This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today in the garden.................

Not a lot going on out there today. It was very cold though. I put out table scraps for who ever may want them. Last night I saw two big rabbits out there. I hope they come back tonight because I threw out some brussel sprouts, cooked but hey, maybe they will eat them. If not there are possums and other critters that I know come around. Bad picture, it was dark and I could not see the settings
 photo 6454be8c-fc2d-4884-9c14-63c6534b9d87_zps570513a7.jpg
My Crow came by for bread.
 photo 0856460c-b10a-42de-82f6-3f983837a95c_zps964cddb6.jpg
He also sat on the roof of our garage to finish a snack, that way he can put some of his stash down on the roof. Here he is leaving before going down for 2nds
 photo 318971b5-47ab-40df-a1e0-ef7a6560bf2f_zpse472b29f.jpg
Here is one of the little fluffies. I just love Chickadees
 photo d22ec04b-899f-4d38-aa9d-d16162534bfe_zps14a8629d.jpg
This guy is eating some bacon fat. I let it sit in the pan to set and then scraped it out and put it on the rail where it froze. Sort of, anyway, the birds need fat right now. This guy likes the bacon flavour apparently.
 photo ea67944c-bff5-4bb0-be0c-6192d4705b0a_zps942391b9.jpg
I can not wait until I can begin a clean up operation. I dread to think what it will be like out there when the snow melts. Yeuk!!!!I am hoping the Starlings come in and clean it up.
 photo 350fa4c8-4a41-40a4-a66b-150afa54b37d_zps43ee1f33.jpg
They do try. This poor fella was sitting on one foot while trying to warm the other. I want to put out a heating pad for them.
I will be watching for bunnies tonight

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Clean the Deck and Fill the Feeders..............

As soon as I was outside cleaning the (poop) deck, and beginning to fill the feeders, I almost got hit by 3 chickadees who came in from different locations. The trees around began to fill with Starlings and Blue Jays. My Crow flew over and I cawwed to him. I had to make a few trips and some people are just soooooo impatient. The Chickadees scolded me no end. I mean come on guys, I am feeding you. My fingers are freezing here and I don't HAVE to be doing this you know. A black squirrel stopped by and went to spread the word. I put out half a loaf and peanuts on the garden path in hope of discouraging them from where I want to take bird pictures.
 photo 8831c03d-df69-4c89-b7a1-6b1e2baa57a5_zpsebab2da4.jpg

 photo 492eb9c3-35f7-42a1-8a57-b9a73c9e248c_zps900443e8.jpg
I really think they do spread the word. Schaub's house NOW, feeders are full. Enjoy my Finch animation. I love being able to do effects on my photo's
 photo imageedit_5_3082714434_zpsa1vgxhki.gif
Maybe not the best wink but I am tired, I had forgotten how to do it. Maybe it's this picture but this is a cheeky squirrel. Crave Cute just told me its squirrel appreciation day, so I guess this might be my contribution........

Friday, January 16, 2015

Indoor plants............

Every year I bring in plants from outside but then I don't like having them in the house. So..........what should I do? I hate to see things die when I can save them. Truth is most do not make it. I didn't bring many inside this year but still. I did bring in the Spider plants. They have shed all the leaves that got burned with the frost and are looking well now. I have about six of those plants. All looking pretty good if somewhat smaller than they used to be.
 photo 8e8dff70-fe6d-4920-98f0-04d9a8aec316_zpsddb7d9e1.jpg
 photo 17232311-a337-4adb-b1a6-b93650563013_zps5f2072ee.jpg
The Spider plants get really big when they are outside. I am happy the shred them back when they come in. They are easy to propogate
I brought in Jason's Azalea early and it is loving it in the kitchen window. It has been blooming since it came in.
 photo f77b403f-34f8-461f-b33d-67e4a8cc7fea_zps11bb9eb0.jpg
I also brought in the Cyclamen. I only had white ones left. I think what I may do is to buy a couple more and ditch some of the other bigger plants.
 photo 6bd7a01f-d522-4e85-b634-1d7738617411_zpsff89f2ee.jpg
My very favourite though is the African Violet. I have quite a few of those. They love this one window. The white one blooms a lot. The others are having a rest at the moment but they bloom all year. With the Violets its a question of finding the spot that they like and then keeping them happy.
 photo ff823cdf-7384-41dd-801f-07547c1700ed_zps3491e385.jpg
 photo 481558c2-bb4c-4d66-a059-ddfe3ce09787_zps0969cd51.jpg
While not in bloom, I help them with some beaded flowers by Craftymoose,
 photo d5fdd4bd-f7c8-47b5-9897-6bc0e03583bb_zpsfb6e3dd4.jpg
Then the other one that I am happy survived is my Rosemary plant.
 photo 97688e1b-ecc4-49a3-9d3f-a4410c7928ab_zpsd33896a1.jpg
Then out the back in the laundry are the rest.
 photo 7788fe46-32fb-4b68-9493-f0bc0c66f27c_zpsf1a846ff.jpg
This one does not do well outside, even in the shade.
 photo a6334a3d-b011-4128-8218-91b56786599d_zps36c58616.jpg
I keep those indoors and they are good in darker corners, they don't like direct light. They call it Devils Ivy or Pothos. Anyway that's my mess and I can not wait for Spring.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


