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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Raining...............

Today it was raining. The drive way is a pond. Gerry went out and chopped up some of the ice yesterday in the hope that it would melt quicker. It was warmer today and a lot of snow has melted. You can see it along the sides of the roads. Grass. Dead grass but it wont be long and it will all green up. Then it will be time for clean up. The mess this time of year is just horrible.
Meanwhile, today we went shopping for groceries (again) and Tristen got a Sponge Bob hat. I do not like Sponge Bob, I don't get it and am not sure I want Tristen watching it but.......sometimes he does.
 photo 2d508e7c-b419-4a25-b32b-81199584d4f8_zps2e0766fb.jpg
Note the wetness of his pants as he jumps and splashes
 photo 090e3d83-6710-4f3c-beb5-e183cc02d005_zps26b400a7.jpg
 photo c97bcb1f-6325-4746-9fba-3f924ca31381_zps4e7bf6e6.jpg
He had been outside in the rain but I didn't get any pictures. He was happy to oblige going out again.
 photo 949d554d-d8ec-49ae-b004-e2a6568f621b_zpsc4e63c84.jpg
He had a great time just jumping in puddles. Something about kids and water I guess.............
Here is his new hat...........I would show his new shorts outfit but it might hurt your eyes.
 photo 60a350c0-9a1f-4dd3-93a3-7289075af715_zps39b29bdf.jpg
He is growing so fast.........sigh!!!Those are Alex's eyes.........


Magic Love Crow said...

That's a lot of water! I hope it doesn't freeze on you again! Tristen had great fun! I really don't know anything about Sponge Bob? Hugs ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful eyes ;o)

Arija said...

Such great fun! Glad you let him. All children need the freedom to jump in puddles.

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love the Spongebob hat!! that is too cute!! i want one. wonder if they make them for big folks? ( :

happy weekend!!