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Saturday, April 16, 2016

They Live................

The fish are alive yeahhhhhh!!!!!! Another year gone by and they survived the winter. I was a bit afraid at first. I usually see them as soon as it gets sunny. Well I did once, just enough to know they made it through the winter. Then they disappeared. I was worried because the pond was looking murkey. It really needs cleaning. The trouble is I am afraid to have it cleaned because the change in water can kill them. I think I will get some pond cleaner instead. Just clean the filters.
 photo 103_3752j_zpsasl9zjkk.jpg
I still have not named the fish. I am still reluctant because all my other fish had names and died. The black one has grown and is more in the open than it used to be.
 photo 103_3755jk_zpsty0uwhcv.jpg
Anyway, it was nice seeing them have some fun today out in the sunshine.
 photo 103_3754j_zpstgdknd5o.jpg
I didn't get a picture of the orange one by the looks of it. I wonder how you can tell the sex of a fish??????
I wonder who the mum was. Who had the black fish? I wonder if they will have more. Also, will Mr Toad come back?
 photo h_zpssjgt52u5.jpg
The old ash tray is still in one piece, it is beginning to rust. I put a plate on it for the birds to bath in. I saw Robins bathing the other day in my concrete one that is laying on the ground so I know they are looking for water.
Some of the flowers are coming out finally.
 photo 103_3737k_zpsyknvxio2.jpg
 photo 103_3736j_zpsogwu1og1.jpg
 photo 103_3735j_zpszffm1vm1.jpg
Still not many just yet but they are working on it. Some have popped above ground. We are working on the spot for the veggies I will post about that on Bluebell Woods.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Yeh, the fish are alive! So happy for you! I don't know how you can tell the sex of a fish? Good question! The old ash tray looks cool with the dish on top! Happy to see flowers popping up! Hugs!