This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Monday, October 15, 2018

Birds are coming back to the feeders....................

A quick look around the garden today assured me that there is still a lot to do. I did gather all the glass balls and ornaments into one spot where they will stay until I can bring them in. I did get the last of my plants inside today. Today, well, sun and rain and snow, repeating that pattern all afternoon. That't it though, or so the weather man said this evening. I doubt I will get much done in the way of moving things but noticed I do still have two things that need to be planted.
So next comes the raking............meanwhile.
 photo 113_1011v_zpsbbwkjzc2.jpg
We leave our doors open for anyone who needs shelter.
 photo 113_1010_zpsyg4xdss7.jpg
One year we had a raccoon in there, we didn't know until Gerry caught a glimpse one day. That's good, I am sure cats and mice and others all find a cozy corner now and then. Last Spring a Robin took shelter out of the wind. I feel so bad for them all.
So there have been a few visitors since I filled the feeders. This little guy spent the afternoon here. Then some friends came in too.
 photo 113_1015j_zpsacmtgeml.jpg
 photo 113_1017h_zps98gcy0hw.jpg
I watched him for awhile and then took a walk around. I was attracted to the rain on the leaves sparkling in the sun (before it rained and snowed again)
 photo 113_1026n_zpsf0keeckw.jpg
 photo 113_1028h_zps2l4iyxao.jpg
 photo 113_1027h_zpscdrjoaiz.jpg
The Holly has a lot of berries.
 photo 113_1030h_zpsp2hc5iu6.jpg
The Cardinal was rather cooperative.
 photo 113_0757kg_zpsz4kneiwv.jpg
 photo 113_0746a_zpsob2b6ylx.jpg
The Bluejays look handsome
 photo 113_1001h_zpsyrv70c99.jpg
 photo 113_0999j_zpsv5cmfoas.jpg
I love how they announce that the feeders are full and the whole tribe shows up.
The cats went out, I kept them in all day. They were not happy about that. Well it was snowing so I opened the door to let a couple of Poodles out and both of the cats thought they were clever and ran out. I had to laugh, they were so pissed. They got out before noticing the snow. Bessie jumped up on the gate and Boots just sat and stared...........hehe. When I let the Poodles back in they dashed for the door. I am keeping them in as much as I can now the birds are coming in. Bessie in particular sits by the feeder.
 photo 20181015_140955_zpsh5flcdyn.jpg
 photo 20181015_141045_zpsmjvnuahm.jpg
Bessie will kill the birds and so would Boots.
I liked this shot, Chickadee taking his prize
 photo 113_1007h_zpsilglats4.jpg
 photo 113_1008_zpstvj2ffre.jpg
 photo 113_0992a_zps9lyk41i0.jpg
There's a fairy at the bottom of my garden
 photo 113_1031_zpsyfbuv3a9.jpg
 photo 113_1033_zpsdy3rvgfw.jpg
 photo 113_1037h_zpsbhvmqyyh.jpg
A few flowers left
 photo 113_1045_zpsfyupl25w.jpg
 photo 113_1041j_zpsetfnerft.jpg
Up and down the street
 photo 113_1039j_zpswzr4vcee.jpg
 photo 113_1038_zps3xblv9xv.jpg
I look forwards to a variety of birds coming in. It's a pity we don't get a greater variety. I will have to find a place to go and sit to watch other peoples birds.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

October colours..................

