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Monday, March 31, 2014

To the Beach, March part 2...............

On my Bluebell Woods blog I was telling you about our Sunday trip to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. After being trapped inside all winter, when I felt the warm sun I made an instant descision. To the beach..........(continued).....and so after we left Empire Beach and the kids let off a lot of steam we headed off towards Glen Haven. One of my favourite beaches. We passed the old Dunns farm that was taken over by the park as were most of the farms in the area when they made it all a National Park.
 photo 4abf1ec7-e709-4906-a6bc-1f1ed98bb6fe_zpsb177a12a.jpg
Its a crying shame that this beautiful place is unused. I do think the park has plans for it but still.
 photo f4b31669-98eb-4c6a-9c12-0ab0e6fac12f_zps83c71431.jpg
Anyway we get to Glen Haven next and the kids let loose again did what kids do.
 photo 3920b3ae-3e3f-49fc-b67a-a1fc8fef0d95_zps30dd84cc.jpg
The beach is beautiful, the colours were as pretty as they are in summer, just different. Its a shame we didn't get a chance to look for stones because the ice had brought a lot up onto the beach.
 photo 12efde56-10b3-492d-b92d-750c9afc52db_zps62049c03.jpg
I love this beach summer or winter. It was nicer before the Park took over. We used to bring our poodles here to run, now they have to be on a leash. The current crop of poodles do not travel with us so its not a problem for us and the local's do as they wish (smile). Having four poodles is restricting, they don't get to do as much as our others did .
 photo cd717553-42e8-4040-bfae-d2edf275d688_zpsd46447cd.jpg
Nothing like a brisk walk. The kids just loved running up and down the beach and exploring how differnt it is all frozen up. The stones slide and bounce.
 photo c07d6e3a-78ab-4e8e-8f40-507c25d3543e_zps5b47fe66.jpg
There were a few brave souls out there braving the elements just like us. It was brisk but not really cold enough to be uncomfortable.
 photo 9c560cbb-7bf4-4d4f-96c9-dcc423373941_zps2069fc57.jpg
Well from there we went out into Glen Arbor where we saw some deer by the side of the road. They just stood there and let me get out and take some pictures. There were five of them.
 photo 4c1c986a-2b3a-484f-96c0-e172e2bf2f63_zpsd86ff03e.jpg
 photo f68de4fc-af35-477b-9169-46e94749510b_zps13642bc1.jpg
We went and got coffee and drinks for the kiddies and then headed towards home. We went the long way around as we were not in a hurry. We intended to stop at a restraunt called the Hayloft before going home and it was still too early. This picture is of Big Glen and Little Glen Lakes. The Bridge across between them takes you into Glen Arbor. We are looking down from a scenic overlook at Aligator hill opposite.
 photo d6498fcb-226a-4c47-9b5f-736d18bfdbd8_zpsbb3d674f.jpg
On the way we saw turkeys feeding in someones front yard
 photo 5c8818c3-18d7-48df-9ee8-16a7e4d2eb60_zps87301f50.jpg
Turkey's are not the prettiest of birds, but when you look close they have beautiful colours.
 photo dbb87263-b68c-4cb3-aa09-02c60ee1171b_zpsd2b7fa98.jpg
Well it was still only about 4pm but we had worked up an appetite and so we went to eat. When we got done I asked Gerry to stop up on Greyhawk Subdivision where we can look down over Traverse City. Took a couple of pictures but they didn't show up very well.
 photo 08e962a8-833f-4c3a-acd1-14ccb96ac19c_zpsa46999e6.jpg
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Anonymous said...

There are reasons why the annoying dogs have to be on leashes - and sometimes the owners should be on leashes when they don't obey the signs.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Stopping by to see more of your gorgeous photos! How nice to see some bare ground in spots after the heavy long winter. I bet the beach was fun for all! We had a turkey stopping traffic one early evening last week--pretty unusual here!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

Anonymous , yes there are reasons for annoying dogs to be on leashes on public beaches. I agree 100%. What you may not know is the kind of beaches we have here in Northern Michigan and the kind of people who have always taken their dogs to the beach. There is not often anyone else on the beach. I have never seen dog poop on our beaches and the powers that be are only there in the "tourist" seasons. We are here all year. I no longer take my dogs to the beach as they are not the same as our other dogs were. They just loved to frolic on the beach. These beaches were ours long before the park came in and the people who live there still let their dogs run. They have never been a problem ever. Mainly because there is seldom any one to bother and I love to see them playing happy in the water and coming over to say hello.........Janice

Magic Love Crow said...

I love these pictures! So beautiful! Love seeing the deer and the turkeys! What a fun, refreshing day ;o)

The Charm of Home said...

Such a lovely secluded spot! Thanks for posting!

Debbie Harris said...

Hello Janice,
I came by for a visit, just lovely! I believe I am your newest follower.
Your photo's of the beach and animals were beautiful. I especially loved the turkeys. :)
We actually have turkeys that live in our yard, just love it when they make their appearance! I love to watch the way they run moving their necks as they go along. The male turkey here is HUGE! And he is out to get my husband. He was stalking my husband through the garage window one day, so he has to watch his back. But when he fluffs his feathers for all to see, it is worth taking the time to see, absolutely beautiful.

I look forward to many more visits.

Joy! Debbie