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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cats playground..........................

Not much happening in the garden at the moment. Our newest cat, Bessie is now allowed outside. Well, she didn't actually ask permission. She said Boots goes out so I goes out, and out she went. Both cats are conflicted at the moment. Both want out but do not like the snow.Bessie trys to avoid stepping in it at all costs. She doesn't like the wet either.
So when she goes out she finds a sunny spot and watches the squirrels and hopes for the Chipmunk to show up. She acts much more agressive than Boots. Boots pretty much ignores all but Chipmunks.
 photo 103_3569g_zpsk0rvt46z.jpg
Boots went next door because Bessie is in her spot
 photo 103_3572h_zpszzwt3mhl.jpg
The Robins are a little happier now they can get their beaks in the dirt. This one waiting for it to warm up a bit.
 photo 103_3581g_zpsufqlevtb.jpg
There is little change in the plant world. The Daffs are tightly closed and will wait now for some sunshine. I bet by the end of the week everything will shoot up and begin to open. I will get pictures then and see how long it takes.
 photo 103_3570_zpstyoepau3.jpg
I went to McGoughs and got new bird seed. This lot should now last till Fall. The won't need so much in summer.
I will need to get my fountains fixed but will at least keep the bowls full for now.
 photo 103_3573_zps836oljtt.jpg
Bodi who has been reluctant to go out, or off the deck at least, is venturing forth again. Hope that will help trim her down.
The Blue Jays are appreciating the fill up at the feeder. I love how they broadcast it to everyone within hearing distance
 photo 103_3565j_zpsdgentuv8.jpg
Meanwhile Bessie comes in for a nap. I am hoping she will be like Boots and stay around the garden. She certainly knows how to ask to come in.
 photo 103_3562_zpsaqpblhoh.jpg
Boots was already inside napping down stairs on one of the beds.


Merlesworld said...

When the cats are happy all is well with the world.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a nice day! Happy the cats are doing well! The bluejays do the same here! As soon as I put the food out, they start squawking! LOL!