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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


There is nothing going on in the garden right now.The snow is beginning to melt leaving a mess behind. Spring is in the air but does not show as far as the garden goes. Nothing to be done out there until the ground is showing again. I need exercise and so as soon as possible I will get out and rake and start to prepare for Spring. Meanwhile I am stuck inside with the winter blahs. I am drawing and painting and should be sewing but as of this moment I desperately want to be outside.
In England it's my favourite time of year and I know I say this every year. This is when I miss my home. '
 photo 7ea88a8537a566da8ca7327aa1255dd1_zpszlgvpfvo.jpg
I say the same thing every year, I know I know is just so drab out there. The birds did not come around this Winter, either the Squirrels were at the feeders or maybe cats put them off. The feeders were always full. They are full now, and no one is there.
 photo 53cecc2cb26ebc79cbb718abed10db16_zpskrzvjnet.jpg
Maybe it's time to get some Spring garden catalogues? Maybe that would be an incentive but I doubt it. I can't afford to replant everything. This year I must seriously cut back on expenses in the garden. Money must be spent on maintaining and tidying up. We may or may not sell this house. I do need to finish my fence at the very least. Then it will be start at the front and work my way to the back of the house just pruning and cleaning fluffing and buffing. Maybe I can make some more garden ornaments and liven it up that way.
The critters eat my Hosta's out front but that's OK I welcome them here
 photo 21371334_10154920120418297_8886926410326443930_n_zpsfrzu6msn.jpg
That picture made me think that I must transplant some violets out the front, they spread and fill in spots. That's a good idea as they overtake everything in my back garden and I hate to throw them away. I must make use of what I have and transplant things.
This year I have decided to try to get annuals again, they last all year and look so nice. I will plant the ones I brought into the house and let them fill in some spaces. Nice to start off big. My Geraniums are not loving it in the house as much this year but have survived at least. They did so well last year outside that I brought them in again.
 photo 28276650_1219109811555858_7058067478912028918_n_zpsr2oqx9od.jpg
In my Dad's garden in England Pansies bloomed all year and seeded themselves. Here they do not seem to do that. I don't believe a lot of plants like my soil either. So more Dairy Doo this year to make them a bit happier.
If I did get a flower catalogue I would look for some Cowslips and Bluebells
 photo fc7d18bfe136e56a6dbf0e1bbb928c55_zpsflh62avy.jpg
Till then I will dream on and think of England.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Home is calling you again Janice! I know for myself, I will be doing alot of transplanting this year! Spring will soon be here and you can get your exercise! Big Hugs!