This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
... I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.......Psalm23:6
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Friday, June 15, 2018

I can't help posting Garden Pictures....................

Every day there is something new, the light? more blooms?. It is a record of my garden set down for me for a year.
A cool place to sit, especially for the Moggies.....
 photo 20180615_113330_zpsb35fgwdc.jpg
Shrubs in bloom, this one really filled out, I had cut it back thinking it was not in good health but it is.
 photo 20180615_111833_zps42bq2vwg.jpg
 photo 20180615_111833j_zpsaadp2ybr.jpg
The Sage is looking nice
 photo sage_zps7xei9toz.jpg
 photo 20180613_155128_zpslat5neew.jpg
I love close ups.........
 photo 20180615_110354k_zps8sfxxkzw.jpg
 photo 20180615_110354g_zpsdpgvwrpn.jpg
 photo 20180615_110354i_zps6nt3dpxl.jpg
...and look what was hiding among them......YES. I wanted to be able to get some in my garden and now I have. I wonder if it will spread.
 photo 20180615_111626d_zps4npx0r12.jpg
Then there was a visitor.........Boots.
 photo 20180614_095059_zpsgyfqze8u.jpg
This is Bird House Row.........
 photo 20180614_112406_zpsmj3zaqvt.jpg
Some gardens are shaded so much that it took me years to get this Ivy to fill in. I like Ivy. Reminds me of home. Nothing else would grow under that Burning Bush and I have Ivy in the shade gardens at the back.
 photo 20180614_112253_zpszplc9e2x.jpg
This took awhile to find its place in my garden. It kept falling off the table so I put some rocks in the watering can and now it's happy in a sunny spot on the deck.
 photo 20180615_110336_zpsqefkjjzd.jpg
Look at the size of those leaves on the Hosta.
 photo 20180615_113257_zpseh304f5v.jpg
So going back out front. The side actually the daisies I bought and planted out there are doing well.
 photo 20180615_113017_zpsnqeok5pe.jpg
 photo 20180615_112211l_zpsp1awrg3j.jpg
This little area under the Pines is doing well, I think the Azalea likes it there.
 photo 20180615_112725_zpsclxx4off.jpg
The new Day Lillies are opening.
 photo 20180615_112320_zpsyi5gdhvf.jpg
These "Pinks" I dug up many years ago by the railway tracks back in my working day. They are still doing well after several moves.
 photo 20180615_112521_zpsum8ecmpl.jpg
Just got to show this again, because I can haha
 photo 20180613_155052_zpskolvkxsf.jpg
I love my garden and some day when I have paid off my credit card once more I will try to get the Blogs printed out again. Meanwhile I will keep posting.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday afternoon in the garden...................

After a light rain this morning it was too wet to work outside. It was a lovely day for it but instead we went out.
So when we got back I went to see what's new.
 photo 20180613_155514_zpstzaqe2s3.jpg
 photo 20180613_155517_zpskc7aohaz.jpg
Things out front much the same, it needed watering though. It will be hard to do that if we go anywhere for any amount of time. I found that when we went away for a week, even if I had someone water, I still found things died.
So out back the smell of the Lavender was sweet.
 photo 20180613_154804_zpsydhuwlxd.jpg
Mainly I wanted pictures of the vines because today we have several flowers blooming and the are pretty.
 photo 20180613_154455_zpsnpcy4zmu.jpg
 photo 20180613_154453_zps8cihc7ym.jpg
 photo 20180613_154450_zpsjgdi7uad.jpg
 photo 20180613_154455_zpsnpcy4zmu.jpg
 photo 20180613_155026_zpsd2q4fnic.jpg
So apart from that not a lot new. A few more Iris popped.
 photo 20180613_155501_zpsvyenn61v.jpg
I actually took a selfie because I hit the button that changes the camera so I found myself looking at myself. So I clicked it to see how it was. Note to self, wear makeup.
 photo 20180613_155019_zpst3ygbjan.jpg
 photo 20180613_155052_zpskolvkxsf.jpg
I have been doing my garden blog a bit too often so may just give it a break. I need to work on My Pretty Things. Nothing to report there for ages.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How are we doing?...............

Every day there is more colour in the garden. It's nice to see, I just wish things would last longer. First one on the vine..
 photo 105_0007_zpsm9pujgsi.jpg
 photo 105_0007a_zpsewbaxp3r.jpg
I think there may have been another in that same area, guess we will see. The Iris turn out to be about the same variety as the ones out front, so wish I could have been able to grab some of the ones growing wild, ah well. Catalogues this Fall??
 photo 105_0010a_zpsb658hzo7.jpg
 photo 105_0009b_zpsdstgeo1t.jpg
 photo 105_0009a_zpsow1txgwx.jpg
These are the front ones
 photo 105_0028_zpsvfknojab.jpg
A few more things that have settled in, recent buys.
 photo 105_0027_zpsrhbxf7xl.jpg
 photo 105_0021_zpsybrkxxtq.jpg
 photo 105_0020_zpst3hfqp0b.jpg
I took a picture of this, just because it was pretty. I have pulled as many as I can so that the ones that are left can be kept under control. It spreads so quickly and is really invasive.
 photo 105_0018b_zpsqh2kwvvm.jpg
 photo 105_0018l_zps3v5mieun.jpg
One thing that I have found, the little Chili plant I kept inside all Winter has now bloomed since I moved it into the sun. I didn't do that at first because I didn't want it to dry out, gave it a good start. Looks like it will flourish and come in again next year. Thing is the dang peppers are sooooooo hot. Can't eat them but I think I will dry them and make into pepper.
 photo 105_0022_zpsesschz7u.jpg
I love how these have turned out and will get those again next year.
 photo 105_0023_zpsaxddaxko.jpg
 photo 105_0023g_zpsfezsnjp6.jpg
The Lilac smells divine. It is blooming well this year, it's the new variety not the old standards.
 photo 105_0004_zpsqk2rc3pg.jpg
 photo 105_0003_zpshlelyrat.jpg
I showed this little shrub before but the flowers have gone from very pale to a deeper pink. I hope it does not need more light, it's in a shady area.
 photo 105_0001_zpsvb1lhiyr.jpg
The water Iris bloomed well and are almost done. I thinned them out last year.
 photo 105_0005_zpsgziuhcxo.jpg
I have this in an old coal skuttle
 photo 105_0006_zpsnojcanf1.jpg
By the road we are growing Milkweed for the butterfly.
 photo 105_0031_zpscdijvaor.jpg
I need to collect more stones now, I want to border the new gardens with them. I want big ones not these little ones.
 photo 105_0041_zpsarfo3u6z.jpg
I will end with a picture of the flowers I got for Alex I just have to get out there and place them.
 photo 105_0042_zpsoij6m1ls.jpg