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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Blue Jay Afternoon...........

Well there is just a dusting of snow, it sort of improves things. There are so many leaves still on the ground and looks now as though they will stay there. I guess that the ones on the garden may just decompose and be a good thing. The ones on grass can get mowed. No problem, except if he trys to use the snowblower haha. Ooops that may be a problem. Since he doesn't have to work, and the snowblower is on the blink I guess it won't matter.
 photo 119_0649_zpsqxemi52f.jpg
I haven't seen the Possum (Apossum) in a few days now, I hope he's OK. I put Coopers pumpkin out back for he animals to eat and they have broken through into the seeds already. So anyhoo I did get the inside decorating done and the outside is sort of done. Can't say I am happy with it because I still don't have lights on the front porch. There are lights out back on the garage but when I look at what everyone else has done it's pretty pathetic. Out front I have two spindly lights and a sick deer.
 photo 119_0718_zps4maocmy8.jpg
The back deck looks sort of OK but maybe I can work on it now inside is done. Back to the Blue Jays. Today they really enjoyed the peanuts.
 photo 119_0665_zpsqe0xbe2f.jpg
 photo 119_0650a_zpswqejzei9.jpg
 photo 119_0651a_zpsshafb3tj.jpg
 photo 119_0655j_zpsoq3otcax.jpg
They were enjoying things until the Squirrels showed up. There were about five Blue Jays. I put out some water for them, they had been going down to the pond. There is chicken wire over the pond so hopefully they can't fall in. I noticed last year that the birds enjoy the pond in Winter.
 photo 119_0657h_zpshbpokuuk.jpg
 photo 119_0659a_zpssrypmkyy.jpg
There was avout 5 squirrels too, the brown one is a bit of a piggy. He really loaded up yesterday but came back today.
 photo 119_0675k_zpslllusoqt.jpg
 photo 119_0677h_zpsbbhxpkti.jpg
The birds all seem to take their food away
 photo 119_0678k_zpsj33cvlom.jpg
 photo 119_0679k_zps8mf19pml.jpg
Taking a sip
 photo 119_0681_zpsryvzitcn.jpg
 photo 119_0683n_zpsloutj259.jpg
 photo 119_0684k_zpsdbzzl3mz.jpg
 photo 119_0686h_zpsuaeqqtww.jpg
 photo 119_0687k_zpsmtp86u0f.jpg
Blue Jays are very lovely birds, such a pretty blue.
 photo 119_0689j_zpsxrm6wwwd.jpg
 photo 119_0690j_zpsufoszbsp.jpg
I guess this is a rather boring post, guess things will be rather boring till Spring. I am not sure if I want to keep this and my Pretty things blog going next year. I could in fact just keep everything on one blog. We shall see.

Friday, November 9, 2018

First Snow..............

November 9th, first real snow. We were told would get 5inches last night. We did not. We may get it tonight though. So today I took some pictures. It was pretty but not as much snow as I had expected and pretty much gone by noon. Tomorrow, well we shall see.
 photo 119_0170_zpsizksgtqg.jpg
 photo 119_0173_zpspmxgrjpl.jpg
Everything was so pretty with a dusting of wet snow
 photo 119_0201_zpsq2pstcyj.jpg
 photo 119_0200_zpsqhdshkht.jpg
 photo 119_0196_zps7u4g4spe.jpg
There were plenty of birds today and too many squirrels. Boots wanted to go out, I let her. She just sat and pretended she was enjoying it. I asked if she wanted to come back inside she said no. On 2nd call she came in.
 photo 119_0198_zpsjusokkyp.jpg
There were Junco's
 photo 119_0206h_zpsefjiepib.jpg
 photo 119_0204a_zpsoheupgsb.jpg
 photo 119_0209k_zpsxdsutyso.jpg
 photo 119_0180a_zpsilxsrs3e.jpg
 photo 119_0178a_zpsy59jdzew.jpg
There were Nuthatches and Tufted Titmice.
 photo 119_0240k_zpsppbvkd6v.jpg
 photo 119_0171a_zpsae2m4anh.jpg
There were Blue Jays
 photo 119_0223k_zps0vaxu1bf.jpg
 photo 119_0218j_zpsuhyyljcm.jpg
Some people were just plain greedy.
 photo 119_0193a_zpsqbe2wg76.jpg
Later there was also a Cardinal, this guy always comes at dusk so it's hard to get clear pictures. I have managed to get some good Cardinal pictures but not today.
 photo 119_0281k_zpsp1uc6nyv.jpg
 photo 119_0270j_zpsmppx9ixh.jpg
 photo 119_0280k_zps2xtzlnuj.jpg
I was more fascinated by the leaves and dew drops
 photo 119_0234_zpsplt9jr6h.jpg
 photo 119_0226k_zpsmfrjmw78.jpg
Gerry took the Poodles out to pee and a wander around between showers. The snow was turned to rain/drizzle before getting back to snow as it got cold again. They enjoyed a stroll and a yap at passers by.
 photo 119_0238_zps7ryyofa6.jpg
 photo 119_0242_zps4j047pmr.jpg
I love to capture unusual things in my pictures. I loved this shot
 photo 119_0177a_zpss0ju98bc.jpg
The colours with the snow on
 photo 119_0174_zpsnftimrhe.jpg
 photo 119_0170a_zpssjamvbyr.jpg
The inevitable Chickadees were flitting around too. He looks fuzzy because he was shaking his feathers.
 photo 119_0269k_zpsyqdmxr2a.jpg
 photo 119_0197_zpsx9etrdkh.jpg
I will see what tomorrows like, we should have more snow. I put out extra food after it got dark in case the Possom comes back.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Last Hurrah..............

