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Monday, March 12, 2018

March Madness ..................

To snow or not to snow that is the question. One day it snows for 3 days and then the sun comes out for a couple and starts the melting process..........then it snows again. We gave up on the predictions of the Ground Hog long ago, that guy knows nothing.
I went out to see if there was any sign of life out there. A lot of snow has gone but, a lot remains and that is mainly ice now.
 photo 104_0154_zpsisjvvnks.jpg
There are actually Hosta popping through but no Snowdrops. If I could get the rake out and move some of the Autumn leaves I think we would see them popping through. Right now they would have to fight their way through. It's probably as well I didn't uncover them because it snowed again. Today was sunny. Enough to drive us nuts, the temps will be under 40 the rest of the week. so.............when the deck clears of ice I will get back out there. The first thing I should do is work on the front porch. I need to put away the Christmas stuff. It is looking jut a bit out of place now.
So by the side of the garden by Buds I had said there was a lot of Rabbit poop. I hope it's good fertilizer. I hope J McGavin does not mind me borrowing their picture.
 photo Baby Bunny_zpsnko8yxvy.jpg
The Holly is looking pretty, I took a picture just because.
 photo 104_0152_zpserr7c6g2.jpg
Finally some Finches came in to my feeder, maybe there is hope yet. This year has been bleak when it comes to birds. These yellow finches posed very nicely
 photo 104_0169a_zps01v9dipg.jpg
They sat on the old Christmas decorations and looked so pretty.
 photo 104_0167a_zps1zki2ofs.jpg
 photo 104_0166a_zpsfiqzbbnb.jpg
It was so good to finally see a few old friends, when they came in the a Nuthatch showed up.
 photo 104_0035a_zpsa8emskxy.jpg
 photo 104_0034a_zpswdgswvbf.jpg
So there we go, a few birds at last and even one lone Starling made the effort. There's been a Cardinal come every evening but he doesn't go up on the feeder so I don't usually see him until he has spotted me and took off. Sometimes its getting dark so its not easy to take a picture anyway.
 photo 104_0164a_zpsbdshfi8b.jpg
So there is hope yet. I am keeping my camera ready and my eyes open.
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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Stranger in Town................

Today we had a Red Winged Blackbird stop by. It did not stop at the feeder though. It was pure luck that I saw him/her. I think it was a male. At the same time I could hear a woodpecker doing his thing. It had to have been a very large one as it was very dramatic sounding. I could not see it, I went and got the camera and did get a couple of the Red Wing.
 photo 104_0148a_zpsosa1htq6.jpg
When we are out in the fields it is not very often that they stay still long enough to catch a picture. I think I may have got a couple over the years but not many.
 photo 104_0149h_zpskkgvbrj6.jpg
 photo 104_0151a_zpsfjyjkfqm.jpg
So anyway, that was our visitor today. It would be lovely to see them in town. Not our usual visitors.
When I was putting out food today I put out some bread. A Seagull flew over right above, but did not circle back and I am pretty sure it saw the food. Maybe the wing span was too large to get down here? Besides that I bet Bud next door would have a hissy fit if Seagulls begin to come in haha. I would enjoy it but poor Bud he does not like my wildlife.
As the snow melts you should see the Bunny poop in the garden. At least its my side of the fence. It has to be good fertilizer there is that. I just wish I could see the Bunnies. They come on the deck at night. It's hard to get pictures when its semi dark. One year I was sitting on the steps and there were some baby bunnies eating bird seed around my feet, I would love to have one as a pet. I left them alone though. So sweet.
 photo Baby Bunny_zpsnko8yxvy.jpg
When Gabby and I went out on Friday, there were a whole bunch of Crows in the trees. Gabby forgot something so we had to turn around and go back so while I was waiting I was able to get a picture.
 photo 104_0041_zpszdmvtdke.jpg
I do hope they stay around. I loved having the Crows come in to my garden and have missed them this past two Winters. I tried to get a closer look but the picture was not clear. This bunch of Crows were quite small individuals. I am used to Crows being bigger but these were a couple of houses away. The more I look at the picture I wonder if they were Grackles, they did not shine like Grackles do so I am not sure now. The eyes do not look like Grackles either.
 photo 104_0041a_zps1hgvl2qb.jpg
I have walked around the garden but no shoots up just yet. It is only March so I can't expect too much I suppose. We can still get some heavy storms yet. Meanwhile I am trying to get outside as often as possible. I wanted Gerry to find me a rake but he says its too cold yet. Bah Humbug, I will have to try to find it myself. I can rake what I can rake a little at a time. I crave the outside air. The snow is melting a little at a time and even though we will get more I want to do what I can out there so it's not so overwhelming when it does get warmer.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Is it Spring yet?.........

