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Saturday, March 2, 2013


March winds April showers
Bring forth May flowers

 photo 2eddb8e9-c3e0-4036-91b2-0277502a5cc7_zps7a286e1b.jpg

Some of our worst storms come in March. I am hoping they will just not happen this year. We have so much snow it just better help with the Lake levels after all this. The water table is low and has been for several years. People have got used to more beach front.
The snowdrops are one of the first Spring flowers, although we often see Crocus up close to the houses where its warm.

 photo 1f67e811-a4dc-4274-8f55-b4eb246e8b4f_zpsc7a32856.jpg

Well the sun came out for a short time today but it was so very cold. I could not stay out at all. I refilled the bird feeders but that was it. We cant get the snow off the deck because its so frozen. Its hard to clean off the mess from dogs and birds. The seeds freeze into the snow. We do try to keep it as clean as possible but its very hard.

The pansies come up blooming from under the snow

 photo daacf425-9e06-4122-934c-ebcfe5f58827_zpsd8faa68d.jpg
The pansies bloom through to the heat. Once it gets hot then they die off unless in a real shaded area. Soon after come the Violets. I chose this picture because of the cute little critter among the Violets

 photo de0189b1-a7db-4482-b44a-3706fbdd5aee_zps5789d077.jpg

Soon, soon it will be here, it will be Spring.

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Merlesworld said...

Pretty pretty pictures, I like the snowdrops poking up surroundered in snow, I always get a kick out of the first spring flowers.

Leslie's Garden said...

Thanks for the pretty pictures! I'm dreaming of Spring too. I'm usually already out in the garden by now, but this week we are having unseasonably cold temps. I woke to find snow on my deck this morning! Won't be long though!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love that cute little critter ;o) I love the flower pictures too! Beautiful!

Veronica Lee said...

Awww! That critter is too cute!!

Such lovely photos to brighten my day! Thank you!

Natasha Hoover said...

Hehehe! What a cut little guy in the flowers! I really love the first two shots - they're really nice.