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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Will the rain ever stop?..........

Rain rain and more rain and rain again. While it seems to be good for the garden its not allowing me out to get anything done out there. The weeds are growing in the veggie patch and I have to cut the suckers off the tomatoes. I got most of the stuff done out front but it's coming back so still need to do it again. Well. Yesterday we went to Mennards as they had a sale, a mail in of 11% but it's something and Gerry let me use his account. I got 3 more panels for my fence yeahhhh!!!! SO if it would just stop raining, I can get that up.
The grass seed on the side is popping
 photo 103_2255_zpsn1ca4rmf.jpg
My Peace rose is so pretty. So full, it will shed its petals tomorrow, but today it was gorgeous with the rain drops on it.
 photo 103_2254_zpsjcuj1qwr.jpg
 photo 103_2253k_zpszgwyxkha.jpg
 photo 103_2248k_zpsly9kel45.jpg
The others are looking pretty too
 photo 103_2252_zpsvcorek5x.jpg
They will all drop their petals tomorrow
 photo 103_2249l_zps5kl6wcrx.jpg
As soon as it's dry enough I will give them all a dose of dairy doo
 photo 103_2251_zpsmf2q7qdf.jpg
There is hope that the zucchini will do well this year, there are flowers.
 photo 103_2243_zpsgzegpwzp.jpg
The peppers all have flowers but look too spindly to hold fruit just yet. I hope they thicken up. To that end they too will get some topping up with fertilizer.
 photo 103_2234_zpsizeemsv5.jpg
Bessie still follows me when I am outside and always tries to show off
 photo 103_2168_zpsazeil8ag.jpg
My first Day lily is out
 photo 103_2173k_zpsgfxrg8ia.jpg
I did sneak in a new one when I went to Mennards along with a Hosta that will sit out on the chair with my garden lady. These two were on sale and with a little fertilizer will be nice again. I think I will re-pot and sit them in the shade somewhere to brighten up a corner.
 photo 103_2246_zpsjoa9mabj.jpg
So I have a lot to do this week if it stops raining long enough.
jason's rose is pretty with one yellow and one red bloom.
 photo 103_2235_zpsdva6k3b7.jpg
Another helper out in the veggie garden
 photo 103_2231_zps4k3k8e03.jpg
Next time we get out in the countryside I want to dig up some daisies. I love these old daisies. I had some in the garden a long time ago but they disappeared.
 photo 103_2206_zpstkd80vvu.jpg
Well, here's hoping that the rain stops long enough to get what needs to be done accomplished, then it can have at it. Would be nice to have a day at the beach too one day this week. Ya never know.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, we have had so much rain too! It's crazy! LOL! I hope you get everything accomplished that you want too! It all looks great! Big Hugs!