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Monday, March 31, 2014

To the Beach, March part 2...............

On my Bluebell Woods blog I was telling you about our Sunday trip to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. After being trapped inside all winter, when I felt the warm sun I made an instant descision. To the beach..........(continued).....and so after we left Empire Beach and the kids let off a lot of steam we headed off towards Glen Haven. One of my favourite beaches. We passed the old Dunns farm that was taken over by the park as were most of the farms in the area when they made it all a National Park.
 photo 4abf1ec7-e709-4906-a6bc-1f1ed98bb6fe_zpsb177a12a.jpg
Its a crying shame that this beautiful place is unused. I do think the park has plans for it but still.
 photo f4b31669-98eb-4c6a-9c12-0ab0e6fac12f_zps83c71431.jpg
Anyway we get to Glen Haven next and the kids let loose again did what kids do.
 photo 3920b3ae-3e3f-49fc-b67a-a1fc8fef0d95_zps30dd84cc.jpg
The beach is beautiful, the colours were as pretty as they are in summer, just different. Its a shame we didn't get a chance to look for stones because the ice had brought a lot up onto the beach.
 photo 12efde56-10b3-492d-b92d-750c9afc52db_zps62049c03.jpg
I love this beach summer or winter. It was nicer before the Park took over. We used to bring our poodles here to run, now they have to be on a leash. The current crop of poodles do not travel with us so its not a problem for us and the local's do as they wish (smile). Having four poodles is restricting, they don't get to do as much as our others did .
 photo cd717553-42e8-4040-bfae-d2edf275d688_zpsd46447cd.jpg
Nothing like a brisk walk. The kids just loved running up and down the beach and exploring how differnt it is all frozen up. The stones slide and bounce.
 photo c07d6e3a-78ab-4e8e-8f40-507c25d3543e_zps5b47fe66.jpg
There were a few brave souls out there braving the elements just like us. It was brisk but not really cold enough to be uncomfortable.
 photo 9c560cbb-7bf4-4d4f-96c9-dcc423373941_zps2069fc57.jpg
Well from there we went out into Glen Arbor where we saw some deer by the side of the road. They just stood there and let me get out and take some pictures. There were five of them.
 photo 4c1c986a-2b3a-484f-96c0-e172e2bf2f63_zpsd86ff03e.jpg
 photo f68de4fc-af35-477b-9169-46e94749510b_zps13642bc1.jpg
We went and got coffee and drinks for the kiddies and then headed towards home. We went the long way around as we were not in a hurry. We intended to stop at a restraunt called the Hayloft before going home and it was still too early. This picture is of Big Glen and Little Glen Lakes. The Bridge across between them takes you into Glen Arbor. We are looking down from a scenic overlook at Aligator hill opposite.
 photo d6498fcb-226a-4c47-9b5f-736d18bfdbd8_zpsbb3d674f.jpg
On the way we saw turkeys feeding in someones front yard
 photo 5c8818c3-18d7-48df-9ee8-16a7e4d2eb60_zps87301f50.jpg
Turkey's are not the prettiest of birds, but when you look close they have beautiful colours.
 photo dbb87263-b68c-4cb3-aa09-02c60ee1171b_zpsd2b7fa98.jpg
Well it was still only about 4pm but we had worked up an appetite and so we went to eat. When we got done I asked Gerry to stop up on Greyhawk Subdivision where we can look down over Traverse City. Took a couple of pictures but they didn't show up very well.
 photo 08e962a8-833f-4c3a-acd1-14ccb96ac19c_zpsa46999e6.jpg
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Saturday, March 29, 2014


One of my most faithful visitors all year round is the Cardinal. We have at least two pair who visit frequently. I happen to like the female most as she is a lovely combination of yellow and red. Mr Cardinal is that beautiful red, but as bright as he is, he is quite plain besides her. This is a picture I took a couple of years ago
 photo af875064-e340-4f2b-bad8-040c16e26dc9_zps58f5de4d.jpg
Mr C was a bit chilly it seems. See how pretty she is? Well they have nested around here for several generations. I doubt its the same couple but their kids and their kids are certainly thriving. We keep the feeders full all year. I just dont keep the tables full.
 photo eebb8239-6bdf-4446-9b91-11d2f5a4000d_zps0f26ac21.jpg
Mr C shows up very pretty against the snow and pines. Mrs C always looks good. I just love her colours.
 photo a8bbb14e-50fa-43de-9932-2d9eaf60e61e_zps25e816c2.jpg
One time we had two couples come in. The two Mr Cs were a bit iffy about it but the ladies just got down to chowing down.
 photo 5b997b05-75e8-4a4c-a8cf-89496898e8c7_zps96aeb088.jpg
Anyway, they are beautiful birds and brighten up the winter days
 photo f4aefc0d-cbf0-4049-88ac-993da5ee6358_zpsd6e8d8cf.jpg

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Downy Woodpecker...........

