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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Birds are back...................

The small birds are back, unfortunately so are the squirrels. We have had snow. Two days of snow and then it got mushy. It has began to melt and so I sure hope it goes away for awhile. I would like to put up some outside decorations to get us through December and look a little cheery.
Tristen is here for the weekend, he came for Thanksgiving. Maybe I can get them to drag up the Christmas stuff.
We did manage (well Gerry did) to get a lot of the leaves dragged to the road to be picked up. The rest will rest under the snow unless it melts, then maybe one more go over will help the Spring tidy up.
So...........The little birds are here. They are so chipper and noisy. So sweet. The Blue Jays never miss a meal.
 photo 102_0047kk_zpsanzbpnr0.jpg
Look at this lot.
 photo 102_0129_zps43cxgy5i.jpg
 photo 102_0077_zpshw57ovtr.jpg
The yellow finches, they come in a flock.
 photo 102_0128_zpscceqlcdw.jpg
I still like the Titmice though.
 photo 102_0138_zpsy3wclmja.jpg
I didn't get really good pictures but have been otherwise occupied with Thanksgiving.
Now, after this weekend it will be on to getting ready for Christmas. How to have a nice Christmas with no money. Yes, that will be a challenge.
Meanwhile, the Nuthatches came for a visit and I am really happy to see two males that have been regulars.
 photo 102_0073_zpspxiqnauc.jpg
 photo 102_0126_zpsz0ujfe48.jpg
 photo 102_0144_zpsh7j7qxkz.jpg
 photo 102_0132_zpsxbcdnyd1.jpg
The Titmice are so sweet
 photo 102_0134_zpsd3eodrf6.jpg
 photo 102_0135_zpsmpacuq0c.jpg
The Mourning Doves come too.
 photo 102_0083_zpsstrevcdd.jpg
 photo 102_0082_zpsze23q60g.jpg
I hope we will see some new ones this year. Different kinds of birds, well not that I am fussy. I really do wish though that we have a little variety. We used to get Cedar Waxwings but I have not seen any around here for years. I have seen Flickers down the road but they have not stopped by. I have put out some suet with mealworms in the hope of luring some new faces.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, I am so happy you had Tristen this weekend! I so love your bird pictures! Thank you! You know Janice, instead of worrying about having no money, why don't you just celebrate being together, good food, taking pictures, enjoying one another and forget about gifts!!!! We have been doing this more and more often now. Big Hugs!