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... I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.......Psalm23:6
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th.............

No, I don't celebrate July 4th. No reason to I guess. I am English, it means nothing to me. I let Tristen go with Laura yesterday he went to a baseball game, and today to the beach. He will be an American. (Smile)
So today I sorted out a load of stones that had been collected probably over years from visits to local beaches. I always think of my dad when I do that. I remember him walking head down picking up this pretty and that and mum saying "Harry, you are not taking those back in the suitcase" but its I understood the need.
Me. Well I will be making some garden ornaments with them. I did string some beads yesterday
 photo 100_7833_zps7rsdy1en.jpg
It will look nice when the sun shines through it.
Well I had a very very happy surprise yesterday. Tristen came running in to say we had a toad in the garden.
 photo 100_7802u_zpsryu6lguv.jpg
 photo 100_7801o_zpskn14qb3m.jpg
Isn't he cute? We are calling him Happy......I am wondering if he is the one who hatched from the tadpoles I bought We know at least one survived because we saw him. Then the following year Gerry saw him jump into the pond. Well since then nothing until now. So we shall see. I really do hope that he survives but he will be lonely poor guy.
 photo 100_7847h_zpsmbsjp1zg.jpg
 photo 100_7837j_zpsecl0irff.jpg
Some of my roses are blooming again. Doing quite well, must be the cooler weather. The yellow one has buds, I am in hope of that one doing well. I am waiting for my pink one to bud.
The red one out back is thriving this year
 photo 100_8130_zpsj988xyck.jpg
Time for Day lillies
 photo 100_7842_zpspxewqfcf.jpg
 photo 100_7841i_zps4ew6lh4v.jpg
 photo 100_7841_zpspngsjrav.jpg
There are loads in bud......I still have to get out there and weed out a load of the over growth of yellow flowers, whatever they are. They are spreading all over, some have got to go. They are overwhelming everything
 photo 100_7817_zpsner0eutv.jpg
There are some yellow Day lillies blooming and I love the pale butter yellow ones.
 photo 100_7823i_zpsrttotsag.jpg
 photo 100_7819k_zpscszqbxs7.jpg
 photo 100_7839_zpssyscwgbz.jpg

I have to thin things out so some of the smaller plants stand a chance of thriving. Some I will have to move
 photo 100_7816u_zpsvjtpivgu.jpg
 photo 100_7814k_zpsexzjnhiv.jpg
I need to get more of these little poppies
 photo 100_7812k_zpsxahysjpf.jpg
Some strange things come up from spilt grass seeds
 photo 100_7808_zpsi6dim0ke.jpg
I love finding little critters when I enlarge a picture
 photo 100_7813lk_zpsiltvnpfd.jpg
Bijou was following me all over, she sure is nosey
 photo 100_7829l_zpsgbi472ya.jpg
These poodles love the garden and I have poodle paths all over to make it more interesting for them.
I caught Brea just at the right moment. She looked so silly, her lip caught on her tooth.....made me laugh
 photo 100_7790_zps38hnmbp7.jpg
Anyway, more roses.
 photo 100_7795H_zpskspzol5o.jpg
 photo 100_7732K_zpszgv9dqlg.jpg
I really must start writing down names. I try to buy roses with a scent to them. Next time at the beach I am going to get a clip of a wild rose, cant beat that scent. A true rose.
Orange Day lilly
 photo 100_7779_zpsyjhdwre0.jpg
 photo 100_7779H_zpsroajfcuc.jpg
I love getting close ups.
This was called London Pride in England, no idea what it's called here
 photo 100_7815_zpsaildojlw.jpg
 photo 100_7815i_zpskreejyhz.jpg
When you look at a flower up close it is amazing. It is designed to perfection. How can anyone believe it all came about by chance? The Bible does tell us that for those who care to look, you see the hand of God in nature. I do and I really do not have to look too hard either.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Roses are Red.................