A lot of folks do not like Starlings. They say they are greedy, noisy, squabbling birds that hog the feeders. I don't see it that way. I see them as beautiful gregarious birds. Noisy and yes squabbling they are for sure. Have you ever really looked at one.?
 photo 9bc64473-ee16-4e0c-b574-118b09b874c8_zpsbd6407ef.jpg
The feathers are not dull, they are full of colour with tips of beige. This guy has been hanging around for a few days on his own. Today his friends came back
 photo 3704271c-ff4c-42fa-ad85-e8dde04459bb_zps888bed36.jpg
This guy liked the suet, look at that fluffy bum.
 photo bd039860-417b-4d6a-b5dd-6ad4140fd89e_zps68ee9d87.jpg
On the other end is a wicked looking beak.........these guys are in the snow bank because it has made it easy to get to yet another suet feeder
 photo bd4c86b0-bb67-470e-b254-211a79e96bf3_zps8251b9ec.jpg
 photo 37cc01ce-147d-40b7-9be8-e3e3bdefda74_zps1602f1a1.jpg
The sun was not out so its hard to show their colour I will see if I can find someone else's picture. Here it is from the web. I have no idea who's picture it is but want to thank them. I am not sure if it has been enhanced but if you get a Starling in the right light these colours do appear, those peacock colours
 photo f61a8c2f-96df-4baa-a041-1de5d04169ae_zps79223553.jpg
Keeping his feet warm, one at a time
 photo 811ac4c0-8aaf-4804-b11f-6ce8f803203c_zps6117a66d.jpg
Enjoy this video of these amazing birds.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Frosty treats............

