This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Birds are back...................

The small birds are back, unfortunately so are the squirrels. We have had snow. Two days of snow and then it got mushy. It has began to melt and so I sure hope it goes away for awhile. I would like to put up some outside decorations to get us through December and look a little cheery.
Tristen is here for the weekend, he came for Thanksgiving. Maybe I can get them to drag up the Christmas stuff.
We did manage (well Gerry did) to get a lot of the leaves dragged to the road to be picked up. The rest will rest under the snow unless it melts, then maybe one more go over will help the Spring tidy up.
So...........The little birds are here. They are so chipper and noisy. So sweet. The Blue Jays never miss a meal.
 photo 102_0047kk_zpsanzbpnr0.jpg
Look at this lot.
 photo 102_0129_zps43cxgy5i.jpg
 photo 102_0077_zpshw57ovtr.jpg
The yellow finches, they come in a flock.
 photo 102_0128_zpscceqlcdw.jpg
I still like the Titmice though.
 photo 102_0138_zpsy3wclmja.jpg
I didn't get really good pictures but have been otherwise occupied with Thanksgiving.
Now, after this weekend it will be on to getting ready for Christmas. How to have a nice Christmas with no money. Yes, that will be a challenge.
Meanwhile, the Nuthatches came for a visit and I am really happy to see two males that have been regulars.
 photo 102_0073_zpspxiqnauc.jpg
 photo 102_0126_zpsz0ujfe48.jpg
 photo 102_0144_zpsh7j7qxkz.jpg
 photo 102_0132_zpsxbcdnyd1.jpg
The Titmice are so sweet
 photo 102_0134_zpsd3eodrf6.jpg
 photo 102_0135_zpsmpacuq0c.jpg
The Mourning Doves come too.
 photo 102_0083_zpsstrevcdd.jpg
 photo 102_0082_zpsze23q60g.jpg
I hope we will see some new ones this year. Different kinds of birds, well not that I am fussy. I really do wish though that we have a little variety. We used to get Cedar Waxwings but I have not seen any around here for years. I have seen Flickers down the road but they have not stopped by. I have put out some suet with mealworms in the hope of luring some new faces.

Friday, November 11, 2016

My messy garden......................

Had to go out and take some pictures. The grass has gone, it is covered in a carpet of yellow.
 photo DSCN8828_zpss9h5h9z9.jpg
The Poodles have been having fun out there.
 photo DSCN8838_zps7pzhn6qm.jpg
They run through the leaves and try to find the Poodle paths that are now all covered in leaves
 photo DSCN8837_zps6lp9ijpk.jpg
What a mess it all is, on the other hand it is quite beautiful. Just look at the above picture of her naughtiness yelling at me. She wants me to play with her.
 photo DSCN8835_zps1vyz92am.jpg
Just a few flowers remain and the chairs all packed up for next year.
 photo DSCN8841j_zpsbpf91r0s.jpg
The orange compliments the leaves. I must remember next year to plant more of the things that last into Fall.
 photo DSCN8845lj_zps79wsrput.jpg
 photo DSCN8846j_zpsfhr6uxl3.jpg
The bottle trees are going to stay out I think. Everything else has been put away for Spring. I like the glass and I am thinking it will look pretty in the snow when it gets here.
 photo DSCN8848k_zpsmqxrfpgl.jpg
I have given up on doing any clean up work out there, it can all wait. I am sure Gerry will rake leaves at the weekend. If he doesn't then they will block up the snow blower. The Blue bottle tree out front will also stay.
 photo DSCN8880_zps17jqwh2k.jpg
I hope no one breaks them this winter because they will certainly show up.
More Poodle pictures, look at this little defiant face.This is Brea and she is doing her little howl at me.
 photo DSCN8867k_zpsvjp8kr5h.jpg
 photo DSCN8867l_zpsj6kcqimc.jpg
Bodi just sat and enjoyed the sun as the others played.
 photo DSCN8849_zpsvd1aeymz.jpg
 photo DSCN8866j_zps6temggxp.jpg
 photo DSCN8860_zpstbjhjgp2.jpg
Bijou is doing well and almost time to take out her stitches.
 photo DSCN8865j_zpsxmoy2yvl.jpg
Look at the beautiful light on the leaves.
 photo DSCN8862h_zpsbyrzwpk8.jpg
 photo DSCN8861h_zpsoq7prrtm.jpg
So much beauty surrounds us even in the unexpected. I say the garden is a mess, but even so, there is beauty all around if I look. That is one reason I enjoy photography, I don't need to be good, it opens my eyes to the details and the wonderful world around me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November rain.................