The temperatures have gone up and the next few days could reach 50 degrees.That would be awesome, especially at the weekend. We hope to have Tristen and so we may go out for a ride in the country. I really want to go walk on the beach the sky was soooooo blue. I got this picture of Mr Cardinal singing his heart out against the brilliant sky. He has taken to sitting in the apple tree first thing in the morning. So I awaken to his squawking song. It does not sound so good before I have had my coffee. After that I can appreciate his effort a bit more. Here is is playing "I am king of the world"
 photo 104_0028a_zpsrkgcolx8.jpg
We have not had many birds at all this Winter. I don't know why. The odd Chickadee turned up but mostly it was just Squirrels, lots of them. They have been chasing each other up and down trees today so maybe Spring really is on the way. I sure hope so.
We took Bodi to the vets on Saturday she's having trouble walking. I carry her outside to pee. Today was so sunny I took her to a sunny spot. She liked that. The vet put her on a strict diet. Said the same as the other vet. She needs to lose weight. She is our plus size model. The tumour on her leg is not what is causing the inability to walk. She got X rays done. It is arthritis in both knees and her hips. So taking off the weight should help all of that.
 photo 20180221_173558_zpsnu1uqxk0.jpg
So today there was a Nuthatch at the feeder. I heard some Chickadee's and yesterday there were some Yellow finches but basically the birds have been rare.
 photo 104_0038h_zpsef6v7avj.jpg
 photo 104_0035a_zpsri0hfxul.jpg
 photo 104_0036a_zpsxadgdmdj.jpg
So what was the problem this year? I usually have loads of birds at the feeders, it has always been one of my favourite things to do in the winter. Have my cats had anything to do with it? I don't know why because they hardly went out all Winter. In fact they are reluctant to go out even now. I would keep them inside all summer but they are a pain in the butt. They are soooo naughty.
I don't like that they hunt. Still the Squirrels get into the birds nests and take the eggs then if they do hatch any cat that notices the nest will go for it. I really do not like that about cats. They are just doing what cats do but these cats are not hungry.
This is Boots enjoying a sunny day
 photo 20170615_135205_zps3ue9ogyp.jpg
I took a short walk around outside today but there is still a lot of icy snow. Nothing coming up in the bare spots, still covered in Autumn leaves. Looking for Snowdrops but it is way too early. It is still February after all. I am just ready, ready for cool Spring weather. Emphasize cool.
Not at all ready for heat but no problem with that just yet.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


There is nothing going on in the garden right now.The snow is beginning to melt leaving a mess behind. Spring is in the air but does not show as far as the garden goes. Nothing to be done out there until the ground is showing again. I need exercise and so as soon as possible I will get out and rake and start to prepare for Spring. Meanwhile I am stuck inside with the winter blahs. I am drawing and painting and should be sewing but as of this moment I desperately want to be outside.
In England it's my favourite time of year and I know I say this every year. This is when I miss my home. '
 photo 7ea88a8537a566da8ca7327aa1255dd1_zpszlgvpfvo.jpg
I say the same thing every year, I know I know is just so drab out there. The birds did not come around this Winter, either the Squirrels were at the feeders or maybe cats put them off. The feeders were always full. They are full now, and no one is there.
 photo 53cecc2cb26ebc79cbb718abed10db16_zpskrzvjnet.jpg
Maybe it's time to get some Spring garden catalogues? Maybe that would be an incentive but I doubt it. I can't afford to replant everything. This year I must seriously cut back on expenses in the garden. Money must be spent on maintaining and tidying up. We may or may not sell this house. I do need to finish my fence at the very least. Then it will be start at the front and work my way to the back of the house just pruning and cleaning fluffing and buffing. Maybe I can make some more garden ornaments and liven it up that way.
The critters eat my Hosta's out front but that's OK I welcome them here
 photo 21371334_10154920120418297_8886926410326443930_n_zpsfrzu6msn.jpg
That picture made me think that I must transplant some violets out the front, they spread and fill in spots. That's a good idea as they overtake everything in my back garden and I hate to throw them away. I must make use of what I have and transplant things.
This year I have decided to try to get annuals again, they last all year and look so nice. I will plant the ones I brought into the house and let them fill in some spaces. Nice to start off big. My Geraniums are not loving it in the house as much this year but have survived at least. They did so well last year outside that I brought them in again.
 photo 28276650_1219109811555858_7058067478912028918_n_zpsr2oqx9od.jpg
In my Dad's garden in England Pansies bloomed all year and seeded themselves. Here they do not seem to do that. I don't believe a lot of plants like my soil either. So more Dairy Doo this year to make them a bit happier.
If I did get a flower catalogue I would look for some Cowslips and Bluebells
 photo fc7d18bfe136e56a6dbf0e1bbb928c55_zpsflh62avy.jpg
Till then I will dream on and think of England.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Very Cool Visitor..............

