This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lots of Flowers.......

This time of year there are a lot of pretty flowers. I don't see too many birds. Now and again they sort of half heartedly come snoop around, especially the Chickadees and Bluejays, seldom anyone else. Not many photo opps.
Although I have twice bought new camera's I go back to my old Kodak, it just gets a clearer sharper image for me. I am not an expert so want a point and shoot that works as I want it to, without the fiddling.
So here are some pretties from my garden the last couple of days.
 photo 103_4715_zpsdzu8a5tq.jpg
 photo 103_4713k_zpscml77gys.jpg
 photo 103_4706k_zpskknbsjkj.jpg
 photo 103_4712j_zpsrmrioorg.jpg
The Daylilies seem to continue to bloom, one after the other to keep colour in the garden. I must get more of those, they are so reliable. They come in wonderful colours and look different at different times of the day.
 photo 103_4678_zpsa8u93qor.jpg
 photo 101_0131_zpsvstrpant.jpg
 photo 103_4662h_zpslxfdy1zq.jpg
I seem to take pictures every day of the lillys because they are so pretty. The Bee Balm is up and splendid, it seems to get taller every year. I need to move a few things out of its way so that the lilly does not have to compete for light.
 photo 103_4681hh_zpstuvpyhqg.jpg
 photo 101_0116h_zpsusteyvnl.jpg
My Bee Balm is in 3 colours. I have noticed that the coloured daisies have not come back this year. The white ones are doing well though. This is the front from the road
 photo 101_0134_zpsed1d3fwy.jpg
The bottles filled an empty space. The side that I did new this year is doing OK. I will move some of the lilly's there in the Fall. I could also move some yellow daisies.
 photo 101_0139j_zpskxwe0bwv.jpg
 photo 101_0144_zps3mjl0bri.jpg
The side near Buds house is in need of attention, the shrub needs to be pruned and the yellow daisies pulled. Those red things are pretty when they flower
 photo 101_0055j_zpsvjosgxs2.jpg
 photo 103_4671_zpsu5aaoz8h.jpg
 photo 103_4675j_zpsusbcq3e4.jpg
Some of the Roses are doing well this year and continue to bloom.
 photo 103_4666j_zpsdptrftmg.jpg
 photo 103_4668h_zpsxeimlns3.jpg
 photo 101_0046h_zpss2efnw70.jpg
More Lilly's
 photo DSCN6930h_zpsqnuulkkg.jpg
 photo DSCN6906h_zpscbfznann.jpg
 photo DSCN6892kj_zpsedhwqzie.jpg
 photo DSCN6860h_zpsjrmww2cf.jpg
I take pictures every day, so many don't get shown. I wish in some ways I had an outlet for it so that I could show my pictures. It would be great to be able to sell some. Maybe I will do a facebook page of just my flowers and birds.
This rose finally has a flower, its a pale pink Knockout rose. It got black spot and died back but this year looks healthy.
 photo 103_4702h_zpsftbw6cw0.jpg
This guy is taking his life in his hands. Both cats have their eye on him and when he was on the bird feeder he let me go right up to him. I am sure he would have eaten out of my hand if I was so inclined.
 photo 103_4700j_zpsh3jsgvki.jpg
 photo 103_4686hk_zpstazwdvim.jpg
I won't encourage that though. I would love to see other creatures come to the feeders instead of squirrels.
A couple of things doing well this year
 photo 103_4640_zpsxcagbdhc.jpg
 photo 103_4656h_zpsleed4l5w.jpg
These things are so pretty and so invasive. I will pull a bunch when they stop blooming. The bees like them though and because they are pretty I will allow them to grow, just choose where.
 photo 103_4652h_zpsqhyw5j2o.jpg
 photo 103_4591h_zpsakjkhrci.jpg
 photo 103_4589h_zpstbcyeohd.jpg
 photo hl_zpspu8tn93t.jpg
OK enough for today. I need to go get some water and while I think about it my inside plants need water too.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Garden in summer...................

My garden in summer heat has to take care of itself. I hate the heat, especially humidity. By this time of year I have pretty much given up on the garden. I do need to do some weeding but it will have to cool down quite a bit before that happens. It's the humidity that kills me.
The Daylilies are blooming, I would like to get some more, more diversity. They do so well in my garden that I want to stick with what works.
In this spot I have two climbers, the first one to bloom was pink, it had one flower and was done. Now the 2nd on is blooming and doing better
 photo 103_4640j_zpssmes3gpm.jpg'
I was surprised to see my Foxglove bloomed this year. I bought another before I saw that lasts years had come back, so maybe next year both will do well. The older (pink) one has doubled itself.
 photo 103_4630j_zps79hbesir.jpg
The Daisies are doing well this year. I had several plants and last year they didn't do well but are back this year and looking happy
 photo 103_4617_zpsuodlpr2o.jpg
 photo 103_4607g_zpsy1blyo7b.jpg
 photo 103_4607_zpsfwifcilx.jpg
One that I put in will need to be moved because the plants ahead of it have grown taller and hide it. It is a pretty Daisy too, fluffy looking.
 photo 103_4594h_zpsrdtn2jh8.jpg
I did feed everyone twice already but think I will have to do that again, I don't seem to get a whole lot of blooms all at once. It always looks sparse.The Daylilies have some pretty colours.
 photo 103_4582j_zpsevpdapqi.jpg
 photo 103_4910h_zpsquqyflpj.jpg
 photo 103_4898_zpsxw2imq5h.jpg
The red ones don't photograph well.
 photo 103_4894_zpsirxmjrrh.jpg
 photo 103_4878j_zps62tlkyhf.jpg
 photo 103_4840g_zpsjbt45f6e.jpg
 photo 103_4829_zpsrcz0bdl7.jpg
These flowers spread all over, I had to really pull them out this Spring. They are so pretty though. I do love them but they can kill others if not controlled.
 photo 103_4834f_zpskxdnos0p.jpg
More lilies
 photo 103_4811_zpsdhwrlc5t.jpg
 photo 103_4807_zpskn8ftaqd.jpg
 photo 103_4791_zps4i4qacpi.jpg
Lots of small plants that I wish would take off.
 photo 103_4820h_zpsuungbawc.jpg
 photo 103_4821k_zpsystwpgxb.jpg
 photo 103_4777j_zpsxi6v8i2q.jpg
 photo 103_4776_zps549nshax.jpg
 photo 103_4584_zpskpqkt13x.jpg
 photo 103_4627j_zpsc5fmuldz.jpg
Some of the Roses did well, others never bloomed
 photo 103_4796h_zpscrisj4nk.jpg
 photo 103_4606d_zpslccfrwpk.jpg
The Bee Balm is blooming, I have 3 colours of that. Sort of straggly at the moment not sure I have any pictures yet.
Every year I have to replan things. This year I didn't have any money to spend. I want to continue the fence line and fix the area under the corner Pine tree, the ivy is doing well there so I think I will plant more until it covers the whole area. Once the fence is up then I can keep it under control and move one of my old ploughs under there.
The area near the road needs to be dug up and replanted. So much yet to do.
 photo 103_4615_zpshklrzlcm.jpg
Maybe some Daylilies or a Knockout rose would do well. Or some Lavender. Anyway, come Fall I must weed it out and see what I can move into the garden.
 photo 103_4597h_zpslufsctpa.jpg
Well that's it for now. I will post more when it cools down.