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Sunday, May 3, 2015

It;s May, It;s May..................

It's May but we need some April showers.It has been a very long and damaging winter. Looking around my garden, things seem reluctant to come up. I keep looking for signs of life. I am wondering if they are really coming up this year. My Day Lillies are hardly showing, they are hiding. I feel like I should not plant until I can tell if things will come up.
 photo 13945917-8095-4f5d-ad44-421146571f6c_zpsoi37ne63.jpg
It is supposed to rain tonight. Maybe for the next couple of days. I hope it does, maybe that will warm the ground and give everything incentive to make a show.
I do know a lot of damage has been done. I can see from my ivy that a lot is gone. I was at some of the garden centers today and have the overwhelming urge to buy plants. I must resist. I am planning on a new rose garden. I need to move the ones I have and dig up that area. I don't have enough sun for roses but other peoples roses do well with a little shade. SO I will try again.
The Forsythia seems to have run its course and is not doing well. There are a few areas that are OK and I must really try to move some. Meanwhile........enjoy some of the Spring flowers that have deigned to show up.
 photo d0337f03-909e-468b-9d14-6af9b6b49407_zpswvtnv8yv.jpg
 photo 1c4b508f-b588-4641-9712-070719aa94d4_zpsdmkcqfwh.jpg
 photo fc56f17a-2a84-4ee6-a289-0a327306569f_zpsi1utoadf.jpg
 photo bbf2b39a-91cb-4f00-9cfe-9f9662efb61f_zpssusmwxi7.jpg
 photo cd473260-e40b-4a2e-ac6e-983eb809c8a0_zpsk1yav4iw.jpg
 photo f9aae29f-206f-4b9a-9740-7fd24d443462_zpspeapjt8z.jpg
 photo 3f66fec4-c1ee-4c99-83f3-dade001823a2_zps1j7yappg.jpg
I have wildflowers in my garden as well. I don't remember how that came about, I got some Trillium years ago and with that came a few other things maybe. The Trillium has spread but wish it would spread more. I would love to get more but its now against the law. I just have to hope they continue to spread. I have some Dutch Mens Britches and some little blue flowers. I wish they would hurry up and spread. Funny how the stuff I no longer want to spread does so more every year no matter how much I pull.
 photo d121c65b-f872-4b2a-9327-8b6ba52a3bd0_zpsvmey54w0.jpg
 photo e6a0b7b7-8ad7-41c7-9087-bf68991e4578_zpswgw8evkg.jpg
 photo 8886bac0-5e02-4861-b776-5e39e9400f37_zpsxu9dzqt6.jpg
 photo 219f3328-567b-4a49-8a27-6367a9850447_zpsprzqsgsd.jpg
I will be very happy if the grass would green up. The grass is a problem. Tristen plays out there, the dogs pee out there. Its hardly grass anymore. Still I will try to put down some seed and see how it goes. For now nothing looks nice. Maybe I should just spray paint it green and be done with it.
 photo 2a3be983-1841-44bf-9d86-fde92ef95f14_zpsl34rw5aq.jpg
I have little pathways throughout the garden for the dogs to play on, to chase around. I work on them every year trying to make them more interesting. Still so much to do. I remember in a park in Dunstable, I was intrigued with some little hidden paths where you could be hidden from view. I am aiming for something like that but it takes so long for anything to grow, I need some fast growing shrubs that like shade. I need some alternatives to grass. Or grass that grows quickly and will hold up against kids and dogs.
 photo 75f7b46e-5f86-4a70-9649-8b40c49958ab_zpsulace7yo.jpg
I love rocks and this rock garden needs some work as does everything else.
 photo b00c4ad9-7f8c-419b-bb52-666c4376a68f_zpsk5rzmilh.jpg
 photo fe2a34a5-b0d7-4993-b880-a3554bb88b2b_zps3vm3chx4.jpg
Another area I am working on. It was all shrubs last year. I have cut back the shrubs as it was dead or dying and scraggly. So, now I have the bird feeders there and will use this area to access those. I will put some tubs of flowers in there for interest.
 photo 100_6542_zps2tn0u6cr.jpg
Its a new area and so I will have to think about what to do with it, the rose does well there, the only rose I have that has thrived. maybe I should plant another rose in there?
 photo 100_6540j_zpsqpjrd0yj.jpg
This makes a nice picture I think, one of my old ploughs.
 photo 100_6531_zpsi4hj48br.jpg
Last picture for least my hosta's do not fail me
 photo 100_6532_zpszhq7kwbx.jpg
So as I sit here and hope for rain, I also hope for a good nights sleep. It's humid again tonight. It was 80degrees today. I can't work outside in that. Thats ok, I have a lot to do inside tomorrow.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A few things to prove its Springtime..........