Gerry called me to the back door this morning to see a special visitor. A cute little Possum.
 photo 20180120_092923_zpsyebwv1cw.jpg
He/she was up by our back door. I grabbed my phone camera and got a few shots before he got out of sight. Then I went to the bathroom window and waited for him to reappear. He never saw me and so I also got a couple of videos. I will try to get one on here for posterity haha. Not sure how at the moment.
 photo 20180120_092946_zpsl8vh4ww1.jpg
He went off the deck and found some food I had thrown over there for the wildlife, veggies and some meat and a big pancake. He seemed to enjoy the pancake. We usually get Possums in at night. I don't usually see them during the day. I bet he lives under our deck or something.
 photo 20180120_092856_zpsr5bxswlq.jpg
I love having wildlife visit. Gabby saw a Bunny the other night eating the seed off the deck. I saw how they get there (we have a fenced in yard) they have eaten a hole in the lattice. He had to squeeze but that was the way he left.
 photo 20180120_092906_zpsf7csqk7a.jpg
We also get Skunks now and then. We do not often actually see them but there is a slight odor when they show up. One morning apparently they had not yet left because the Poodles found him. I do not mind the smell of Skunk, but not when it is up that close and personal and the Poodles sleep with me. That was not fun for any of us. My neighbour Bud hates all the wild things that visit me. I love them.
 photo 20180120_092923_zpsyebwv1cw.jpg
My Crows who came for several years did not come last year or this year. They had nested in a Pine tree nearby and I have a feeling people sent them on their way. Yes they can be noisy but.....I love Crows. They have not been back. I thought the meat and stuff would have tempted them but no. Anyway this cutie enjoyed a good snack anyway
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Monday, January 15, 2018

Januay 15 2018...........................

We certainly have the snow this year. The birds just are not coming in to the feeders it has been so cold, below zero for so many days. I worry about the deer and wild animals. The squirrels are getting fat at least.
 photo 103_0009k_zpsjixyzjow.jpg
 photo 20171213_134418h_zpsp2gjwppk.jpg
There have been plenty of Blue Jays when they can get to the feeder. The small birds have stayed away.
 photo 103_0035j_zpsrqjebk6y.jpg
 photo 103_0029a_zpscrjbuchw.jpg
There has been no break, save one day, when the temperatures got up over freezing.
 photo 20180113_124651_zpscnvbe63x.jpg
 photo 20180113_124153_zps7la6s3ta.jpg
We went to McGough's to get bird food, and saw all the local pigeons lined up. They eat well at McGough's
 photo 20180113_113720_zpsssltpo2r.jpg
On clear days the sky is sooooo blue and so beautiful with the white of the snow
 photo 102_0462_zpsgzz05dsz.jpg
My windchimes are looking good in the snow though.
 photo 102_0388_zpsktkxcbnx.jpg
The only small birds who showed up were a couple of Chickadees and for a few moments a yellow finch and a Tufted Titmouse.
 photo 102_0289k_zpsuay5wgtz.jpg
 photo 102_0299u_zpskwewb8kr.jpg
 photo 102_0285_zpsnqtzdhka.jpg
Not a lot going on here. I am thinking it might be time to close this blog and get it all on my Bluebell Woods. Not sure yet.
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Friday, December 29, 2017

Snow, snow and more snow................

It came just before Christmas and stayed. It is beautiful that's for sure. Looks terrible when it melts and you see all the crap under it. Literally as well as figuratively. The poodles had a great time the last couple of days. Gerry cleared paths in the back so they could run. It's too cold to be out there. Has been in the negatives or just a couple of degrees above and with the wind chill it has been bad. So they go out and little feet get really cold. They come in on 3 legs. Still, the suns been out and they go out and yell at people walking by, chase each other and run back inside for a treat. I sometimes have to remind them before they get too cold and forget to pee.
 photo 102_0364_zps6jchemwv.jpg
They are always looking for trouble. Brea and Bijou are the conspirators, the noise makers. Bodi, poor girl can't get down the steps on her own and it has been too cold for me to stand out longer than to fill the bird feeders. Have not seen many birds but the squirrels don't seem to mind the cold. I am afraid of slipping on the ice so dare not carry Bodi down last couple of days.
 photo 102_0360A_zpsgycqb3gz.jpg
I am always surprised to see my fish come Spring. The pond gets buried under a blanket, we keep the pump going. I am down to two fish now.
 photo 102_0359_zps4d5laou4.jpg
At least the snow blower is working again. That means poodle paths stay open.
The garden will be a big mess come Spring. The snow covers the mess. I didn't take in the glass ornaments and they look pretty in the snow
 photo 102_0367_zpsgfe39r02.jpg
I left the wind chimes up too and will make more come Spring because I liked how they turned out. Oh the list of stuff to do keeps on growing
 photo 102_0388_zpsgsibycto.jpg
 photo 102_0387_zpsax4fjjjr.jpg
Loads of work to do on the house. We need to sell the house that Laura was renting and then find out what we want to do with this one. To renovate or to sell? I was thinking of a smaller house. This one is too big. Thing is it is chock full of stuff. Every room. Five bedrooms and all the rest, even the storage and garage/shed are filled to the brim. However, to renovate it would be major disruption and work. Money. I would like to sell as is, let the new owner figure it all out.
 photo 102_0384_zpszxbfbrr5.jpg
 photo 102_0381_zps7p5g0k99.jpg
If we sell, will the new folks cut down the pines and undo the gardens?
 photo 102_0377k_zpsc5ybnla8.jpg
I liked the way the light was twinkling on the leaves of the oak tree.
 photo 102_0376_zpsozaarbfp.jpg
Well until the birds decide to come visit I probably won't have too many decent pictures. Roll on Spring.