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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy.......

There is nothing like the first breath of Spring. Today I stood at the open window listening to the birds and my 3 year old playing outside in the snow. He came running up to the deck and yelled "look Nanny mud" He was so excited to have mud on his hands. Me not so much. Made me think about my poor garden this year. He has the attention span of a gnat, so warnings of stay off the garden fall upon uninterested ears. Sigh!!!! he had a great time though and went without gloves just so he could play in the "mood" as he says it.
Meanwhile I could have sworn I heard a Robin today. We often have them return before they can possibly get into the dirt. I suppose they can still find berries. Not sure how they make out until the earth warms enough for worms and grubs to be available. I have yet to see one though but will be looking now.
 photo AmericanRobin_zps9340d2a6.jpg

I have not seen the Starlings for several days now, they seem to have moved on. The feeders are dominated by the small birds at the moment. Even the Blue Jays are staying away. I bet they are all nesting. We had Starlings nest in our eves one year. We left them to raise their family but she had at least 4 batches so it was Fall before we could destroy the nests and close it up.
I believe the Cardinal couple are looking for a nesting place they have been hanging around a lot. Courting in the trees outside. A happy couple.
I see buds on the trees just daring to take a peep and see if its time to open yet. Today against the very blue sky, they stood out.
The sun is warming up..........pretty soon it will be too hot for me. I love the Springtime before the sun gets hot.

 photo 559f6ce9-822c-45dc-b402-d9dedb532d11_zps19b285da.jpg


Merlesworld said...

The poor little fellow still looks cold bet you he can't wait for the sun.

Magic Love Crow said...

That robin looks so sweet! I want to put a little jacket on him! Happy Spring, soon ;o)