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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Flowers.....

I bought some Spring flowers for the house. I usually do this time of year, then they go in the garden later and will be there for next year.

 photo 108_0756JPGa_zps4906a0fb.jpg
I love these little mini Daffodils.

 photo 108_0798JPGa_zps76fcc35f.jpg

 photo 108_0757JPGa_zps01e1856a.jpg

I got some different colour tulips for this year. I really liked these.

 photo 108_0772JPGab_zpsb8a019e6.jpg

Gabby got some too from someone when she had the new baby. So those too will go into the garden. I don't think I have any yellow ones yet. She does not have a garden to plant them in.

 photo 108_0771JPGa_zpsb9b8e1a1.jpg

Meanwhile the African Violets are blooming. Spring MUST be on its way. It was 50 degrees today.

 photo 108_0797JPGa_zps2589898a.jpg

reminded me of jelly beans.........

 photo 108_0800JPGa_zpsced9f292.jpg

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Poor Robins.........

I am sure its not unusual but I have never had a Robin at a bird feeder. They eat worms and grubs and berries and fruit in the Fall. Well I saw my first Robin of the Spring in my bird feeder last week. Thursday to be precise, I was on my way to the dentist. The lady there said she had two at her feeder. The poor things must be desperate

 photo 5be36484-70dc-41e5-bf43-e88488cbca9c_zps6044f580.jpg

When I got home I put out some dried fruit and there are nuts in my bird feed as well as corn and sunflowers etc. I have not seen the Robin since. We have several foot of snow still before they can get to grass.

 photo 89289307-cfe9-45f5-bfa3-03caf87902fc_zpsce58da95.jpg

The Robin looks healthy enough though. I know there are plenty of fields outside of town that have been swept clear by the winds. So maybe he went off looking for better grub.
 photo a660c44d-b446-4dd6-bb9d-e9f7090f2751_zps20288956.jpg

As you will see in the next picture taken by the photographers for the Glen Arbor web site..........the field is clear of snow and there are at least 125 deer feeding there. They know its not hunting season. So maybe my Robin heard of this?
 photo 81fb19da-3976-4cac-b26c-c3dca1a30e31_zps862e5679.jpg

Meanwhile my garden has snow up to the height of the fences and until it warms up a bit and the sun comes out that's not going to change very soon.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

woo hoo there are two...........

So last night I went to make sure the window was shut. I had been taking pictures and I often leave it unlatched. If the north wind is not blowing then I leave it was closed but look who was out there.
I took several pictures before I put the flash on. I open the window slowly and they just carry on.

 photo ac754057-0ee9-4267-abbe-4f1b5bc0b33b_zpsca8cb4e4.jpg

So I am hoping that its a male and female. One would think so don't you think? They have such cute faces. Can they really hang from trees by those tails? I think they are living under the deck. Might be a bit crowded if the skunk resides there too. Have not smelled him though so maybe he is elsewhere.
 photo 86a0d1a2-a1ae-490c-8ab0-1e09d82cf892_zps69559ca0.jpg

I hate to say I don't trust my neighbour but he hunts. He does not seem to like to see the wildlife here because it may damage his grass. Or in the case of squirrel, dig up his tulip bulbs and move them over to my house hehe.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Garden Today.............

In my garden today, even though tomorrow is the first day of Spring, it was SNOWING. Well, I keep saying is only March. It's just been a very long and very snowy winter. The sun came out for a few moments though and I got a shot of the Silver Maple in the back garden. The sky was so blue and the buds stood out. They have grown bigger. Some trees bud in the Fall after the leaves have all fallen, just little noblets. Now they look as though they may be ready to pop if only it would warm up a bit. Maybe next week.
 photo 50a993f9-5c89-4d32-a446-9930e6bfbfa3_zpse4fd365d.jpg

Soon after the snow came in heavy. The small birds were at the feeders. I filled the front feeders as well as the back. I usually watch the back. The small birds love the grapevines, it gives them some great shelter while they wait for their turn, or while they shell their prize.

 photo 6a6778d7-99f6-4814-97fa-92b5273a2e2a_zps8de39f7e.jpg

Today though I happened to look out the front after filling them up. There were two Chickadees in the vines on the porch, they were drinking from the icicles that were dripping. So cute. I love those little birds they are like little pom poms. The Junco's were back today.
 photo 70634498-9c98-4897-a9ff-9efba891b3d1_zps8580f043.jpg

Finches were here today, the yellow ones. Not the bright yellow ones though
 photo 86ecd3c8-886c-41b7-b898-4a8f11515c03_zps925ad289.jpg

Meanwhile out front, where it was not so crowded we have a Nuthatch
 photo 40ae2e3a-823e-4a48-9c16-792efd755735_zpsfda2d176.jpg

Of course the Cardinal can't miss a meal.

 photo 05cdf1f8-572f-4a1e-b502-b04e5ecc7be7_zps12dfca4c.jpg

Tristen went out to enjoy the snow for a short time, he came in quicker than he did yesterday. Notice the Chickadee was not interrupted he carried on regardless.

 photo 61cc5d0d-44c3-4e46-85fc-a3be3f124da7_zpse3334116.jpg

Tristen didn't stay long, he forgot his gloves and didn't want them. Of course that didn't last long and in he came for some hot soup and bread and butter, he went on to play Batman instead. He said "It vebby cold out der"

 photo 0d8fdff0-f1d3-4de2-8155-8bec3fc454a8_zpsf25ad878.jpg

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last nights visitor.....