The last few days have been rough on the birds. Its been bitter cold and the snow relentless. I have been filling feeders three times a day. They seem to be eating most of it as well. The Crows have been enjoying peanut butter sandwiches. I put peanut butter between slices of bread stacked up and then break it up and throw it for them. They wont come on the deck.
 photo d39ee879-9954-4fa2-9f76-004016be4b89_zps31a16a92.jpg
The Crows come and check first thing in the morning, I hear them from my bedroom. The other birds come as well but they usually still have leftovers. I have had rather a nice variety this past week.
 photo a8419e58-3723-428a-931d-b4db8bee4348_zps7c16ecd0.jpg
Nothing different than usual, just more at once. There has been one Starling who is just hanging out, he stayed when the gang left. Maybe he is too tired to go on with them and knows there is food here for him. The funny thing is the Mourning Doves are the aggressive ones out of the lot. They will beat up a BlueJay if it gets near its stash.
I love this next picture. I waited a long time to see Mr and Mrs C together.
 photo 731304f9-e16e-472b-88f4-babc4d982600_zpsc51c159f.jpg
There were several Cardinals around. I saw 3 males and probably the same amount of females. I bet they are all related. They chase each other though so are probably getting territorial.
Here is the Junko and the finches along with the Titmouse and Chickadees. The red finches are beautiful and when they fly you see some have red backs as well as breasts.
 photo ff947fe3-dd39-4406-9769-0aebae54d729_zpsd8d63fda.jpg
 photo bd6046ad-b2ed-4513-a3ed-b283125f39fc_zpsf1bc8279.jpg
 photo b72c841d-33bb-427e-a252-f581cee33736_zps347ca210.jpg
So many were cold and laying on their feet. They tucked first one foot up and then the other, then just laid down and ate. Some would take their goodies up into the tree to open the shells. I bought mainly seeds that were already shelled, save some of their energy. I also put out lots of suet.
 photo 32da26f0-08ce-4547-9cbb-1f9b404f1983_zpsc6ba3ab5.jpg
 photo 0d393ee1-52fd-4012-ad59-d7736267ed2d_zps289d6149.jpg
The Blue Jays appreciate not having to work for the nugget
 photo 04bded63-352a-4ed5-b383-debc1056ab0b_zpsac4ff41f.jpg
The Mourning Doves will lay on a pile of seed and take a nap. They even pick on each other. They usually come in pairs but there were three out there today and one of them was made unwelcome.
 photo b0541b35-16f3-48ff-8d5a-9242da454d6c_zpsfd6bfc9c.jpg
I love seeing the small ones all fluffed up
 photo 6c78e943-c81a-4368-b973-d0d85da8e697_zpse4923c1c.jpg
 photo 95594387-2856-43d5-b2d7-d7fa66392e02_zps00eb7db4.jpg
 photo 47421ea8-5c2e-4e97-90a4-9a1ab7ccf7f0_zps17c3e1fb.jpg
Well there are many more pictures to show but enough for today.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Poor Birds.........................

I was feeling so bad for the birds today. It was so cold outside, never stopped snowing and blowing. I went out 3 times to brush away snow and refill the feeders. They are enjoying their suet and especially the bread with peanut butter. I am trying to give them a lot of fat stuff. The Blue Jays and Crows love the breads. Some have fruit in it.
My feets are weally weally cold.
 photo 64847254-b0ea-482a-bdd0-cad4f36e9909_zps78a9b6f4.jpg
The poodles were limping when they came back in after just a few moments out there. In fact I had to go out and carry little Brea back in.
The Woodpeckers really enjoy the suet, the ones with the red heads seem to put some of it in the tree bark and come back for it? Not sure what they are doing but that could be.
 photo cbbf6d50-ef0c-4d24-925e-63f8cec60a4b_zpsf8be6821.jpg
There have been several different woodpeckers recently
 photo f9786eca-0206-48a1-bc91-5b78d6657161_zps21d2c3ad.jpg
 photo 9cbbb715-8e68-4a42-ba58-9b3df1e55c0c_zpscc4c2723.jpg
 photo f2f2ef6c-e48a-477e-b254-85d6bf77c39e_zps993a2637.jpg
The smaller birds were very cold, fluffed up but yet still had the energy to squabble.
 photo 2aca45b1-2982-4647-a15f-c9824f404c83_zps80900fb5.jpg
 photo 6a7868d0-481f-41da-ba14-17157a7774c5_zps4288248e.jpg
 photo 8e67b045-d29f-4dda-938c-b321f17e0602_zps54b73d54.jpg
I just love them all and wish I could put out a heating pad for them.
 photo d0dda232-3dc8-4c95-a6ab-6ca02e90781a_zpsb9af485c.jpg
 photo 518fab29-3ce1-433e-acd9-e8f642e724e4_zps002c5ce3.jpg
 photo f0ac1e89-1dd8-4a4c-aebd-5dc25ef24181_zps08ddf433.jpg
 photo 552a38f3-6b99-4279-9501-3719defd14a5_zps32fee045.jpg
Well tomorrow will be even worse than today apparently. I could not believe they had school open today it was so bad. It was ok at 5am when they checked, they should have listened to the weatherman, he was right for a change. So lets hope they are closed tomorrow. One funny (not so) thing today. Visibility was so bad a van ran up the back of a semi truck and got stuck under it. The truck didn't know and kept right on goint. They got a 911 call from the van...........ummm we are stuck under a semi and he wont stop......Sigh.......thank goodness they were ok.