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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Logans Landing............

Today was a half way decent day, it was cold but not bad at all. Tristen has been cooped up Laura and I took him to Logans Landing. Its a sort of park by the Boardman Lake and river, but with some shops and a bridge across the river. I wanted to get some pictures of the swans. Tristen just needed to let off steam. So he did.......he was able to run and yell and jump in puddles. The snow is melting slowly so lots of puddles. They had the pathways cleaned off so it was a good place to go. None of the parks are open yet so no swings or things like that. We parked
 photo 891c0525-bffb-4939-a7c1-76beed416a32_zpsa8e4c5e1.jpg
and walked. In puddles
 photo 403a489e-8a83-4689-9517-77c12aaf0a16_zpsa311001a.jpg
First we went to see the swans, and I just knew he would love the covered bridge, it makes a wonderful noise as he jumps and thumps and rolls on the floor (sigh) as we cross. We forgot to take bread.
 photo 101_0407_zpsf9ffa9c6.jpg
The swans are beautiful, but apparently they are cranky. They are ready for Spring and Spring is not cooperating. There have been some rather funny news items lately about cranky swans sitting in the main road stopping traffic and chasing people who try to move them.
 photo a456207c-5466-4ab4-8b1e-07577ca1ffa7_zps56b1e3ed.jpg
Not a whole lot to see this time out. Usually we can see different kinds of ducks and birds, but there were just the swans today.
We walked around the circuit just to stretch our legs and let Tristen run.
 photo ffadb207-5703-4950-8655-3a0f658abcba_zps34829d67.jpg
 photo 80f30885-1fd6-4bc5-a800-4ab5c6a59233_zpse1004744.jpg
We met a dog....."Tristen, be sure to not run up to a strange dog, and ask the lady if you can pet him." He did, and he liked the dog
 photo 25cc2d98-d55f-48bd-ad1f-eb40a628e868_zpsb633fad9.jpg
He climbed the snow banks
 photo 765d3e58-9034-4939-ac35-b4b7adfc2d6c_zpsb5ab73a0.jpg
Some of the shops around the river......its sort of a shame, this is such a pretty location but the shops just do not do well in here. We have a few places in this town that have been built and all but abandoned. It seems that rent is so high that the places close down then the shops are left empty
 photo a9a42a88-4d03-445f-af53-431df5970437_zps602893bf.jpg
The shops are both sides of the river, that is why there is a bridge.
 photo 03f2f9a5-846a-4f45-abeb-5c5908a7fdd9_zps8f1aacc4.jpg
The bridge that crosses the Boardman river
 photo eb862a8e-4ec0-4318-8aca-714d2a4a3316_zpsfd2e0aed.jpg
So lets jump in puddles, its what little boys do
 photo 5dd313b3-4758-4c16-b115-eab4f175a103_zps522b715b.jpg
 photo 5cdde073-363a-4f92-bd8f-ea3f40e9072a_zps714eefcb.jpg
 photo e0d61855-7430-4437-8d3f-71600a64e26c_zpsa5f06c7e.jpg
Tristen really didn't want to go home yet so we went over to the cemetery to visit his mum, but the snow was so deep we couldn't even see where she was.....he did have a run around and a few more rolls on the snow piles but by then he was so wet we went home. Can't wait till we can get out on the trails again and for him the park is calling his name.
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Merlesworld said...

Kids they love fiddling around in water even when it's freezing but so did i when I was young.
beautiful white swans


Love those beautiful swans and how kids have a good time whatever the weather!

Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful spot! I love the story about the cranky swans! LOL! Tristen had a lot of fun! Excellent! That's too bad about the shops! Take Care ;o)