Some of my roses are doing well. I cant believe it. Maybe they are just maturing? This colour does not photograph well for me. It is a really pretty red, scarlett really.
 photo 100_8131_zpsijrafcnn.jpg
 photo 100_8130_zpsj988xyck.jpg
The two new roses out front are looking hopeful. The yellow is budding again. It was covered in blooms when I put it in. They all died and I nipped them off. Well new buds, so does that mean they like where I planted it? The other one has a lovely orange yellow colour and smells beautiful.
The very first day lillies are out
 photo 100_8135_zpsteyvxemg.jpg
 photo 100_8120_zpsapfzopcg.jpg
In a few days they will be in bloom all over the garden. I will be busy with pictures of them.
Right now there are a lot of flowers blooming and I am seeing a lot of red and yellow, but there is also pink and purple.
 photo 100_8132_zps4es8gqpy.jpg
 photo 100_8117_zpsysoeufhe.jpg
My Clematis is thriving at last. The vine is still spindley looking though. Each year it does at least get thicker and bigger and I put in another right next to it this year.
 photo 100_8137_zpsx5d8yeyb.jpg
 photo 100_8136_zps6xmmicbq.jpg
The Oriental poppy came back but is not lush by any means. I think I will pick up a couple more if I see any......I may find one under all the daisy things when I go thin it all out. It was cool today, it would have been a great day for working outside. Too much else to do but maybe tomorrow.
 photo 100_8124_zpsmecevc9c.jpg
I have so many yellow daisies that they need thinning out. I also need to pull some Iris. Lots to do tomorrow if it does not rain.
 photo 100_8125_zpssl36aoik.jpg
The Money plants have spread all over and they will get thinned out too. I liked this picture
 photo 100_7999_zpsp50h8vps.jpg
Not much else going on as its been wet. I will need to spray again for some fly that is eating things. I hate to spray but they strip the leaves clean if I don't. I will be doing some transplanting too. People are complaining about how cold it is but I am loving it. It just makes working so much easier. I am not seeing many birds, they are all busy although the Chickadees are flitting around. I haven't seen the butterfly since it got cold. That makes me think we need to visit the butterfly house again and see if it got bigger this year. More later.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Dad's Garden...........................

I worry about trying to keep the kids from wrecking my garden. Then I realized, my Dad had a nice garden. I never wrecked it. I was able to respect the work he did, and the pride he had in his gardens.
When we moved into the house on Bidwell Hill, I was about 4 years old. The garden was a wilderness when we moved in. The back was all Gooseberry bushes and the front was brambles. He changed all that into flower gardens. I don't have great pictures but will share what I have.
 photo 101_0451a_zpsokza1ylw.jpg
As you see the garden is full of colour. Maybe the washing lines spoil the view but well that was a part of life back then. I think its because its England that he was able to have colour all the time. There was always something in bloom. Things did not just bloom once and that was it, they seemed to be in bloom all summer. Then again, the growing season was longer than here in Michigan.
He loved gardening, in his spare time he would work for others for some extra spending money. My kids enjoyed the lawn and the time spend with Granddad
 photo 1489203_10152274820814761_941848465_n_zpsobwpqdwu.jpg
The other end of the back garden he built a garage, such as it is, but it is still standing and still being used.
 photo 101_1684a_zpsjpd5ck6m.jpg
He also had a garden shed. He would repair his own shoes back then, he learned that from his Grandfather. On the garden side of the shed he grew some Japanese Quince, beautiful in flower. He had an apple tree that he espaliered. I learned many things I will never use from my Dad. He showed me how to manipulate the tree when young so that it grew that way, flat. He also showed me how to graft roses. When I was quite young I asked for my own garden. He gladly dug up a stretch by a fence and gave me stuff to put in it. Of course I didn't keep it up as well as I should so he often was caught weeding and eventually took it over and it all became a part of the back garden.
 photo 101_0692a_zps7soybhzb.jpg
 photo 101_0690a_zpsuofy5pod.jpg
My daughter Laura enjoyed the garden but has not inherited an interst in gardening.
 photo 101_0691a_zps1lck748c.jpg
 photo 101_0682_zpslft96xyf.jpg
The front garden he set in crazy paving when he wanted to start a rose garden. There were two Beech trees and the garden was surrounded by Privet Hedges that he shaped. I dream of them because I would find birds nests in them. I dream I am looking for nests when in my dream I go home.
Here is Laura out in the front putting bird seeds in Harry's Folly. He built that himself. We were never really sure what it was intended to be but it became a bird feeder. Water would not stay in it so if he thought of it as a bird bath, that didn't happen. It has to be very early Spring in the picture because no Roses in sight.
 photo 101_0669a_zpsxcd9be0r.jpg
The side of the house (it was a semi detached) was the entrance to the back of the house. He trained a bush to grow in an archway and a gate went below. You will see many things in my garden that I have done to remember my old home. My parents both lived there until they died. Dad had been a POW in Japan and died at age 68 followed by Mum who lived to be 71.
 photo 101_0450_zpsenqvlzsx.jpg
The side of the house in full summer was covered in Honeysuckle and smelled divine. The front was covered in Forsythia that looked brilliant in the Spring. The picture below is my husband and my son Jason. We stayed with my parents before we left for the States. I had lived there until I married. One Spring the Sparrows nested right under his bedroom window. Because they always kept the windows open the noise got on his nerves, haha.........well he cut down all that lovely Forsythia so that he never had to deal with noisy Sparrows the next nesting season. I was sad because it was so pretty and lush once the blooms had gone.
 photo 101_0737a_zpsbsqd2v3q.jpg
So many things in my garden remind me of home. I just wish the soil was better and that I had more time and more to work with. I do not like the heat and winter is almost 6 months here. So my possibilities are limited by the climate. I am still trying to grow Roses.
His roses were for a time his pride and joy. Two other men on Bidwell Hill were avid gardeners. They would walk on by and look over the hedge to see how his roses were doing. When Mr Green the milkman brought around his horse and cart to sell his vegetables, there were at least those 3 men watching from behind lace curtains and ready with a can imagine why. Mr Miller lived further down and around the corner so for my Dad to see Mr Millers roses he had to take the dog for a walk. Mr Miller was more fortunate because he had to walk by to go down to the village. Mr Mole lived across the road so he could see easy enough.
My Dad gave me a love of gardens, of flowers, birds and wildlife among many other things. I hope he is a gardener in heaven.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wild Flowers................

