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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Looking up........sort of..............

All the tree trimming done. Now there is a lot of empty space and a big mess. I have a much larger garden than I thought.
 photo 103_3996_zpsgr9sjxcr.jpg
I am not sure what I will be doing with this mess. I sort of have to wait until everything begins to come up because I don't know what will. There are a load of Day lillies under the first Pine tree. I will wait and see how they look. Maybe for this year they can stay, they may do better now there is a lot of light. Then with some wood chips that may do for that one. The next Pine leads to a part of the garden. I took down the fence that was just a partial, not sure if I can put that back or not but I need to stop kids running over the flowers when they come up. I have 3 shrubs at the back of the garden area and I am thinking 3 more would help eventually form a hedge. Boxwoods are easy to grow and shape. Looking from the road side it looks like the fence is the best way to outline the area. I think I may be able to do that without a lot of cost. I hope so anyway. In the meantime some boxwoods would help to define the area.
 photo 103_3998_zpscunqoh7o.jpg
I would like to buy some more pieces of the fence but not sure I can do that. I think I will dig up that whole area and start it over. The 3rd Pine tree I didn't cut so low. For now that will be on hold. I will plant more ivy under that tree. Maybe with some more wood chips and some transplanted Hosta it wont be so bad. I have the old plough to use in that scenario.
 photo 103_3997_zpsyliq4n0d.jpg
The first pine from another angle. You can see from that side that there is a lot of space to use.
 photo 103_4008_zpsovi7mqzg.jpg
This is the first pine. Close to the house.It had a lot of dead branches. So after trimming those it looks bare and nasty. The Day lillies will come up soon and then I can thin those and maybe I can coral them and maybe outline with Hosta's.
 photo 103_3996_zpsgr9sjxcr.jpg
The side of the house by the porch had very large shrubs that were no longer savagable. They had grown stringy and rough so out they came. I am saving the Forsythia and will shape that when it stops blooming. I am hoping to find cuttings to move out back where another Forysthia is dying. It's old and needs some new shoots.
 photo 103_3992_zpskpgtsqdf.jpg
The bench is coming out and I will cut that Forsythia into a shape and encourage the ivy below it. I will clean all that out and make it look good again. I am hoping we can save the bench by putting new bars in it.
 photo 103_3991_zpsrh3k47xe.jpg
What a mess and no real plan of what to do with it. We have to redo the porch this year. A new roof so I probably wont decide on this part until thats over with. I have enough other things to do as you can see. Meanwhile the whole front yard needs to be done before I can even think about this part. I hope I can get everything done before it gets hot. Cut back on the work for next year. Jeepers.

Friday, April 22, 2016

April showers bring flowers..............