Our Possom was back.....he/she was feasting at the feeder. She seems to really like the sunflower and corn that I have been putting out. I don't know if she comes every night. I do know the food goes very quickly. I really do hope that the possom is a she. Maybe I will get to see baby possoms.
 photo 8c9e2027-0c74-40dd-ac6e-022107e97233_zps4c4a6668.jpg

A possom is not the cutest of animals. Well it is if it keeps it's mouth shut. I do not like its horrible spiky teeth or its ratty tail for that matter. Still, there is something about it that is appealing.
 photo 6a0b5566-71ef-44c8-8673-d15c102ad6ee_zps696eed29.jpg
That picture is a bit hazy, it was taken in the dark with a flash. She didn't leave even with me standing in the window taking pictures. Not until she was full.
I am wondering when the skunk will wake up.........

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy.......

There is nothing like the first breath of Spring. Today I stood at the open window listening to the birds and my 3 year old playing outside in the snow. He came running up to the deck and yelled "look Nanny mud" He was so excited to have mud on his hands. Me not so much. Made me think about my poor garden this year. He has the attention span of a gnat, so warnings of stay off the garden fall upon uninterested ears. Sigh!!!! he had a great time though and went without gloves just so he could play in the "mood" as he says it.
Meanwhile I could have sworn I heard a Robin today. We often have them return before they can possibly get into the dirt. I suppose they can still find berries. Not sure how they make out until the earth warms enough for worms and grubs to be available. I have yet to see one though but will be looking now.
 photo AmericanRobin_zps9340d2a6.jpg

I have not seen the Starlings for several days now, they seem to have moved on. The feeders are dominated by the small birds at the moment. Even the Blue Jays are staying away. I bet they are all nesting. We had Starlings nest in our eves one year. We left them to raise their family but she had at least 4 batches so it was Fall before we could destroy the nests and close it up.
I believe the Cardinal couple are looking for a nesting place they have been hanging around a lot. Courting in the trees outside. A happy couple.
I see buds on the trees just daring to take a peep and see if its time to open yet. Today against the very blue sky, they stood out.
The sun is warming up..........pretty soon it will be too hot for me. I love the Springtime before the sun gets hot.

 photo 559f6ce9-822c-45dc-b402-d9dedb532d11_zps19b285da.jpg

Friday, March 8, 2013

Courting Cardinals........

So he has been with her all winter. At my feeder every day. So now, here comes Spring (he thinks) and he is courting sweet is that.
 photo 11cbb0d6-591f-4d1b-b8f5-f3683c4f3e36_zpsce3739cf.jpg

Every morning at 5.30 or so, he begins singing his heart out.

 photo 65ae4167-423d-4dd1-88e1-4a37315bf9b3_zps752cbcd3.jpg

I have not seen them together since the bad weather at the middle part of winter. I see them both at the feeders but not together. So he must have to woo her each year once the babies have left.

 photo fd24f849-a6a0-41ad-a38c-355024fde8ab_zpsba61949a.jpg

 photo eb9aca19-b894-444a-a7c1-51d8bbee1ae6_zps8288d3a0.jpg

So she was sitting in the bush singing............soon after he shows up.

 photo b5f57efa-9710-40ee-89b3-6b98e3d59965_zpsc161a94a.jpg

Ah well when all else fails, just like a guy. Time to eat.
 photo caead960-ae8e-4e45-9afe-89c124bcaf38_zps1c2f2b8b.jpg

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Saturday, March 2, 2013


March winds April showers
Bring forth May flowers

 photo 2eddb8e9-c3e0-4036-91b2-0277502a5cc7_zps7a286e1b.jpg

Some of our worst storms come in March. I am hoping they will just not happen this year. We have so much snow it just better help with the Lake levels after all this. The water table is low and has been for several years. People have got used to more beach front.
The snowdrops are one of the first Spring flowers, although we often see Crocus up close to the houses where its warm.

 photo 1f67e811-a4dc-4274-8f55-b4eb246e8b4f_zpsc7a32856.jpg

Well the sun came out for a short time today but it was so very cold. I could not stay out at all. I refilled the bird feeders but that was it. We cant get the snow off the deck because its so frozen. Its hard to clean off the mess from dogs and birds. The seeds freeze into the snow. We do try to keep it as clean as possible but its very hard.

The pansies come up blooming from under the snow

 photo daacf425-9e06-4122-934c-ebcfe5f58827_zpsd8faa68d.jpg
The pansies bloom through to the heat. Once it gets hot then they die off unless in a real shaded area. Soon after come the Violets. I chose this picture because of the cute little critter among the Violets

 photo de0189b1-a7db-4482-b44a-3706fbdd5aee_zps5789d077.jpg

Soon, soon it will be here, it will be Spring.

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