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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Everyone came to dinner......................

Wow, I went and looked out the bathroom window and didn't know what to do first. Birds, all over the place. The Crows came. The Starlings, the Finches, Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Cardinals and all the other usual suspects. I didn't know where to point my camera.
The Starlings were looking a bit damp
 photo 103_3505k_zpsjmmcimtq.jpg
The yellow Finch was nice and bright
 photo 103_3496l_zpslu8dtxxz.jpg
The Cardinal was showing off.
 photo 103_3475k_zpsqimtvqrw.jpg
The yellow Bellied sap sucker
 photo 103_3459k_zpsn1ee17a3.jpg
The Nuthatch
 photo 103_3481k_zpswqan2x3j.jpg
The Downey
 photo 103_3426h_zpsazqqahtd.jpg
The Crow
 photo 103_3429j_zpsgiqgkor5.jpg
The Blue Jay
 photo 103_3410l_zpsgtfoju8n.jpg
Even the Robin. It likes that rusty pan for some reason
 photo 103_3296k_zpsf8tgrjsm.jpg
The Junco
 photo 103_3259k_zpsuszrnloj.jpg
There were a few more but I have to show this squirrel enjoying some of my bread. I had made the dough but it didn't rise. So I baked it and gave 1/2 to the critters.
 photo 103_3514h_zpsyzidzowg.jpg
The female Finches were there too
 photo 103_3513k_zps7i6uvfu5.jpg
Cute little Downey, I think it's a girl.
 photo 103_3454j_zpsvptovski.jpg
This guy was looking smart
 photo 103_3407d_zpsekbvauxy.jpg
 photo 103_3406k_zpstplv0zgr.jpg
This was a good shot because I was down in the garden and she flew right up next to me. Funny how a different angle makes them look so different
 photo 103_3383K_zpsunswijck.jpg
Anyway, not a lot to say today but wanted to get some of the pictures out. It's still snowing. It's also raining. It is melting, slushy and yeuk. I need to replenish the bird foods but I am out of money at the moment. Meanwhile I put out what I can and have emptied out some older things like cereal and they are liking the Cranberries I put out for them. They say not to give bread to birds. Well, if a bird is hungry like those Starlings I am sure bread is better than starvation, so if thats what I have thats what they get. I normally buy the black seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts shelled and in the shell. I give them good food but I also buy bread for them. For the Crows I put out meat and anything that does not get eaten. I put the table scraps out for anyone who wants them. Rabbits, Possum and most likely Raccoons.
 photo 103_3508k_zpspexjaoba.jpg
I think that Boots is one of the beneficiaries of the scraps. Hmmmmmm. I would not put it past Bessie either.


Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, what a party!!!! I actually put out 3 bird feeders today and had many in as well! We are getting red winged black birds in too. I throw out bread as well. It can be so pricey!! I agree! Boots is looking for those scraps! LOL! Great post! Hugs!

Sherry Crocker said...

Looks a lot like my yard. You got better pictures than I did though. What kind of camera are you using? After work tomorrow I am headed to Tractor Supply for more seed. They are having a good sale til the end of the month. I know it's a long haul for you guys, but if you have to be out by Grawn for any reason it is a good place to stop.