We had one day of rain, just one. Today was cloudy and cold. It's not going to get a lot warmer and I even heard mention of snow. I really don't think we will be getting snow. Tomorrow is Saturday and we want to finish trimming bushes and trees and raking up the leaves and junk. The back yard is done. Now the side and front to do. Come May it will be time to prepare the vegetable garden.I am looking forwards to that. It will be a bit of work but I am hoping for success.
Today we had a different visitor, well not new but rare for us. Very pretty little finch type bird, looks like a Sparrow with yellow cheeks. He was scratching around like a chicken. I hope he comes back.
 photo 103_3906l_zpstlxexeoo.jpg
 photo 103_3904k_zpsbs5ujvfh.jpg
I identify him as a White Throated sparrow. Closest I could find anyway. Please correct me if I am wrong as I want to know what birds come to my feeders.
 photo 103_3899k_zpsuefjelwk.jpg
So Bessie now likes being outside. I think she is learning from Boots. I have seen her explore the adjacent gardens but so far not too much further. She has discovered she can get in and out of the bathroom window. I put my glass top table under that window that may have been a mistake.She is enjoying climbing trees and chasing squirrels.
 photo 103_3889k_zpsbx27eeja.jpg
Boots is showing her how to go potty outside.Thankfully in MY garden and not Buds. Bessie is watching her. Watch and learn.
 photo 103_3890_zpsfprgawk4.jpg
 photo 103_3891_zps18ovwhl5.jpg
The birds are not here as often as they were, they are no doubt finding enough to eat.Also busy nesting. The Cardinal couple are busy with their nest above the porch and may stay long enough to raise some kids.
 photo 103_3897k_zpsw49rs4lr.jpg
 photo 103_3896k_zpsn8wcom4b.jpg
Spring flowers are popping. When the sun comes back out they will really pop.I wish they would spread quicker. The ones I don't want to do. I have to dig out some Lilly of The Valley before they get going again.
 photo 103_3911k_zpsvhkuqk26.jpg
 photo 103_3912_zpsvw5xlhig.jpg
 photo 103_3915k_zpsjkdcgafi.jpg
The Trillium is trying to bloom but not quite yet. Soon the woods will be full of them. We put some more in last year but I am not sure if they will come up this year. I am hoping because I love the Trillium.I love it when we drive out and see woodlands full of them.
 photo 103_3916k_zpshtm1rgfp.jpg
The Primroses are blooming, the yellow ones are budding. The red ones come out first.
 photo 103_3919_zpsreiiaezv.jpg
The Hyacinth are up.
 photo 103_3909k_zpsirvgqooc.jpg
 photo 103_3908_zpsopfeo24p.jpg
These are from ones I have bought to have in the house, I love to do that when the snow is still on the ground. Makes me dream of Spring. I think maybe getting real garden ones would come up fuller but hey, these are spreading and will revert to what they should be at some point.
The Chickadees are here as always
 photo 103_3883g_zpsd5gmjlrf.jpg
 photo 103_3885k_zpsxqywvcyu.jpg
Then there are the pests who are here every day without fail
 photo 103_3937k_zpslauexz0l.jpg
Did I say that all the fish survived. Here is a picture of the black one. It's hard to see except in full sun.
 photo 103_3755jk_zpsty0uwhcv.jpg
 photo 103_3752j_zpsasl9zjkk.jpg
All four are doing well.
The we have the Yellow Finches, they discovered the seeds.
 photo 103_3928j_zpstdacmny7.jpg
 photo 103_3935h_zps1pk41bro.jpg
Those guys sing so sweet, I can always tell when they are around.
So tomorrow is Saturday, I hope that it doesn't rain because I want to get busy trimming trees. It's exciting after all the anticipation all winter. I just hope it doesn't get hot really quickly and foil my plans. So much to get done this year. We need a new roof. New porch and we need to get the window done out back. That is not my department though.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

They Live................

The fish are alive yeahhhhhh!!!!!! Another year gone by and they survived the winter. I was a bit afraid at first. I usually see them as soon as it gets sunny. Well I did once, just enough to know they made it through the winter. Then they disappeared. I was worried because the pond was looking murkey. It really needs cleaning. The trouble is I am afraid to have it cleaned because the change in water can kill them. I think I will get some pond cleaner instead. Just clean the filters.
 photo 103_3752j_zpsasl9zjkk.jpg
I still have not named the fish. I am still reluctant because all my other fish had names and died. The black one has grown and is more in the open than it used to be.
 photo 103_3755jk_zpsty0uwhcv.jpg
Anyway, it was nice seeing them have some fun today out in the sunshine.
 photo 103_3754j_zpstgdknd5o.jpg
I didn't get a picture of the orange one by the looks of it. I wonder how you can tell the sex of a fish??????
I wonder who the mum was. Who had the black fish? I wonder if they will have more. Also, will Mr Toad come back?
 photo h_zpssjgt52u5.jpg
The old ash tray is still in one piece, it is beginning to rust. I put a plate on it for the birds to bath in. I saw Robins bathing the other day in my concrete one that is laying on the ground so I know they are looking for water.
Some of the flowers are coming out finally.
 photo 103_3737k_zpsyknvxio2.jpg
 photo 103_3736j_zpsogwu1og1.jpg
 photo 103_3735j_zpszffm1vm1.jpg
Still not many just yet but they are working on it. Some have popped above ground. We are working on the spot for the veggies I will post about that on Bluebell Woods.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cats playground..........................