We had a new visitor today, well not exactly new. We have had the Downey's before. Still this little female was a welcome sight. I wish my birds would not be so jumpy. They have nothing to fear from me.
 photo 30aa9a9c-1785-441d-87ac-0ed28606ea54_zpsdd79bdc7.jpg
We know she is a she because she does not have the red dot on the back of her head.
 photo 2efe1274-47f9-40f0-8595-496c2fbae305_zpsf3ded422.jpg
I think she is very pretty, and fluffy and cute
 photo f8593316-c32d-4a58-88d5-154158054822_zpsd0a2c3c1.jpg
She loves the fat I put out. I bought suet in the meat section at the grocery store. The birds have loved it.
 photo f8593316-c32d-4a58-88d5-154158054822_zpsd0a2c3c1.jpg
This bird is very flighty and if it sees any movement at the window its gone, so I was lucky to get these pictures today. Maybe she was more hungry than usual,
 photo 5b19397a-ea11-4e2b-9f6f-ef61229c4bf8_zps2e647162.jpg
I did get a few pictures of other birds today but will just leave you with the little Downey who seems to be hanging out with the Chicadees today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Raining...............

Today it was raining. The drive way is a pond. Gerry went out and chopped up some of the ice yesterday in the hope that it would melt quicker. It was warmer today and a lot of snow has melted. You can see it along the sides of the roads. Grass. Dead grass but it wont be long and it will all green up. Then it will be time for clean up. The mess this time of year is just horrible.
Meanwhile, today we went shopping for groceries (again) and Tristen got a Sponge Bob hat. I do not like Sponge Bob, I don't get it and am not sure I want Tristen watching it but.......sometimes he does.
 photo 2d508e7c-b419-4a25-b32b-81199584d4f8_zps2e0766fb.jpg
Note the wetness of his pants as he jumps and splashes
 photo 090e3d83-6710-4f3c-beb5-e183cc02d005_zps26b400a7.jpg
 photo c97bcb1f-6325-4746-9fba-3f924ca31381_zps4e7bf6e6.jpg
He had been outside in the rain but I didn't get any pictures. He was happy to oblige going out again.
 photo 949d554d-d8ec-49ae-b004-e2a6568f621b_zpsc4e63c84.jpg
He had a great time just jumping in puddles. Something about kids and water I guess.............
Here is his new hat...........I would show his new shorts outfit but it might hurt your eyes.
 photo 60a350c0-9a1f-4dd3-93a3-7289075af715_zps39b29bdf.jpg
He is growing so fast.........sigh!!!Those are Alex's eyes.........

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring flowers...............

Its that time of year.............friends in England are showing me pictures of their gardens. I know, maybe I do post this every year at this time. I can't help it. I love Spring flowers. It's such a wonderful time of year. I am seeing the birds singing their hearts out. The squirrels are quarrelsome, chasing each other, looking for mates. Even though here in Michigan we have a long way to go yet, it is time. I am certain I smelled a skunk the other day. That means they are awake. Looking for food, out of hibernation.Its time for babies............
 photo 0e955040-6aae-47dc-83d0-24d61e03d795_zps5137d862.jpg
Well anyway, skunks are very cute if somewhat stinky. I would love one as a pet but that ain't a back to flowers. Violets......Snowdrops and crocus, daffodils, tulips, hyacinth. My favourites are Violet. I even look forwards to Dandelions. Last year we had a large crop outside our fence. I love them. They are bright and pretty and look great with violets. This year I am going to try to gather the leaves, they are great in salads and in mashed potatoes.
 photo ecfce094-ff80-450b-b6e1-43b3afac5982_zps90b3be13.jpg
The very first thing I will see pop from under the snow will be last years pansies. Then the first to actually pop through will be snowdrops.
 photo 1b15a19e-b71c-4907-ade6-cc0f7add59af_zpsfe2bede2.jpg
 photo 1f424820-53e0-4747-8453-86dc7697c39f_zps4bc8e67d.jpg
Its a miracle that happens every year, the ground warms and life begins again. The forsythia blooms before the leaves are fully out. You can gather some bare branches and bring them inside and they will bloom. Yellow is the colour of Spring.
 photo eec2d29c-272e-4e5d-8969-3b3128c9994f_zps5f74a075.jpg
This year Laura and I are planning on planting a garden. It will be awhile but it will be fun. We have decided what we will plant. For now though that is a way off. Before then I plan on seeing a lot of flowers........crocus grow up by the sides of the houses because the heat from the house melts the snow there quickly.
 photo 4a9f4f3c-0e64-4c21-9e82-8b4751d52e59_zps0f18ff9b.jpg
 photo 1618c93e-2765-4b51-92ad-9a0a4e7e32b8_zps40710514.jpg

