This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Barn Swallows.............

While we were out the other day, we stopped in Glen Haven to show the kids the Blacksmiths shop. I saw the Swallows going in and out. It was not long and I saw the nest just above my head.
Mum and Dad were busy feeding the new family. One would stay while the other hunted.
 photo 7b6fd0c4-7008-4dec-a723-2153b7497197_zps4ee5a28d.jpg
There were at least two babies that I could see.
 photo 29b5becc-13e8-4a7f-b17b-e4fd108233d1_zpse05c7eb6.jpg
 photo d0875e7a-3dfe-4dae-af89-8a91e06bf14c_zpsd909c0fc.jpg
I tried to get a few pictures so I could edit them if not clear, so I was able to get some close ups. They were so busy, poor things those kids are so demanding.
 photo 426b822f-a457-4b4e-8aff-de85e85a6a04_zps2c799cbb.jpg
That is unless one was running back and forth. Arn't they cute?????
Just had to show them.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


One of my favourite garden flowers.........the Daylily. I like it becaue it comes in all shapes and sizes. The colour range is incredible. So this page will be mainly pictures of some in my garden and some I have seen in other places.
These are from my garden. The deep pink one was one I got last year
 photo fcdc8918-ac0e-4168-8fe4-419090419d51_zpsd6423141.jpg
The white one is not mine, its a lovely creamy white and I think I will look to add that to my collection.
 photo 9372478d-a476-4087-96b6-8c2abc0a2f81_zps18ef5446.jpg
This yellow beauty was out in Alden and I want one........I will have to actually go to a greenhouse I think. Maybe ordering one from a catalogue. Has anyone done that? What are the results, do they do well? I am a bit wary about catalogues because they are usually really whimpy specimens and do they actually grow????
 photo f5c94292-d725-449d-99de-fde93bcbb725_zps7333ce2d.jpg
Orange lights up the garden
 photo 5a20577a-64cc-4820-9917-2f0fbfb16e24_zpsb1fc8646.jpg
This one is also very pretty.
 photo cb9e305d-e0ec-471f-b732-47b357c9aa93_zpsab8cc8db.jpg
I have shown this one before and its still blooming and doing well.
 photo 7675ce1e-4917-4180-8a1a-5a434ba7e348_zps7d7a0a71.jpg
This one just bloomed.
 photo 939844ac-f128-4fc2-9da8-d7969835a07f_zpsc640c100.jpg
I will have more blooming soon. I am not sure what still has to come out but they make my garden much more interesting and I will never think twice now about buying more.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Day Lilly time............