What is the difference between wild flowers, weeds or garden flowers (cultivated) Some garden flowers I see here in the US are wildflowers in England. I am sure thats true all over.
I love Wildflowers, they are hardy and bright and know their place. I mean, they know where they belong in order to thrive.
Here is a selection of pictures taken last week on our trips.
 photo 100_7758u_zps99gnnshj.jpg
 photo 100_7813_zpsqjex5b8b.jpg
 photo 100_7817u_zpslmtuw4aq.jpg
The Poppies were found growing around the old farms and meadows.
 photo 100_7791k_zpszcmquet6.jpg
 photo 100_7873u_zpstzw03fat.jpg
 photo DSCN4760u_zpshn7ikw9r.jpg
Some pretty flying flowers above. Woodland flowers and dunes flowers, and meadows too. I love them all.
 photo 100_7879_zpswgvoxjkj.jpg
 photo 100_7846_zpsecukgogi.jpg
These grew by the old farm buildings
 photo 100_77718_zps20vejmde.jpg
 photo DSCN4767uy_zpsnodbdqsh.jpg
 photo DSCN4769_zpsqmhgwbfd.jpg
 photo DSCN4797y_zpsqu41a0mp.jpg
 photo DSCN4805u_zpsuukvewi2.jpg
So many pretty flowers
 photo 100_78148_zps4a93lz24.jpg
Another pretty flower?
 photo 100_7826y_zpsg2ma3zz1.jpg
This lovely lilly grew on the side of the Bluffs in very sandy soil
 photo DSCN4807uy_zpswacvogsq.jpg
Even the grass is beautiful
 photo DSCN4820u_zpsqqvxtyga.jpg
The Rasberries will soon be on the vines........time is moving along. Today is the first day of summer and so it will be running down hill now
 photo DSCN4759u_zps5hkjbeko.jpg
I have to show this, some of the trees have eyes........can you see them?
 photo 100_7766_zpsip366gxq.jpg
 photo 100_7802_zpsxh1bqfxc.jpg
There are also many beautiful ferns in the woodlands
 photo 100_7804_zpsayix36we.jpg
Cow Vetch, beautiful when en masse
 photo 100_7773ui_zpsafkqc2tp.jpg
I was taking pictures today and the Red Wing Blackbirds were not happy. One would hover over my head, trying I think to intimidate me. Didn't work. I took my pictures
 photo DSCN4628i_zpsdn7qoanz.jpg
From the sandy dunes bursts of bright colour
 photo DSCN4676_zpsyhmuuage.jpg
Beautiful shrubs too
 photo 100_7676g_zpsswqcujer.jpg
I do need to get a newer version of wildflowers to take along and identify those I don't know. I did that as a child. My dad gave me a small pocket book of English wildflowers. I need a good one for Michigan.
 photo 100_7684i_zpseqklqh5f.jpg
 photo 100_7667f_zpsmd6fhl9e.jpg
This is just a small taste of the beauty that surrounds us and what makes our day trips so pleasant. More pictures next week we hope. It looks like it might be a nice few days and we have plans
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