Short brisk walks today just for some exercize. It was in the 40 degree range, high 40s I would think. As we set off it began to rain so didn't stay out long. We went down to Kid's Creek. Always good for a short walk. I didn't see a lot of colour down there but certainly a lot of leaves have fallen. I could see more than we normally can of the water. There is nothing going on in the garden. I did manage to bring in a whole bunch of plants in the hope that they will do OK over the Winter.I don't want to think how far off Spring will be.
Our road has some pretty trees this year.
My garden is neglected.
 photo 113_0724_zpsealqevod.jpg
 photo 113_0723_zpslktv8gtp.jpg
 photo 113_0722_zpsrctzdec4.jpg
I think I must take a walk around the neighbourhood I saw some pretty pictures on our way to Kids creek. For now, just some pretty trees
 photo 20181011_134056_zpsx7ojk1qc.jpg
 photo 20181011_134028_zpshljeboha.jpg
 photo 20181011_134014j_zpsg7qnpjap.jpg
There was a lot of wind last night. If it was that way out of town I bet there are trees down. We noticed when we were out yesterday that several had come down.
Nothing much going on down at the Creek though. Gerry wanted to go back the way we came that was sheltered from the wind. I can see I won't be getting him out much during the Winter. I sent him back the way we came and carried on. Not a lot different from last time.
 photo 113_0729k_zpsbvttlfmr.jpg
 photo 113_0729h_zpsyghpeqn9.jpg
 photo 113_0726_zpses326bpk.jpg
I love to see the seeds and pods but with the wind I think a lot blew away.
 photo 113_0725h_zps11et84ls.jpg
Some lucky critters will enjoy those
The first part of the walk is sheltered, but then we turned direction and was about to go into a more open area, that's when Gerry decided to go back the way he came. I carried on. It was brisk but I walked fast. After all this is about exercise as well as pictures.
 photo 113_0727_zpsz7rm3yon.jpg
I half way hoped to see my deer down in this area, but no one in sight today.
 photo 113_0736_zpsfjf5xbmw.jpg
No birds either, everyone must be snuggled down out of the winds.
 photo 113_0737_zpspzwth2ls.jpg
 photo 113_0738a_zpsk3ehiszi.jpg
Even when there is nothing to see its a nice walk. Back into our home territory and some more pretty trees
 photo 113_0740_zpslyfloe0s.jpg
 photo 113_0741_zps2uphwjjk.jpg
The last plant to bring inside............
 photo 113_0745_zpssir4r2vs.jpg
That one has to be replanted as there are two in there. It's a guessing game who will live now.............and what did I bring inside with them.? The first ones I did wash with dish soap but the last few I didn't bother. Ah well. Everyone needs a warm spot to camp out for winter. At least we don't live where I could bring in a snake or two. Just mice and spiders. I can deal with that...........I think. I just wish the mice would be smarter and avoid the cats.

Monday, October 1, 2018

It's October Already.........................

 photo b3d46c2e90e0f90e8353458bec098f68_zpsq6ljxw5e.jpg
A quick wander around the garden today showed that critters had been busy. Where I planted the ivy there was dirt all over the path. Not sure if Squirrels were looking to see if I buried anything they may want or the Poodles had been busy. I did smell the slight odour of skunk this morning? Looking for grubs maybe.?
 photo b2eaa3a8fe3f2a07e1cc5f5ebc162a2e_zpsaiyicw5x.jpg
A beautiful month for sure, we had to turn the heat on in the house. Fingers and toes were beginning to freeze. My nose was running. Today was a little warmer so I did go out and sweep the paths and I planted the Sweet William that was in a pot, I also brought in the pretty red flower, such a shame to see it die. I am not sure how well it will do inside but will try to save it. I now have to decide what to do with all the rest. 5 Boston ferns, too pretty to die but too big really oh what shall I do.
 photo 113_0563_zpsgrdu2mo4.jpg
 photo 113_0579_zpshuoeu0h8.jpg
I don't like to see things die. I wish in some ways we had a milder climate so things would live outside but we don't. I have a few houseplants that have to come inside.
The problem in the house is the lack of light.
So who comes inside and who does not.
Meanwhile, the bees are still quite active,although not on too many things. They seem to like this plant and I have that in a few colours

 photo 113_0593k_zpsdf8tres6.jpg
 photo 113_0605k_zpsibgxbtdw.jpg
Seed pods are pretty, this is my Garlic Chive
 photo 113_0598k_zpsntnp3w4o.jpg
 photo 113_0588h_zps5wgtx4jf.jpg
There is not a lot going on, the Holly has a lot of berries this year. I should pick some so that the Robins have them in the Spring. They were so hungry last year. I will get some meal worms this time.
 photo holly_zpsg6n1nhkk.jpg
The berries on the Mountain Ash are all gone. Already eaten
I bought a new bird feeder to put on the window in the hope of having at least one that the Squirrels can't get to. Also hoping for some pictures.
 photo 113_0582_zpsgpwfocuh.jpg
The two fish left in the pond have enough cover and are fat and sassy. So good luck to them.
 photo 113_0576_zpsp1uzpoer.jpg
I will bring this in tomorrow. It's pretty right now and we are not supposed to get frost just yet although it is getting close.
 photo 113_0578h_zpsatxy1wxo.jpg
Bud's flowering tree next door is pretty right now.
 photo 113_0586_zpsspgmhyfp.jpg
Not sure what it is, looks like a cross between Hydrangea and Lilac.
 photo 113_0587_zpsg0iipsa9.jpg
I would like something that blooms this time of year but no space for much else.
So these guys sit all forlornly waiting to see what I will do next. Who comes in and who does not
 photo 113_0580_zpswnknkxto.jpg'
I have to get some potting soil and then see what I need to do............wish I could store them in the garage but that won't work. So tomorrow I must decide..........