Yes it's here, it really is. I even went to the store to get garden stuff. i am so excited. I got some mulch and today I finished spreading that and raking the front garden. Now down to the nitty gritty. I must turn over some of the dirt and get things loosened up. Help the worms out airing out the soil. Maybe tomorrow.
 photo be009f9c-a2bb-486f-9523-a0336cfb1f4e_zpsk3y7fugk.jpg
I have my fountains working. I moved them to new spots so I can see the birds enjoying them. I rearranged the bird feeders. I am happy to report the fish are doing fine. The young one who is black is now turning orange, you can see it now.
 photo 204f2d6e-e1f1-4e5e-bda3-bd21f3d6b2ca_zpsbfw9wstp.jpg
The garden is looking good, as good as it can before anything begins to grow.
Another good sign of Spring around here are the babies, the Olson buffalo herd. Baby buffs.
 photo d77d1ae8-828e-4654-9246-1288907938d2_zpsq27xrjku.jpg
I just had to stop to take some pictures. I kept meaning to but things just kept on happening and so they are getting big already.
Well while we were watching two big boys were fighting. That was fun to watch, I guess they were not too serious like they may be in the wild but hey, it was fun to watch.
 photo e398ee75-24ad-4c41-bf45-b979535fbea1_zpswpjp6k3l.jpg
Then there were the ones having a dust bath
 photo 6e037c4f-97ad-4a9d-b2c8-cb124e948706_zpsfbnlac7a.jpg
Then we saw a baby all on its own. We were a bit worried about it, then mum goes over and kicks it and up he gets and trots off just fine. There are a few small ones yet, but most are half grown now.
 photo a59bc099-098a-440b-91d8-b5103f59a04a_zpssycipsdh.jpg
Well, back to the garden. I have enjoyed the birds all winter and now not too many come to the feeders. I suppose they are busy with nests and families and are finding food just fine. The Chickadees still come, the Cardinal now and then and the yellow finches pop in now and then.
A couple of days ago I saw my first butterfly. butterfly last year and now one already. It came to the fountain I had moved. Maybe this is a good sign????
 photo c1fa5d57-20df-4dd2-8ea4-09172f6f36a3_zpsdpcprc2k.jpg
 photo 4d602a29-cbc4-495f-a3eb-f00a1b109cb0_zpserthto8p.jpg
Maybe they came last year and I just didn't see them? Well I will be watching close this year
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I think it's here, I really do....Spring that is. The Snowdrops are really showing off at the moment. It rained yesterday and today I see Hyacinth popping through.
 photo 3389b003-a42a-4d8f-aac2-57ce3f4b4f14_zpsww3ddj0z.jpg
 photo 9fb557e0-ff67-44af-936a-6cef2fe8b008_zps5cq2wi6f.jpg
I spent today raking the front yard. What a mess it is out there at this time of year. The back we finished a few days ago. I don't like to leave the back when I am on a roll but the front had to get a start. I am pooped. It felt so good to get started though. Gerry said he had raked but I got about 4 wheel barrow loads out there to the curb today. I can now see what's coming up.
I moved the fountain from the front to the back. I like to make things look different. We seldom if ever sit out front so I will enjoy the fountain out the back now, I can see the birds making use of it.
 photo 0fe95d71-e40d-45e5-93bc-642c554e2689_zpsjq3qx7vg.jpg
It needs a new pump. I moved the little boy fountain into a corner that we can see as well. I will redo his area this year, from where he used to be. I am enjoying getting outside and getting enthused at the changes.
The fish showed up. I was a bit worried but all 4 are there.
 photo 0f6b2585-90e5-403d-8d37-39c51088ec91_zpsdeprztyn.jpg
I moved my small fences to encircle some of the flower beds, in the hope of keeping Tristen's feet off the gardens. We moved his play house. We cut down a Rose of Sharon bush, it was straggly and I was not fond of it. SO we put his house there and moved his sand box next to it. I am hoping to keep him contained in one area. Yeh like that will work.
 photo 85037787-d5aa-4204-962d-f3085d8868a4_zps0dxxgdww.jpg
It's still looking a mess at the moment but we will be working on that. AT least it's confined to one area now. I have to figure out what I want to do in the back shade area now. Its nice to have it back with out all the toys and sand box.