The end of Autumn, we have had a couple of snow showers. Nothing but sleet really. Still the big one is coming. It will soon be the first day of hunting (15th) and so we usually have snow by then. I was hoping it would hold off for a time but apparently not. Naturally it could be gone by then I like the snow to hold off so the deer can get deep into the woods. Run Bambi run.........Supposed to get 5 inches tonight. We shall see.
Gerry raked the leaves at the weekend. Look at it now.
 photo 119_0116_zpspxas8e3u.jpg
 photo 119_0110_zpsxbiegawm.jpg
You would never know would you that the leaves were raked up already.
I had stocked up on bird seeds, but have already gone through that lot. The bloody Squirrels are just packing it away along with the Chipmunk who comes every day.
 photo 119_0109_zps0dgmu9cy.jpg
Little bugger built a nest right close by. They can lay in there and spy things out.
 photo 119_0066_zpspkctxd70.jpg
Wonder how many live in there? The end of the colours, trees almost bare now
Some pretty shapes though
 photo 119_0141a_zpssx2pdbez.jpg
 photo 119_0115a_zpsempktmbj.jpg
Lots of rain and wind brough most of them down.
 photo 119_0114h_zpsfhporuti.jpg
Chippy must eat his bodies worth every day
 photo 119_0118a_zps8eelyfag.jpg
 photo 119_0134k_zps4yc4lwr9.jpg
The cats usually get the Chipmunks, they must not be too smart or else they just want food more than life. I didn't get very good pictures today, The Nuthatch arrived and so did the Titmouse and Chickadees.
 photo 119_0144g_zpsfubbfci4.jpg
 photo 119_0123_zps6tzvwexv.jpg
 photo 119_0136g_zpsdhtgghjj.jpg
The mourning Doves seem to consist of two couples at the Moment.
 photo 119_0133d_zpskifhsyyq.jpg
 photo 119_0073_zpsej2jwrib.jpgChickadees are here every day.
 photo 119_0075_zpszvdu1okz.jpg
 photo 119_0080_zpsdt59ulyx.jpg
The girls are sitting waiting for Daddy so the door is open letting the cold air in, he is bound to complain about that. Not my fault, Bodi won't move.
 photo 119_0145_zpsnywhctve.jpg
 photo 119_0146_zpsrdv9rouu.jpg
Everything is wet and yucky today. Both cats are unhappy. At least it's easier to keep them inside, just wait till they see snow.
In this picture you can see the tail end of a Possom. It was on the deck last night but by the time I got my camera it was gone. Just got its bum as it disappeared.
 photo 119_0117a_zpsh8sjkbut.jpg
We put in a motion detector light when Gerry did the kitchen and the outside lights were changed. it comes in handy but didn't stop Brea getting skunked the other day. We all have a slight odour hanging around us. Not as bad as last time when all four got it. Still she will be getting another milk bath tomorrow to freshen her up. That happened in the morning so Gerry was not fully awake when he let them out. Poor baby dog got it in the ear.
The dogs just went out to potty and the lights came on, this guy froze and stayed long enough for pictures. I opened the window and threw out some bread.......I hope he enjoys.
 photo 119_0162_zpse5ngeevu.jpg
 photo 119_0156_zpsmkgcaaen.jpg
 photo 119_0151_zpsjnbpwzgb.jpg
Wonder if he wants to be my new pet????? Kidding.