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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today in the garden.................

Not a lot going on out there today. It was very cold though. I put out table scraps for who ever may want them. Last night I saw two big rabbits out there. I hope they come back tonight because I threw out some brussel sprouts, cooked but hey, maybe they will eat them. If not there are possums and other critters that I know come around. Bad picture, it was dark and I could not see the settings
 photo 6454be8c-fc2d-4884-9c14-63c6534b9d87_zps570513a7.jpg
My Crow came by for bread.
 photo 0856460c-b10a-42de-82f6-3f983837a95c_zps964cddb6.jpg
He also sat on the roof of our garage to finish a snack, that way he can put some of his stash down on the roof. Here he is leaving before going down for 2nds
 photo 318971b5-47ab-40df-a1e0-ef7a6560bf2f_zpse472b29f.jpg
Here is one of the little fluffies. I just love Chickadees
 photo d22ec04b-899f-4d38-aa9d-d16162534bfe_zps14a8629d.jpg
This guy is eating some bacon fat. I let it sit in the pan to set and then scraped it out and put it on the rail where it froze. Sort of, anyway, the birds need fat right now. This guy likes the bacon flavour apparently.
 photo ea67944c-bff5-4bb0-be0c-6192d4705b0a_zps942391b9.jpg
I can not wait until I can begin a clean up operation. I dread to think what it will be like out there when the snow melts. Yeuk!!!!I am hoping the Starlings come in and clean it up.
 photo 350fa4c8-4a41-40a4-a66b-150afa54b37d_zps43ee1f33.jpg
They do try. This poor fella was sitting on one foot while trying to warm the other. I want to put out a heating pad for them.
I will be watching for bunnies tonight


September Violets said...

It has been so cold for a long time this winter. Today we're sitting at -18C, but it's still early. I love that shot of the cute chickadee! Seeing that photo made me realize I have never got a good shot of a chickadee. They're awfully quick! I've not had much activity at my feeders this year (disappointing), although I've put out quite an assortment of mixed seeds, black sunflower seeds, niger seeds & suet with seeds in the log feeder. Just a lot of mourning doves, sparrows and a few chickadees. I think the rabbits come here in the night and enjoy the scatterings across the ground. I have to watch my dog because he's such a mooch and licks up anything edible he can reach. Wendy x

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your posts my friend! They always make me happy ;o) Hugs ;o)