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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Roses are Red.................

Some of my roses are doing well. I cant believe it. Maybe they are just maturing? This colour does not photograph well for me. It is a really pretty red, scarlett really.
 photo 100_8131_zpsijrafcnn.jpg
 photo 100_8130_zpsj988xyck.jpg
The two new roses out front are looking hopeful. The yellow is budding again. It was covered in blooms when I put it in. They all died and I nipped them off. Well new buds, so does that mean they like where I planted it? The other one has a lovely orange yellow colour and smells beautiful.
The very first day lillies are out
 photo 100_8135_zpsteyvxemg.jpg
 photo 100_8120_zpsapfzopcg.jpg
In a few days they will be in bloom all over the garden. I will be busy with pictures of them.
Right now there are a lot of flowers blooming and I am seeing a lot of red and yellow, but there is also pink and purple.
 photo 100_8132_zps4es8gqpy.jpg
 photo 100_8117_zpsysoeufhe.jpg
My Clematis is thriving at last. The vine is still spindley looking though. Each year it does at least get thicker and bigger and I put in another right next to it this year.
 photo 100_8137_zpsx5d8yeyb.jpg
 photo 100_8136_zps6xmmicbq.jpg
The Oriental poppy came back but is not lush by any means. I think I will pick up a couple more if I see any......I may find one under all the daisy things when I go thin it all out. It was cool today, it would have been a great day for working outside. Too much else to do but maybe tomorrow.
 photo 100_8124_zpsmecevc9c.jpg
I have so many yellow daisies that they need thinning out. I also need to pull some Iris. Lots to do tomorrow if it does not rain.
 photo 100_8125_zpssl36aoik.jpg
The Money plants have spread all over and they will get thinned out too. I liked this picture
 photo 100_7999_zpsp50h8vps.jpg
Not much else going on as its been wet. I will need to spray again for some fly that is eating things. I hate to spray but they strip the leaves clean if I don't. I will be doing some transplanting too. People are complaining about how cold it is but I am loving it. It just makes working so much easier. I am not seeing many birds, they are all busy although the Chickadees are flitting around. I haven't seen the butterfly since it got cold. That makes me think we need to visit the butterfly house again and see if it got bigger this year. More later.

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Gorgeous!!! Really beautiful!