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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Clean the Deck and Fill the Feeders..............

As soon as I was outside cleaning the (poop) deck, and beginning to fill the feeders, I almost got hit by 3 chickadees who came in from different locations. The trees around began to fill with Starlings and Blue Jays. My Crow flew over and I cawwed to him. I had to make a few trips and some people are just soooooo impatient. The Chickadees scolded me no end. I mean come on guys, I am feeding you. My fingers are freezing here and I don't HAVE to be doing this you know. A black squirrel stopped by and went to spread the word. I put out half a loaf and peanuts on the garden path in hope of discouraging them from where I want to take bird pictures.
 photo 8831c03d-df69-4c89-b7a1-6b1e2baa57a5_zpsebab2da4.jpg

 photo 492eb9c3-35f7-42a1-8a57-b9a73c9e248c_zps900443e8.jpg
I really think they do spread the word. Schaub's house NOW, feeders are full. Enjoy my Finch animation. I love being able to do effects on my photo's
 photo imageedit_5_3082714434_zpsa1vgxhki.gif
Maybe not the best wink but I am tired, I had forgotten how to do it. Maybe it's this picture but this is a cheeky squirrel. Crave Cute just told me its squirrel appreciation day, so I guess this might be my contribution........


CraveCute said...

Hello Janice, I know it's been ages since I've been here. I saw your adorable winking squirrel in my side bar of my blog and had to rush over! I thought perhaps your were doing a post about Squirrel Appreciation Day, which is today! Oh yes it is official all over Twitter and the internet. Love your post, we feed all the critters that come to our backyard and love watching their antics!

September Violets said...

Well I couldn't resist that winking squirrel in the thumbnail of your post in my sidebar!! So cute ;) My birds just fly away when I step out the door. City birds. I miss the chickadees that would flutter around me when I walked out the door in the country. The blue jays are nice and fluffed ... it must be cold out there! Wendy x