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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Garden after Rain......................

I love it when it rains, everything is so pretty and wet. So no gardening today, instead we went for a walk. I did go take some pictures this morning though.
MY stone garden looked nice after the rain.
 photo 107_0019_zpswqgdkaqx.jpg
 photo 107_0017_zpsodcebi4g.jpg
 photo 107_0016_zpsbg4ieszx.jpg
See the Petoskey stones?
 photo 107_0020_zpsbcbsppgw.jpg
 photo 107_0021_zps0w5xzgm5.jpg
The Old Farm Rose has bloomed better this year, it has already had several flowers and more buds coming. This is the most fragrant ever.
 photo 107_0015_zpsrm41ne6h.jpg
Somehow and I have no idea how I am getting Holly bushes growing. There are several out back. No idea where this came from. I do have Holly that I bought but they are very different from these.
 photo 107_0014_zpszoefwzd3.jpg
My Milk Weed is doing great, still no Butterfly though. In fact on our walk in the fields, only 2 Monarchs and a White one. None yesterday.
 photo 107_0013_zpsitcbfsch.jpg
 photo 107_0012_zpsrxhzpuzl.jpg
We saw White Yarrow flowers today, usually come in Yellow and this Pink. Thing is it spreads so much so I have to pull a lot of it out. Maybe I should put in in a pot
 photo 107_0011_zpswntijyme.jpg
I have no idea what these are called but they are in bloom now and these too spread so much but are much easier to pull and control.
 photo 107_0010_zpste9uq1vo.jpg
 photo 107_0009_zps7ig2vcvh.jpg
I can't remember what these are called either, another spreader that I have to control but so pretty,
 photo 107_0008_zpsqdmvo6eb.jpg
 photo 107_0004_zps0ls89hov.jpg
This is Bud's new tree/shrub.I want one but I do not have anywhere to put one.
 photo 107_0006_zpsnfcx9oq6.jpg
We did not swap the Iris this weekend, too wet and too busy but they will go where these Yellow daisies are and this is another one I had to weed out. They get tall and fall over so are a bit untidy.
 photo 107_0007_zpsbdqtaaso.jpg
 photo 107_0005_zpsngwlccnf.jpg
I think stuff is really taking off this year. I have no room for new things. When I get extra I dump it under the pines to do as it wants. I am glad I talked to the man over the ally, I may be able to get some Hosta, he advised me to cut down some tree branches to get more light. He is right and I know Gerry will love doing that.
My Peace Rose is hanging pretty.
 photo 107_0003_zpsixoboxbc.jpg
This is my tree stump. I want to make a Fairy House out of it. I need a roof (Gerry) and will get some windows and a door to make it look like a house. Good idea? I thought so. Meanwhile the Fungi seem to like it and that will help with the illusion.
 photo 107_0002_zpsxqtkvpjk.jpg
The Ivy is growing well and trying to escape.
 photo 107_0001_zpsos3yhdyc.jpg
So that's it for today. If it gets sunny tomorrow I think some of the Day lilies will be out. Think I will get out to see Alex tomorrow

Friday, June 15, 2018

I can't help posting Garden Pictures....................

Every day there is something new, the light? more blooms?. It is a record of my garden set down for me for a year.
A cool place to sit, especially for the Moggies.....
 photo 20180615_113330_zpsb35fgwdc.jpg
Shrubs in bloom, this one really filled out, I had cut it back thinking it was not in good health but it is.
 photo 20180615_111833_zps42bq2vwg.jpg
 photo 20180615_111833j_zpsaadp2ybr.jpg
The Sage is looking nice
 photo sage_zps7xei9toz.jpg
 photo 20180613_155128_zpslat5neew.jpg
I love close ups.........
 photo 20180615_110354k_zps8sfxxkzw.jpg
 photo 20180615_110354g_zpsdpgvwrpn.jpg
 photo 20180615_110354i_zps6nt3dpxl.jpg
...and look what was hiding among them......YES. I wanted to be able to get some in my garden and now I have. I wonder if it will spread.
 photo 20180615_111626d_zps4npx0r12.jpg
Then there was a visitor.........Boots.
 photo 20180614_095059_zpsgyfqze8u.jpg
This is Bird House Row.........
 photo 20180614_112406_zpsmj3zaqvt.jpg
Some gardens are shaded so much that it took me years to get this Ivy to fill in. I like Ivy. Reminds me of home. Nothing else would grow under that Burning Bush and I have Ivy in the shade gardens at the back.
 photo 20180614_112253_zpszplc9e2x.jpg
This took awhile to find its place in my garden. It kept falling off the table so I put some rocks in the watering can and now it's happy in a sunny spot on the deck.
 photo 20180615_110336_zpsqefkjjzd.jpg
Look at the size of those leaves on the Hosta.
 photo 20180615_113257_zpseh304f5v.jpg
So going back out front. The side actually the daisies I bought and planted out there are doing well.
 photo 20180615_113017_zpsnqeok5pe.jpg
 photo 20180615_112211l_zpsp1awrg3j.jpg
This little area under the Pines is doing well, I think the Azalea likes it there.
 photo 20180615_112725_zpsclxx4off.jpg
The new Day Lillies are opening.
 photo 20180615_112320_zpsyi5gdhvf.jpg
These "Pinks" I dug up many years ago by the railway tracks back in my working day. They are still doing well after several moves.
 photo 20180615_112521_zpsum8ecmpl.jpg
Just got to show this again, because I can haha
 photo 20180613_155052_zpskolvkxsf.jpg
I love my garden and some day when I have paid off my credit card once more I will try to get the Blogs printed out again. Meanwhile I will keep posting.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday afternoon in the garden...................

After a light rain this morning it was too wet to work outside. It was a lovely day for it but instead we went out.
So when we got back I went to see what's new.
 photo 20180613_155514_zpstzaqe2s3.jpg
 photo 20180613_155517_zpskc7aohaz.jpg
Things out front much the same, it needed watering though. It will be hard to do that if we go anywhere for any amount of time. I found that when we went away for a week, even if I had someone water, I still found things died.
So out back the smell of the Lavender was sweet.
 photo 20180613_154804_zpsydhuwlxd.jpg
Mainly I wanted pictures of the vines because today we have several flowers blooming and the are pretty.
 photo 20180613_154455_zpsnpcy4zmu.jpg
 photo 20180613_154453_zps8cihc7ym.jpg
 photo 20180613_154450_zpsjgdi7uad.jpg
 photo 20180613_154455_zpsnpcy4zmu.jpg
 photo 20180613_155026_zpsd2q4fnic.jpg
So apart from that not a lot new. A few more Iris popped.
 photo 20180613_155501_zpsvyenn61v.jpg
I actually took a selfie because I hit the button that changes the camera so I found myself looking at myself. So I clicked it to see how it was. Note to self, wear makeup.
 photo 20180613_155019_zpst3ygbjan.jpg
 photo 20180613_155052_zpskolvkxsf.jpg
I have been doing my garden blog a bit too often so may just give it a break. I need to work on My Pretty Things. Nothing to report there for ages.