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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mrs C...........

I have had more Cardinals at the feeder than any other year. No idea why because its not been at all harsh this year. One day there were four males and several females out there. They were squabbling with each other, well the guys were. The ladies just got down to eating and ignored them
 photo fee25580-4ea3-43d8-a9d7-9203ee3bfd52_zps6e1b6f62.jpg
The female to me is prettier than the male. I love how her yellow colour blends into the reds and oranges of her coat.
 photo 79a41a4f-24fc-4696-9170-f2c18b697706_zps5dd2a979.jpg
She sure can pack in the food though and looks very plump when she fluffs up her feathers. So cute. She needs a napkin too.
 photo cc7b9b40-2584-457e-a920-4ceb5557396b_zps427caca7.jpg
Look at the scarlet around her eyes. The male might be more flashy but I think she is the beauty.
 photo d540f7ff-f717-41c5-8944-1f9f5a6b21ab_zps242abc89.jpg
When she is mad, she can puff up that crest just like the old man.
 photo d644155f-3178-4d12-b16b-525d10e47946_zps0642c607.jpg
Anyway, just wanted to share those pictures. She was having a good breakfast. Can you tell she is enjoying it? Thats it for this time, I have been rather busy, so missed some good shots the last few days. Never mind I am sure I will be seeing them all very soon. The crow has been hanging around. I was outside the other morning and saw him off in a tree. He cawed and I cawed back Caw caw caw.......then I saw my neighbour Bud leaning on his shovel. Yeh, he thinks I am nuts as it is. I think I just confirmed it for him. Never mind he complimented my on my cheese ball and Brandy balls I gave him at Christmas.

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Magic Love Crow said...

I love that you are nuts! So am I ;o) LOL! She does need a napkin ;o) LOL! Love the photos ;o)