Today it's raining. It's voting day, I am glad I don't have to go out and vote. I am not a citizen so I can skip that one. Honestly what would I do. Not Donald for sure, Hillary? Probably.
So I stayed home and watched the birds. A whole gang of little ones came in. Noisy they were. I love that.It was only just light. The time change made it light earlier, I suppose that's the point of the time change. So the kids get on school buses do so in daylight. I like the Native American comment "only a white man would believe that cutting from the top of a blanket and stitching it on the bottom will make the blanket longer" words to that effect.
Anyway, the birds were happy and knew nothing of the time change.I love their cheerful nattering. The Tufted Titmouse is one of my favourites.
 photo DSCN8819j_zpsy4sqivpx.jpg
Look at those beady little eyes. Such a pretty little bird.
 photo DSCN8790k_zpsjhpuv6g4.jpg
Mr and Mrs Nuthatch came too although Mr was rather elusive. He would not stay still. Better pictures next time.
 photo DSCN8783jk_zpsc1wdg7lu.jpg
 photo DSCN8784j_zpsrsdntzyu.jpg
Everyone was flittering and fluttering and would not sit still so no Chickadee pictures.
I missed the Blue Jays too.The Yellow Finches were busy on some seeds in the garden.
 photo DSCN8809j_zpstfhtusg1.jpg
 photo DSCN8779hj_zpsefp13f6y.jpg
The bright yellow ones were missing. So that's it for birds today. The garden is a huge mess and will stay that way until all the leaves are down. Gerry hates to rake and waits until he no longer has a choice. I don't mind. Bud probably does though(next door) he cleans his spotless. Gerry doesn't see the point and I don't really care.
The Burning Bush does not often get a lot of colour. Not enough sun, still its looking pretty at the moment
 photo DSCN8815_zpsvozygskj.jpg
I like how its leaves are laying on the wreath. I have not found my Autumn garden stuff. I thought I had put it where I could find it. Ah well...........maybe next year.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

When the last leaf falls..................

The garden is covered in leaves. Gerry and Tristen did a bit of raking today but that hardly scratched the surface. The back yard is enclosed by a fence and so they collect there. There are also more Maple trees out back.
The side is thick with them and the front not quite so bad as we have the Pines out front.
 photo DSCN8593ki_zpskmumt6qk.jpg
I remember when I was a kid. The farm opposite my school had vines growing up the barns, we would collect the leaves for our class and using wax paper or paint we would do things with them in our art classes. I remember gathering all kinds of leaves in all the beautiful colours.
 photo DSCN8592k_zpsn4qqdq9s.jpg
Reds, yellows, orange and green. Brown and burgundy, even pinks and peaches.
 photo DSCN8582_zpsz0ccczau.jpg
Here in Michigan the Maples are the big colour winners. The Oaks are darker, mainly browns, but the Maples are all the Autumn colours you can imagine. I love the Poplars too because of the sound they make and they come in Limes and yellows. Some trees have silver leaves.
Bud's little Maple out front is Scarlet
 photo DSCN8567_zpsu0abepjl.jpg
 photo DSCN8567j_zpspphd5qsw.jpg
I love to recall my school days, so many years ago now and it amazes me what my memory holds. What was important enough to remember. I think the funny thing is that a lot has to do with Nature. I do remember one thing, making a little Viking ship one year. I don't know why that sticks in my mind except that it turned out really well and I loved History.
November, so far it has been warm and the plants that were almost dead are reviving. I put a pot of marigolds up the back of the garden and they are thinking of blooming. Look at this.
 photo DSCN8558j_zpsv7rj1q7z.jpg
So much for the crazy weather. I have to say I LOVE IT. The sun is beautiful and I have been enjoying seeing the way the light interacts with the leaves.
 photo DSCN8559h_zps6eziyqvk.jpg
Look at these berries, I took this picture while waiting at Burgher King
 photo DSCN8617hj_zpsl4rpr0qx.jpg
The leaves glow in the sun.
 photo DSCN8594_zps8ts4ug4m.jpg
When the Autumn lasts it is one of the nicest times of the year. I could take these temperatures all year.