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Friday, June 14, 2019

June is (not) busting out all over..........

Apparently due to the inclement weather the Strawberry harvest is very late this year. So looks like no freezer jam for me. Well Gerry anyway, too much sugar for me. It tastes so good though. In the garden things are also slow. At least in my garden. The Iris have buds but that's about it. Still it does seem that what there is will be more than last years crop. The water Iris is blooming well though........

It has been so wet I haven't been spending much time outside and there's so much to do. In between I did manage to sort out a garden when Vinca Vine had set in and I got most of it pulled before it took over. The Apple tree had no blossoms so far but the Azailia's are looking nice. They need trimming off dead bits but at the moment blooming nicely I have one under the Pines that I need to move into a space I cleared where the Ferns were.

The front garden is taking so long because so much died off. Then the things that spread are taking over. Just a few shots from around and about.

We gave up on the vegetables this year. We do have some tomato plants though. I have one out front but it's not doing so well,that will get moved with the others I think. I had to buy a couple of new pots as Gerry used mine for the tomatoes. I got those today, it was sunny when we went to Mennard's, then raining by lunch time so not getting done today. I bought a couple more grasses that I don't have. They are Perennial so I hope they will do well in pots. I don't want them to spread but don't want them to freeze either.

I am quite enjoying the ornamental grasses. I had put some in the garden and that was a mistake but at least they are now in a spot that I can salvage and pot knowing they like that spot.
The girls enjoyed the garden and Poodle paths yesterday between showers

Just a few more to finish off.......maybe tomorrow I can get something done. I sure hope so soon or it will be summer. With luck though a cooler one.

The rain is making things grow, and it's cool enough for me. Still that doesn't help if it's too wet to work.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Trimming and planting................

I slept in this morning. The night before I got like 2 hours of sleep, just restless. Bodi was panting, so put the fan on, then she was snoring and I got pushed to the edge of the bed. I got up and had some warm milk and went back about 3am and maybe fell asleep around 4am. Then up at 6.30 to take Cooper to school............not a restful night. So now it's the weekend and I just lingered till I felt like getting up.
Then off into the garden............
I had Gerry dig up the overgrown section near the steps and today I put woodchips down.........

I must decide what I want to put there. Maybe nothing. For now too much else to think about. At least the brambles are gone. The lady who is living across the ally came over today. She makes those wonderful ornaments made from teapots etc. She took a tour of my garden. I showed her my one remaining thing that I have left from my efforts.

She made me enthusiastic about making more. I must get a move on haha. She says she does it for a living. Wow.
Well I would never do well enough to sell but I do enjoy doing it. So maybe after I get finished, if that ever happens I will have another go. I need to get to some yard sales. Thrift shops too.
I put the game board out and just have to get black and white stones for the game pieces.

I notice that the board has warped since being out there. Thats ok.
I see the Jack in the Pulpit has survived another year. Two were showing when I saw this one.

I need to buy some more pots and planters. The ornamental grass is growing back and needs to be pulled and planted. I need a pot so it is controlled. Brea always has something to say about everything.

My Bunny friend hangs out here too.

I think he likes that I allow the Dandylions to grow

There is so much I need to get done, at least most of the hard work is finished. Just a few things to plant and a few to dig and move but then it will just be weeding. The back is a jungle again since I have been working on the front. Ah well..................I suppose I have all summer. I want to go to Garden goods soon and get the Fairy I want for the front garden..........all mine are gone now. Sigh.....always something. Thats good though right?

Friday, May 31, 2019

What a difference a week makes........

Tomorrow is June 1st. The weather is still quite cool for this time of year. It goes up and down. From almost frost in the morning to 81 in the afternoon. I didn't do as much as I would have liked this week. Getting up to get Cooper to school is killing me, what a wuss. I don't know why I am so tired. Ah well.
Lets see, I went out to check on progress and took a few pictures. The Lilly of the Valley smell wonderful and the Wild Honeysuckle right next to it is overpowering.

It looks like Bella and Boots are recovering on the deck.

In the very back shade garden a few things are blooming. I have yet to dig them in but will do because they seem to like it where I put them.

The Ferns seem to have taken so I will get a few more later maybe. Meanwhile I need to put some dairy doo down. I looked at old pictures and it seems the Hosta used to get a lot bigger.
Meanwhile, out front the main garden is filling in and now I see where I can dig out some ferns. Maybe I will replace with Day lillies or Echinacea. I need to cut back the hedge to give more light and fertilize. I don't seem to have a lot of luck growing things. However you can see that my new bird bath is looking more at home now.

So far the blossom on the Apple tree is scarce.

Under the other side of the Apple tree is a mess of 3 shrubs and some white flowers, at the back and a mix of Yellow flowers and Asters.I made the mistake of putting in some Vinca Vine and I have to dig/pull that out to make the garden work.

Several other things around the front gardens. I like to have little pathways and hidden features around so here are a few.

The back gardens are full now. No room for more but it needs some colour so I may put a few pots of impatience among all the green.

I had trouble with the shrubs I put in last year. I thought they had died. There are a few sprigs on each that are alive. SO I will trim them back and feed and baby them.

Boots followed me around to the front and basked on the front porch while I was out there

The trees (Maple) have been really messy. I need to sweep everything and pull weeds between the paving stones on the patio. I have read of a few things to try and when that's done maybe some stones in between. Looks like it will be work all summer at this rate. I think the Chickadee babies are fledged as they are chattering up in the tree. They are flying but not yet expert, I almost got hit by one. That reminded me of the year one landed on my shoulder all out of breath.