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Friday, November 11, 2016

My messy garden......................

Had to go out and take some pictures. The grass has gone, it is covered in a carpet of yellow.
 photo DSCN8828_zpss9h5h9z9.jpg
The Poodles have been having fun out there.
 photo DSCN8838_zps7pzhn6qm.jpg
They run through the leaves and try to find the Poodle paths that are now all covered in leaves
 photo DSCN8837_zps6lp9ijpk.jpg
What a mess it all is, on the other hand it is quite beautiful. Just look at the above picture of her naughtiness yelling at me. She wants me to play with her.
 photo DSCN8835_zps1vyz92am.jpg
Just a few flowers remain and the chairs all packed up for next year.
 photo DSCN8841j_zpsbpf91r0s.jpg
The orange compliments the leaves. I must remember next year to plant more of the things that last into Fall.
 photo DSCN8845lj_zps79wsrput.jpg
 photo DSCN8846j_zpsfhr6uxl3.jpg
The bottle trees are going to stay out I think. Everything else has been put away for Spring. I like the glass and I am thinking it will look pretty in the snow when it gets here.
 photo DSCN8848k_zpsmqxrfpgl.jpg
I have given up on doing any clean up work out there, it can all wait. I am sure Gerry will rake leaves at the weekend. If he doesn't then they will block up the snow blower. The Blue bottle tree out front will also stay.
 photo DSCN8880_zps17jqwh2k.jpg
I hope no one breaks them this winter because they will certainly show up.
More Poodle pictures, look at this little defiant face.This is Brea and she is doing her little howl at me.
 photo DSCN8867k_zpsvjp8kr5h.jpg
 photo DSCN8867l_zpsj6kcqimc.jpg
Bodi just sat and enjoyed the sun as the others played.
 photo DSCN8849_zpsvd1aeymz.jpg
 photo DSCN8866j_zps6temggxp.jpg
 photo DSCN8860_zpstbjhjgp2.jpg
Bijou is doing well and almost time to take out her stitches.
 photo DSCN8865j_zpsxmoy2yvl.jpg
Look at the beautiful light on the leaves.
 photo DSCN8862h_zpsbyrzwpk8.jpg
 photo DSCN8861h_zpsoq7prrtm.jpg
So much beauty surrounds us even in the unexpected. I say the garden is a mess, but even so, there is beauty all around if I look. That is one reason I enjoy photography, I don't need to be good, it opens my eyes to the details and the wonderful world around me.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow Janice! This is the first time I have seen all the leaves down around your house! It is so beautiful! I love seeing all the colours! It is like a quilt! The dogs are having so much fun!!! That is a lot of raking!!! I think the bottle trees will look really pretty in the snow! Hugs!