Its that time, the Day lillies are blooming. I love that. They are brilliant and beautiful. I have several different colours and once I figure whats coming back up I will just have to get some more. They are just so reliable. I also got a good shot of some nasturtiums.
 photo a3758c73-d67b-49fb-bcc8-36d26e227fce_zps3caf8b4c.jpg
Here are a few of the Day lillies
 photo cc010352-815f-4572-b998-45dfa668bead_zps79cbeb8b.jpg
 photo 336a5e37-bbf0-41b7-9616-fe3e733b8418_zps600973e5.jpg
This is the only rose in my garden that is reliable. Its a horrible rose, it has thorns so thick that you can't touch it. So it's in the bushes as it happens and it blooms all summer. It was a long ago Mothers Day gift, and its special and so I let it grow, it was eventually surrounded by the shrubs. All I had to do was chop it down every Spring and away it would go again.
 photo 0a5cf5a6-88fe-4a7c-a49d-63388ccc83cf_zps1bc357d6.jpg
Rock plants looking good,want more to put in pots. I hate to thin the ones out that are looking good so I buy more of what I like.
 photo dc3687a8-f2d6-4fcb-8f8a-4b41032b11bd_zpsdafb91d4.jpg
The berries are thick on the Mountain Ash again, does this mean another bad winter......
 photo 25557e04-7131-4823-911a-f834ad704763_zps9120ed2e.jpg
The daisies are blooming, I have a new camera and I took several pictures but I didn't have the chip in. My old camera would have sent them over to my chip, this one didnt so.....right now they are lost in the camera. This is all I got.
 photo d1a33f24-43ac-4175-8a7b-bdca1cdf71a1_zps6f57af05.jpg
 photo de6ca277-931d-4234-9946-008c970242c3_zps7a5e8ad8.jpg
I dont know where these came from but every year I am finding more and they are beautiful. This new camera is not taking such crisp close ups as I like. I hope its just that I am not used to it yet.
 photo 6f2820c0-9d8e-47b8-9a98-62996409e15c_zps09f66289.jpg
Today I actually saw a Butterfly. The only one besides the White one who seems to visit every day. I was so happy to see this one.
 photo ac8ac784-5557-4828-909b-83b06cc2fb96_zpsdfece14a.jpg
This little beauty looked rather beat up but I was so glad to see her
 photo faff4ac5-2083-430b-baaa-56da08218a2a_zpsd1588ff7.jpg
When it cools down a bit I will be back outside and waiting for more butterflys, meanwhile this is a rather nice shot of a bee.
 photo e7fcdbd6-65bf-4ca0-ae90-f2b43df23f45_zpsce5617b8.jpg
This Day lilly was really going to town so got another shot of it showing it's stuff. Got to support those that bloom right.
 photo c0b2f9ec-a860-44e8-89e6-4b02c457762c_zps7e3dd5c9.jpg
All for today, I must get those pink ones tomorrow............

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Working the garden in on the fourth..............

Today, I was able to get out in the garden for a short time. I did some weeding some bush whacking and planting. I did get a lot done really. It was only 66 degrees. Perfect weather for the garden but..........I got so hot. I just can not tollerate heat anymore. The mosquitoes immediatly set up their BBQs and had a feast, I had to go in and look for some repelant and I do so hate to use that stuff. SO fortified with something or other to spoil their holiday I set back to work. First I changed the Fairy garden because the squirrels were digging in the wagon.
 photo fdf7ade9-d012-475b-8e38-4853d8d5a0bb_zpsc4fad6ea.jpg
I like this better anyway
 photo c9661039-3b42-4eea-93b5-d44c53edbd41_zpsaa86b973.jpg
The wagon I put under the pine tree and left the ivy in it. That helps to make that look better too.
So the yellows are blooming well. The daisies and the Day Lilly.
 photo 5b36465f-0aa5-4fd1-ade4-fe372d2a0808_zps16314b13.jpg
 photo ea537f59-23f2-4212-8cbd-4d4d2e583a7c_zpsd78981b0.jpg
 photo f4ec694e-d20c-4be0-ab8a-f23d1dedad49_zpsc61bfb6d.jpg
I found a pretty pink plant. It's usually in the indoor flower section but I found it with the annuals. I will try to take it inside in the winter. My fav shade if pink.
 photo fd53927c-61fc-4c19-9bda-7f6e940a301d_zpsec988d57.jpg
We got the new entrance door in finally. I say in, but it's not finished. A lot left to do. The whole room in fact. He says he will work on it tomorrow. I don't see how he will get much done but when its all finished I will do a before and after post. We have to put windows in to replace the old back door. It will take all summer at this rate but the master will not be rushed.
 photo 415f292e-f069-4f9c-9c34-7eae2f1e28e9_zps817ac224.jpg
not a lot else right now. I moved the wheelbarrow that has plants in it and set mulch down. The grass in that area is terrible and so I laid down some black garden plastic to stop the weeds and dumped the mulch on it. I had much more than I needed and was going to put some on some of the other gardens but when I put the wheel barrow on it I liked it so left it at that. I didnt take a picture because I forgot to bring in the camera and it got wet. I put the sprinkler on. Talking of sprinklers........yesterday I went to move the sprinkler out back and here's a lesson for not approach the sprinkler on my blind side. (remember I am blind in one eye) because you can not see it coming. Well the ice cold water hit me in the belly and made me bend over and so it then hit me in the face......sputtering I tried to get away but went the wrong way and it hit me in the butt.....oh the kids thought that was soooooo funny. me? not so much.
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Almost July, its summer......................

