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Sunday, January 11, 2015


A lot of folks do not like Starlings. They say they are greedy, noisy, squabbling birds that hog the feeders. I don't see it that way. I see them as beautiful gregarious birds. Noisy and yes squabbling they are for sure. Have you ever really looked at one.?
 photo 9bc64473-ee16-4e0c-b574-118b09b874c8_zpsbd6407ef.jpg
The feathers are not dull, they are full of colour with tips of beige. This guy has been hanging around for a few days on his own. Today his friends came back
 photo 3704271c-ff4c-42fa-ad85-e8dde04459bb_zps888bed36.jpg
This guy liked the suet, look at that fluffy bum.
 photo bd039860-417b-4d6a-b5dd-6ad4140fd89e_zps68ee9d87.jpg
On the other end is a wicked looking beak.........these guys are in the snow bank because it has made it easy to get to yet another suet feeder
 photo bd4c86b0-bb67-470e-b254-211a79e96bf3_zps8251b9ec.jpg
 photo 37cc01ce-147d-40b7-9be8-e3e3bdefda74_zps1602f1a1.jpg
The sun was not out so its hard to show their colour I will see if I can find someone else's picture. Here it is from the web. I have no idea who's picture it is but want to thank them. I am not sure if it has been enhanced but if you get a Starling in the right light these colours do appear, those peacock colours
 photo f61a8c2f-96df-4baa-a041-1de5d04169ae_zps79223553.jpg
Keeping his feet warm, one at a time
 photo 811ac4c0-8aaf-4804-b11f-6ce8f803203c_zps6117a66d.jpg
Enjoy this video of these amazing birds.


MatildasCrown said...

If you have ever stopped to listen to them, you will note that they have a beautiful song. They tend to pick up other bird song and apply it to their own. They are noisy birds when flocked together but if you see them in a tree and take the time to will see what I mean. I love the little starlings. I feed them daily as they are protein eating birds and are hungry with so much snow around.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

Yes, they do mimic......I like them and today they got bread with bacon dripping. I thought that would be a nice treat for them. The Crows like it too. Usually they get bread and peanut butter..........I have had one Starling that stays when the others leave.....maybe he is sick? Anyway he is being well fed while he is resting up.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous! Truly loved this post Janice ;o) Hugs ;o)