That will probably be my summer project. Meanwhile I disturbed this guy.
 photo 8a269441-88b9-41de-9808-5463b24cb5a5_zps4bcfnk3e.jpg
I was watching a small woodpecker across the road.
 photo 59306de9-5a52-4c3b-80ca-5ee15fd84fce_zpsvzdcnnpf.jpg
The poodles are enjoying being able to get outside. They love just sitting on the deck if Tristen is not around. You can see in this picture the edging that I put around. I would like to find some more. I got that several years ago and have used it somewhere different every year. It's heavy and I have not found any more like it.
 photo 4f202d17-c0b6-47d9-820e-ebbd9d609377_zpsvgiqzgyi.jpg
The water Iris is growing back, its a pretty yellow plant and the fish love to hide in its roots
 photo d6d8fe95-0fe8-4c69-abbe-af58d58ec11b_zpslbpcc0bv.jpg
Look at the leaves popping
 photo c17b6792-f4ae-42c0-8cb9-87be21194ba4_zpswi1eak8p.jpg
Every day they get bigger and open a little more. The other trees are tight buds, this a a type of Maple. I think a silver maple. I have been watching the birds. We must have a Cardinal nesting close by because he is up at the crack of dawn every day in the tree outside my bedroom. He hangs out in the back yard, I can hear him now. Noisy little beggar. Good to see them nice ad healthy though after such a cold winter.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Poodles again.................

I did get a few pictures of the girls today. So in lieu of garden pictures, here are some pretty girls.
Here we have Bella in front and Brea behind. Still for a change to take a picture.
 photo 6b288ba2-2d01-4510-b96c-a5fdf841d0cf_zpslb6uvimd.jpg
Sweet Bella, she is such a good little girl, quiet. She seldom barks. Unlike another couple I could mention. When she wants to play though, she will annoy the heck out of Bodi, she will take her toys and run off with them. So she has her moments. She loves to snuggle.
 photo e4cab328-d3c7-4c3d-9c50-4d527240ee08_zpsbn0s8xzw.jpg
Brea, she is the smallest of the four. Well she was. She has put on some weight. They all need to get out and get some exercise. She has a cute face, delicate looking. She is the naughty poodle, mischief, defiant, noisy. She is adorable.
 photo 1f94e974-bcce-43d5-8902-543dc57a51e1_zpsvfceninq.jpg
Here is Boots, enjoying some sun in the garden. She came in, even she does not like the cold.
 photo 306c27ee-ac99-48bf-b131-4a2c4634c341_zpstjani9il.jpg
 photo 5f2489cd-9790-44ec-bf86-77a8a84a3bc3_zpsvh5hpmtd.jpg
Then there is Bodicea, she enjoys cooler weather for much the same reason I plus size models get warm in the house. Bodi is the one everyone has always loved, she is the cuddly one and Tristens favourite.
 photo 932523fb-3c22-4371-86ec-fae3441d6b74_zpstzhmmpvd.jpg
It looks like they will all be needing hair cuts once it begins to warm up. Looks like someone dropped a treat
 photo e384803a-b458-4c7f-92a3-7df8def5831a_zps48ioflwy.jpg
Bijou is the white poodle. She has recovered from her surgery and is doing well. She likes her new dog food and so all is well in the poodle world for now. We do have to get them in for teeth cleaning but that has to wait for now. They do like the heating pad though, when its cold outside.
 photo 13136b08-d6ae-4f33-afd8-2268655cc8be_zpsy1tei9iq.jpg
Bijou is a pretty poodle. Then again, I have never known an ugly one. She is also the pest, the pain in the butt, the instigator. She barks a lot. Gets the others going.
 photo 68a58b0a-3789-4119-825c-efd7b0c25462_zpsjmyrkg5r.jpg
I had the gate open and Bijou and Brea were out in the garden with me. Bodi and Bella would not come out, they said it was too cold.
 photo d585e810-fffb-42fc-92ca-55ea18070506_zpssqta0pku.jpg
Brea enjoys running outside and exploring the bushes. I think she smells rabbits, but the rabbits would be bigger than she is. At least the ones I have seen are.
 photo 7f2c50cf-ff39-4792-82e0-af3e27b3caa3_zps24dwm6z9.jpg
This is Brea being defiant again. "Come on in" says I. "Don't have to" says Brea
 photo 60a452c4-da83-4646-87d4-9d4aceb2a700_zps53hfpjuv.jpg
Boots says I'm coming in.........
 photo 02f6018a-e266-42d6-ac0c-7fef5a71e0e4_zps43u1uyfk.jpg