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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Garden Today.............

In my garden today, even though tomorrow is the first day of Spring, it was SNOWING. Well, I keep saying is only March. It's just been a very long and very snowy winter. The sun came out for a few moments though and I got a shot of the Silver Maple in the back garden. The sky was so blue and the buds stood out. They have grown bigger. Some trees bud in the Fall after the leaves have all fallen, just little noblets. Now they look as though they may be ready to pop if only it would warm up a bit. Maybe next week.
 photo 50a993f9-5c89-4d32-a446-9930e6bfbfa3_zpse4fd365d.jpg

Soon after the snow came in heavy. The small birds were at the feeders. I filled the front feeders as well as the back. I usually watch the back. The small birds love the grapevines, it gives them some great shelter while they wait for their turn, or while they shell their prize.

 photo 6a6778d7-99f6-4814-97fa-92b5273a2e2a_zps8de39f7e.jpg

Today though I happened to look out the front after filling them up. There were two Chickadees in the vines on the porch, they were drinking from the icicles that were dripping. So cute. I love those little birds they are like little pom poms. The Junco's were back today.
 photo 70634498-9c98-4897-a9ff-9efba891b3d1_zps8580f043.jpg

Finches were here today, the yellow ones. Not the bright yellow ones though
 photo 86ecd3c8-886c-41b7-b898-4a8f11515c03_zps925ad289.jpg

Meanwhile out front, where it was not so crowded we have a Nuthatch
 photo 40ae2e3a-823e-4a48-9c16-792efd755735_zpsfda2d176.jpg

Of course the Cardinal can't miss a meal.

 photo 05cdf1f8-572f-4a1e-b502-b04e5ecc7be7_zps12dfca4c.jpg

Tristen went out to enjoy the snow for a short time, he came in quicker than he did yesterday. Notice the Chickadee was not interrupted he carried on regardless.

 photo 61cc5d0d-44c3-4e46-85fc-a3be3f124da7_zpse3334116.jpg

Tristen didn't stay long, he forgot his gloves and didn't want them. Of course that didn't last long and in he came for some hot soup and bread and butter, he went on to play Batman instead. He said "It vebby cold out der"

 photo 0d8fdff0-f1d3-4de2-8155-8bec3fc454a8_zpsf25ad878.jpg

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Magic Love Crow said...

Your bird pictures are amazing! The one with Tristen and the chickadee is adorable!

Lea said...

Beautiful birds!
Handsome boy!
Lea's Menagerie

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Stopping by from Anything Blue Friday. This is really a great new party. Your photos are outstanding. I have so admired the Cardinal and think it would be such a treat to see one for real. We don't have them in this neck of the woods..Happy Weekend..Judy

Meghana Hassan said...

Awesome clicks.....

Bethany said...

Great photos! I love that there are so many birds, even though it is winter. The cardinal is beautiful! I live in the west, and I have never seen one of those in real life before. Thanks so much for sharing these at Photog Show and Tell, I hope you link up more of your photography!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! I love all the shots of the birds in the middle of the snow. It snowed here on the second day of spring, but it didn't stick. We didn't get any snow that sticked all winter, so it was shocking that it was snowing on the second day of spring.