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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Oooh the lillies are blooming................

One of my favourite things is the Day lilly. I call them all Day lillies even though they are probably not so bear with me here. I am not a horticulturalist. They are so bright and cheerful and last so long. I have tried to collect a few different ones for variety. There are some beauties out there.
 photo 100_8245_zpszpolwozb.jpg
I may show the same ones on different posts, but I can't resist they have so much beauty in them. Inside close up and as a group.
 photo 100_8233_zpsju8msnq3.jpg
In certain lights they shine. The Orange is so vivid. The reds do not photograph well with my camera so I try at different times in the day.
 photo 100_8229_zpskynrov2v.jpg

 photo 100_8230_zpsmou16pil.jpg
 photo 100_8224_zpsngjuk9qy.jpg
Sometimes I can get a really good shot but more often than not the light is not right. The yellow just glow
 photo 100_8243_zpsxppzm7ak.jpg
 photo 100_7819k_zpscszqbxs7.jpg
Look at the pink one
 photo 100_8235_zpsewf48qkn.jpg
I love this speckled one
 photo 100_8220_zpsggyt3emy.jpg
There are still a few yet to bloom. I have one that has a two tone and is very pretty.
 photo 100_8257k_zpss9xaxdmp.jpg
I am excited to see what else will pop out each day
I probably do not have enough room in my garden for very many more plants. I will now try to collect different lillies as I can always find room for them they are not fussy like a lot of plants. It's raining today so no garden work for me today.

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CraveCute said...

Your Lilies, both Day and Regular are just gorgeous! Really love that last one, I have something similar only a bit paler in color. Great photos!