
 photo 20170612_102439_zpsca8uyvhg.jpg
Some things come back year after year. Did not disappoint this year.
 photo 20170613_143518_zpsans2wjhk.jpg
I did buy one house plant that I will take in this Fall because its one of those easy to propogate things. Another I want later is a Purple Passion.
 photo 20170613_143639_zpsk4spxzl6.jpg
I am not sure this will show up very well but I made this from two old barrel hoops and a glass ball
 photo 20170520_141231_zpswzlkvlqr.jpg
My first wooden wind chimes that I was inspired to make from my visit to the glass shop in Suttons Bay
 photo 20170607_100713_zps72xsaxmw.jpg
In my initial purchase were a tray of begonias and I have some of those in this old lamp that I made in ceramics many years ago
 photo 20170523_172922_zpsikwkac6j.jpg
My Roses are all doing well, it's amazing how a little more light can make such a difference. I will have more roses to show later as most are just in bud at the moment. They all survived the winter so there is that.
 photo 20170612_102736_zpsthy6zs49.jpg
I am re-purposing my old things from last year and I have had to sit and paint all the old flower stakes so that they can be used again this year. I used nail polish and glitter and they look pretty good. So maybe when I am finished with the front I can show some of those.
 photo 20170613_143821_zpswvovfzps.jpg
I have had luck with my bottle trees and have 4 now. I will probably try to do a few more because I just love glass
 photo 20170523_173009_zpstjccud9l.jpg
I am jumping around in my back garden trying to show a lot of it.
 photo 20170612_103146_zpsi4cjddte.jpg
This was one of my mended plant stakes, the ladybug had died, I found a red stone and fixed it. I have learned this year that there is no need to keep buying things because I like them, its more satisfying to mend and fix what I have. (shussshhhhh so I can buy plants instead)
 photo 20170606_105826_zpsunfpp1ap.jpg
I fixed this one up with a glass thing (bell) that I had no use for
 photo 20170606_110041_zpsrmedm32o.jpg
Well, I must stop now because I could keep going on. So much to show since last time and it does drag on. So for tonight I will close and try to load more pictures.