Not much happening in the garden at the moment. Our newest cat, Bessie is now allowed outside. Well, she didn't actually ask permission. She said Boots goes out so I goes out, and out she went. Both cats are conflicted at the moment. Both want out but do not like the snow.Bessie trys to avoid stepping in it at all costs. She doesn't like the wet either.
So when she goes out she finds a sunny spot and watches the squirrels and hopes for the Chipmunk to show up. She acts much more agressive than Boots. Boots pretty much ignores all but Chipmunks.
 photo 103_3569g_zpsk0rvt46z.jpg
Boots went next door because Bessie is in her spot
 photo 103_3572h_zpszzwt3mhl.jpg
The Robins are a little happier now they can get their beaks in the dirt. This one waiting for it to warm up a bit.
 photo 103_3581g_zpsufqlevtb.jpg
There is little change in the plant world. The Daffs are tightly closed and will wait now for some sunshine. I bet by the end of the week everything will shoot up and begin to open. I will get pictures then and see how long it takes.
 photo 103_3570_zpstyoepau3.jpg
I went to McGoughs and got new bird seed. This lot should now last till Fall. The won't need so much in summer.
I will need to get my fountains fixed but will at least keep the bowls full for now.
 photo 103_3573_zps836oljtt.jpg
Bodi who has been reluctant to go out, or off the deck at least, is venturing forth again. Hope that will help trim her down.
The Blue Jays are appreciating the fill up at the feeder. I love how they broadcast it to everyone within hearing distance
 photo 103_3565j_zpsdgentuv8.jpg
Meanwhile Bessie comes in for a nap. I am hoping she will be like Boots and stay around the garden. She certainly knows how to ask to come in.
 photo 103_3562_zpsaqpblhoh.jpg
Boots was already inside napping down stairs on one of the beds.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Everyone came to dinner......................

Wow, I went and looked out the bathroom window and didn't know what to do first. Birds, all over the place. The Crows came. The Starlings, the Finches, Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Cardinals and all the other usual suspects. I didn't know where to point my camera.
The Starlings were looking a bit damp
 photo 103_3505k_zpsjmmcimtq.jpg
The yellow Finch was nice and bright
 photo 103_3496l_zpslu8dtxxz.jpg
The Cardinal was showing off.
 photo 103_3475k_zpsqimtvqrw.jpg
The yellow Bellied sap sucker
 photo 103_3459k_zpsn1ee17a3.jpg
The Nuthatch
 photo 103_3481k_zpswqan2x3j.jpg
The Downey
 photo 103_3426h_zpsazqqahtd.jpg
The Crow
 photo 103_3429j_zpsgiqgkor5.jpg
The Blue Jay
 photo 103_3410l_zpsgtfoju8n.jpg
Even the Robin. It likes that rusty pan for some reason
 photo 103_3296k_zpsf8tgrjsm.jpg
The Junco
 photo 103_3259k_zpsuszrnloj.jpg
There were a few more but I have to show this squirrel enjoying some of my bread. I had made the dough but it didn't rise. So I baked it and gave 1/2 to the critters.
 photo 103_3514h_zpsyzidzowg.jpg
The female Finches were there too
 photo 103_3513k_zps7i6uvfu5.jpg
Cute little Downey, I think it's a girl.
 photo 103_3454j_zpsvptovski.jpg
This guy was looking smart
 photo 103_3407d_zpsekbvauxy.jpg
 photo 103_3406k_zpstplv0zgr.jpg
This was a good shot because I was down in the garden and she flew right up next to me. Funny how a different angle makes them look so different
 photo 103_3383K_zpsunswijck.jpg
Anyway, not a lot to say today but wanted to get some of the pictures out. It's still snowing. It's also raining. It is melting, slushy and yeuk. I need to replenish the bird foods but I am out of money at the moment. Meanwhile I put out what I can and have emptied out some older things like cereal and they are liking the Cranberries I put out for them. They say not to give bread to birds. Well, if a bird is hungry like those Starlings I am sure bread is better than starvation, so if thats what I have thats what they get. I normally buy the black seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts shelled and in the shell. I give them good food but I also buy bread for them. For the Crows I put out meat and anything that does not get eaten. I put the table scraps out for anyone who wants them. Rabbits, Possum and most likely Raccoons.
 photo 103_3508k_zpspexjaoba.jpg
I think that Boots is one of the beneficiaries of the scraps. Hmmmmmm. I would not put it past Bessie either.