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... I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.......Psalm23:6
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Frosty winds may blow....................

1. In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,
earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;
snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow,
in the bleak midwinter, long ago.
 photo 2cdec611-f020-4bc7-a99b-a97a34a7fe44_zpsjbl6pl8t.jpg
Yes it is pretty bleak out there right now. This was one of my favourite hymns as a kid. We sang hymns every day in school. I was raised and lived in England until I came to the States in 1971. So Winter carols and Christmas carols were a part of our existence. I love the old hymns. Our schools did not ban religion as they do here in the States. So it was that we began each day with assembly and we sang a couple of hymns. It was lovely around Christmas time. Kids really get into singing the favourite carols.
 photo Victorian-christmas-carolers-christma_zpswogvuf8d.jpg
We used to also enjoy the Salvation Army who would do the rounds at this time of year. They would gather by the lamp post at the top of our road on Bidwell Hill. They would have a small band and several singers. People would stand at their doors with coats on and listen and the braver ones would walk up the road and listen to them. We also enjoyed Carole singers come and sing at the front door. I think our parents would give them a few coins if we had any. Sometimes a treat if not.
 photo jse_Carol-Singers_zpswfymflh9.jpg
I really don't think people are the same anymore. They do not seem to enjoy these things. It's all School plays and the hustle and bustle of shopping. They are missing so many blessings. I suppose what you have never known!!!. A lot of people no longer celebrate Christmas, they now celebrate any number of alternate holidays and somehow the joy of the season has been "Hallmarked" and spoiled. Sure, as a Christian I celebrate Christmas but do not at all resent others having their own holiday to celebrate but it has all lost it's intent and meaning as far as I can see. I know from my perspective, I know Christ was not even born at this time of year, there was no snow as he was born in Bethlehem. We have incorporated so many pagan rituals and it probably took the "wise men" years to travel to find Him. He was "a young child" when they arrived on the scene. For most Christian holidays I cant get past the fake stuff that has been brought in to commercialize it. Christmas for me has always been different though. It still has the awe for me. I think of it as family time. These past years we have through necessity cut back on gift giving. So Thanksgiving is our bigger family time. After that I do decorate for Christmas and begin my baking and treat making. That will become my gift giving from now on. Things I make myself.
 photo christmas_carolers_zpsau3x2jc2.gif
It is still for the kids, but like most things now, it seems to promote greed. We have always given too much, so too much became expected. I am guilty. I really don't care about getting but I love giving. This year no one will be here. So no Christmas dinner. It's not worth it for just us two and I did it all at Thanksgiving so will enjoy the rest. Maybe I should start on next years gifts haha. I have ideas already.
 photo Christmas Eve Candlelight Service_zpste6ntchk.jpg

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Decorating outside.............

We have finally got snow. It makes things look so much better. I was not really ready for it but now it's here, well, it is pretty.
When we brought all the Christmas stuff from storage, I had Gerry bring up everything he could find. In doing so I found all my Fall stuff, a bit late as was the Spring stuff and the summer flowers. Yes I found all that was lost. Hmmmmm.
So, down came my summery decorations, not having decorated for Fall. Gerry could not find the stuff. So now we have it. (smile)
 photo 15356675_10153860102406595_5034591957524768609_n_zps6mft5h2k.jpg
 photo 102_0257_zps4igi9cbe.jpg
 photo 102_0252h_zpsnafxoms2.jpg
I did get him to put up the lights on the front porch. I also had him drag up some old outside ornaments. He would never do it before and we are the only one in our ally that does not decorate. I love the outside lights.
 photo 20161208_190317u_zpspwl6lfma.jpg
Apart from the lights, that I would have liked to do more, I put this out for the birds.
 photo 102_0098_zpsilmhil07.jpg
 photo 102_0097h_zpsqg8fsvp1.jpg
 photo 102_0099h_zpswerkfumj.jpg
I sold my small sled but still have the big one. Next year I must paint it or something to preserve the wood.
 photo 102_0247h_zpsoelm4gdn.jpg
Wreaths are one of the things I love most.
 photo 102_0246h_zpsf3h4swix.jpg
The birds are cold, I had to shoo this little one away because it was sitting there. I put out more food and it came back and ate
 photo 102_0245_zpsplwj8pec.jpg
The little ones come in a small flock and stick together. I am thinking of taking down the grapevines next year, but the thing with that is the little birds like it for shelter in the winter. So what to do about that.
 photo 102_0233j_zpsb1we90hd.jpg
 photo 102_0241h_zpsavlvkanb.jpg
 photo 102_0226j_zpsired72ca.jpg
I feel bad for the little ones and my Crows have not showed up yet this year. I do hear them around so maybe when they are hungry enough they will remember.