This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
... I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.......Psalm23:6
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Close up and personal................

I do love to get right down inside a flower and see how its made. They are so beautiful.
 photo 101_0005l_zpsvhztrlhw.jpg
It's amazing what one finds inside
 photo 101_0008k_zpsh5wbl0kf.jpg
 photo 101_0008l_zps8gepikyk.jpg
Little critters doing their jobs, day to day living and thriving. It's the little sods that eat the leaves I do not enjoy
 photo 101_0017k_zpsimh3lg5h.jpg
Up close this begonia looks like a rose.
 photo 101_0035_zpsxfatp7dt.jpg
 photo 101_0035h_zpsatjaw6wp.jpg
I love watching the bees, all different kinds of them.
 photo 101_0051g_zpsnnjrp2gi.jpg
 photo 101_0052k_zpsouzhvmzi.jpg
I love the stamens, the little landing fields that show the way inside for the polinators.
 photo 101_0054k_zpscfgxhnkc.jpg
 photo 101_0048j_zpsy9k2l1tw.jpg
 photo 101_0049j_zpslsy0yz0y.jpg
Every flowers heart is as unique and beautiful as the flower.
 photo 101_0045_zpse5rqubdi.jpg
 photo 101_0044k_zpscxe0l1am.jpg
 photo 101_0043k_zpsbgsdjv2y.jpg
 photo 101_0043kl_zpsffszdj7d.jpg
Even the Marigolds have special hearts
 photo 101_0037_zpscspndnad.jpg
 photo 101_0037l_zpsaxdsa9yb.jpg
Look at these close up
 photo 101_0112_zpsrrgftt96.jpg
 photo 101_0112h_zpsvkos9uv3.jpg
....and these.
 photo 101_0085h_zpszmaycvab.jpg
 photo 101_0085l_zpsiswila7e.jpg
Everything is special.........some are spectacular
 photo 101_0090_zpssflp7crt.jpg
 photo 101_0091k_zpsqdak2xo4.jpg
Someone else was enjoying the garden on this day
 photo 101_0060g_zps4uqvphvu.jpg
They seem to come after I have sprayed the flowers with water
 photo 100_8300k_zpswols0kxm.jpg
 photo 100_8283a_zpsg2iuzydt.jpg
I really enjoy each day looking for more pictures. I only post a very few. I love the digital age. No waiting for pictures that do not turn out.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Oooh the lillies are blooming................

One of my favourite things is the Day lilly. I call them all Day lillies even though they are probably not so bear with me here. I am not a horticulturalist. They are so bright and cheerful and last so long. I have tried to collect a few different ones for variety. There are some beauties out there.
 photo 100_8245_zpszpolwozb.jpg
I may show the same ones on different posts, but I can't resist they have so much beauty in them. Inside close up and as a group.
 photo 100_8233_zpsju8msnq3.jpg
In certain lights they shine. The Orange is so vivid. The reds do not photograph well with my camera so I try at different times in the day.
 photo 100_8229_zpskynrov2v.jpg

 photo 100_8230_zpsmou16pil.jpg
 photo 100_8224_zpsngjuk9qy.jpg
Sometimes I can get a really good shot but more often than not the light is not right. The yellow just glow
 photo 100_8243_zpsxppzm7ak.jpg
 photo 100_7819k_zpscszqbxs7.jpg
Look at the pink one
 photo 100_8235_zpsewf48qkn.jpg
I love this speckled one
 photo 100_8220_zpsggyt3emy.jpg
There are still a few yet to bloom. I have one that has a two tone and is very pretty.
 photo 100_8257k_zpss9xaxdmp.jpg
I am excited to see what else will pop out each day
I probably do not have enough room in my garden for very many more plants. I will now try to collect different lillies as I can always find room for them they are not fussy like a lot of plants. It's raining today so no garden work for me today.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th.............

No, I don't celebrate July 4th. No reason to I guess. I am English, it means nothing to me. I let Tristen go with Laura yesterday he went to a baseball game, and today to the beach. He will be an American. (Smile)
So today I sorted out a load of stones that had been collected probably over years from visits to local beaches. I always think of my dad when I do that. I remember him walking head down picking up this pretty and that and mum saying "Harry, you are not taking those back in the suitcase" but its I understood the need.
Me. Well I will be making some garden ornaments with them. I did string some beads yesterday
 photo 100_7833_zps7rsdy1en.jpg
It will look nice when the sun shines through it.
Well I had a very very happy surprise yesterday. Tristen came running in to say we had a toad in the garden.
 photo 100_7802u_zpsryu6lguv.jpg
 photo 100_7801o_zpskn14qb3m.jpg
Isn't he cute? We are calling him Happy......I am wondering if he is the one who hatched from the tadpoles I bought We know at least one survived because we saw him. Then the following year Gerry saw him jump into the pond. Well since then nothing until now. So we shall see. I really do hope that he survives but he will be lonely poor guy.
 photo 100_7847h_zpsmbsjp1zg.jpg
 photo 100_7837j_zpsecl0irff.jpg
Some of my roses are blooming again. Doing quite well, must be the cooler weather. The yellow one has buds, I am in hope of that one doing well. I am waiting for my pink one to bud.
The red one out back is thriving this year
 photo 100_8130_zpsj988xyck.jpg
Time for Day lillies
 photo 100_7842_zpspxewqfcf.jpg
 photo 100_7841i_zps4ew6lh4v.jpg
 photo 100_7841_zpspngsjrav.jpg
There are loads in bud......I still have to get out there and weed out a load of the over growth of yellow flowers, whatever they are. They are spreading all over, some have got to go. They are overwhelming everything
 photo 100_7817_zpsner0eutv.jpg
There are some yellow Day lillies blooming and I love the pale butter yellow ones.
 photo 100_7823i_zpsrttotsag.jpg
 photo 100_7819k_zpscszqbxs7.jpg
 photo 100_7839_zpssyscwgbz.jpg

I have to thin things out so some of the smaller plants stand a chance of thriving. Some I will have to move
 photo 100_7816u_zpsvjtpivgu.jpg
 photo 100_7814k_zpsexzjnhiv.jpg
I need to get more of these little poppies
 photo 100_7812k_zpsxahysjpf.jpg
Some strange things come up from spilt grass seeds
 photo 100_7808_zpsi6dim0ke.jpg
I love finding little critters when I enlarge a picture
 photo 100_7813lk_zpsiltvnpfd.jpg
Bijou was following me all over, she sure is nosey
 photo 100_7829l_zpsgbi472ya.jpg
These poodles love the garden and I have poodle paths all over to make it more interesting for them.
I caught Brea just at the right moment. She looked so silly, her lip caught on her tooth.....made me laugh
 photo 100_7790_zps38hnmbp7.jpg
Anyway, more roses.
 photo 100_7795H_zpskspzol5o.jpg
 photo 100_7732K_zpszgv9dqlg.jpg
I really must start writing down names. I try to buy roses with a scent to them. Next time at the beach I am going to get a clip of a wild rose, cant beat that scent. A true rose.
Orange Day lilly
 photo 100_7779_zpsyjhdwre0.jpg
 photo 100_7779H_zpsroajfcuc.jpg
I love getting close ups.
This was called London Pride in England, no idea what it's called here
 photo 100_7815_zpsaildojlw.jpg
 photo 100_7815i_zpskreejyhz.jpg
When you look at a flower up close it is amazing. It is designed to perfection. How can anyone believe it all came about by chance? The Bible does tell us that for those who care to look, you see the hand of God in nature. I do and I really do not have to look too hard either.