 photo b4c29141-4768-4efd-9e14-3d1c0b88ad9c_zps15825e54.jpg

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Logans Landing............

Today was a half way decent day, it was cold but not bad at all. Tristen has been cooped up Laura and I took him to Logans Landing. Its a sort of park by the Boardman Lake and river, but with some shops and a bridge across the river. I wanted to get some pictures of the swans. Tristen just needed to let off steam. So he did.......he was able to run and yell and jump in puddles. The snow is melting slowly so lots of puddles. They had the pathways cleaned off so it was a good place to go. None of the parks are open yet so no swings or things like that. We parked
 photo 891c0525-bffb-4939-a7c1-76beed416a32_zpsa8e4c5e1.jpg
and walked. In puddles
 photo 403a489e-8a83-4689-9517-77c12aaf0a16_zpsa311001a.jpg
First we went to see the swans, and I just knew he would love the covered bridge, it makes a wonderful noise as he jumps and thumps and rolls on the floor (sigh) as we cross. We forgot to take bread.
 photo 101_0407_zpsf9ffa9c6.jpg
The swans are beautiful, but apparently they are cranky. They are ready for Spring and Spring is not cooperating. There have been some rather funny news items lately about cranky swans sitting in the main road stopping traffic and chasing people who try to move them.
 photo a456207c-5466-4ab4-8b1e-07577ca1ffa7_zps56b1e3ed.jpg
Not a whole lot to see this time out. Usually we can see different kinds of ducks and birds, but there were just the swans today.
We walked around the circuit just to stretch our legs and let Tristen run.
 photo ffadb207-5703-4950-8655-3a0f658abcba_zps34829d67.jpg
 photo 80f30885-1fd6-4bc5-a800-4ab5c6a59233_zpse1004744.jpg
We met a dog....."Tristen, be sure to not run up to a strange dog, and ask the lady if you can pet him." He did, and he liked the dog
 photo 25cc2d98-d55f-48bd-ad1f-eb40a628e868_zpsb633fad9.jpg
He climbed the snow banks
 photo 765d3e58-9034-4939-ac35-b4b7adfc2d6c_zpsb5ab73a0.jpg
Some of the shops around the river......its sort of a shame, this is such a pretty location but the shops just do not do well in here. We have a few places in this town that have been built and all but abandoned. It seems that rent is so high that the places close down then the shops are left empty
 photo a9a42a88-4d03-445f-af53-431df5970437_zps602893bf.jpg
The shops are both sides of the river, that is why there is a bridge.
 photo 03f2f9a5-846a-4f45-abeb-5c5908a7fdd9_zps8f1aacc4.jpg
The bridge that crosses the Boardman river
 photo eb862a8e-4ec0-4318-8aca-714d2a4a3316_zpsfd2e0aed.jpg
So lets jump in puddles, its what little boys do
 photo 5dd313b3-4758-4c16-b115-eab4f175a103_zps522b715b.jpg
 photo 5cdde073-363a-4f92-bd8f-ea3f40e9072a_zps714eefcb.jpg
 photo e0d61855-7430-4437-8d3f-71600a64e26c_zpsa5f06c7e.jpg
Tristen really didn't want to go home yet so we went over to the cemetery to visit his mum, but the snow was so deep we couldn't even see where she was.....he did have a run around and a few more rolls on the snow piles but by then he was so wet we went home. Can't wait till we can get out on the trails again and for him the park is calling his name.
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