There is so much work to be done outside. Its too hot now, too humid and too buggy. I find it overwhelming somehow. I was just outside to take pictures and turn on the sprinklers. I can't stand it out there. The gardens need thinning out and weeding. Some transplanting to do.
Some of the flowers are looking bedraggled and not as many as last year. Lots of green though,
 photo b96b06fa-7406-4c60-a820-fcf91baa0e98_zps0cb00d87.jpg
These should be thick on the ground by now. I saw two brave souls blooming. I suppose there needs to be some food thrown out. It's all so time consuming and I didnt used to mind, these days though I seem to have lost energy and enthusiasm, Maybe on a cooler day.
 photo de668004-b748-47c9-89e9-ac95f69c7c8f_zps3f6e1805.jpg
It seems I only just cleaned off all the mulched pathways and they need doing again. The apple tree needs trimming because now there is too much shade, besides I keep walking into low branches. I thought I just did that too..........I wish I had a gardener.
 photo c9d39306-956e-4a29-825e-480f2b026667_zpscd3039c8.jpg
I tend to like plants that spread, well they have done their job and are now too much of a good thing. Got to get ripping some out. These yellow daisies go crazy. I will pull some and put them by the road to go wild,
 photo e6429b41-9251-4828-887f-60cb3ff037a0_zps9e1f9818.jpg
This little shrub, well it was little once, has spread out and filled in so that a little pathway is more distinct. I like that. It attracts bees too and I like that. I think I will define the path with an archway and grow the forsythia over it like I did on the other side.
 photo 5703d5da-ba77-40c1-82f8-8f7da66a61ef_zps41462a91.jpg
The Bees like them.
 photo 101_1317a_zps5eae88a7.jpg
Look at the little saddle bags on both these guys, and I love that furry little bum.
 photo a22ac890-812d-4122-942b-f3598669cf3f_zpsc904ccc0.jpg
It seems everything blooming now is yellow. I love the blue's and purples. This little gem I put in last year and is supposed to spread. I hope it does. I would like to plant it in some other spots.
 photo e2b94575-a3e0-4e11-8463-a43898af3f49_zps7a70e2fe.jpg
Somehow I have to get back to a garden center without him knowing. Him being the hubby who does not read this...........I want a few more succulents that will go in pots and some more hosta's. ......The next picture is of our side near Bud's house. We are pretty much on the lot line and Bud does not want a fence. He does not like trimmimg otherwise I would have a fence to define things. Well, where the wheel barrow is there is a patch of really bad grass. I am going to put down some black plastic and put mulch on it. Then define the edges like I did out back. That way The wheel barrow can just stay there. They have to move it to mow. Not that that happens very often but still.
 photo c55ab984-d8bf-458f-8052-27af529589f0_zps6e43e308.jpg
I want to get some more rocks and boulders. I can not believe how expensive they are. We try to pick up field stones now and then but they are not easy come by. The Apple tree needs trimming back again. It was ok with blossoms but it will be loaded again this year. Not the eating kind of apples either. This area needs work. We took out the big bushes under the front window. Some of the honeysuckle has grown back and I will leave that now. I will just keep it trimmed. I have a climbing shrub on the end that now needs to be trained to climb. In the corner by the steps, this year I just put tubs of flowers. I may make an actual garden there next year. Or get some bigger planters. Not sure yet. Planters would be easier and probably look better. One on top under the window and two more below to go with the one already there. I can put Hosta and some annuals or else a shrub in the pot. We shall see. I can move out the Quince from the (what is now) shade area, maybe it would enjoy the pot? Or a mini lilac. If it were sunnier I would have a rose.
 photo 67e548f8-b8eb-41da-9ad0-a3604e4fbf06_zpsfc1b5d57.jpg
There is a lot of shade all around my garden. That is not good for roses. I also have to use the sprinklers and they dont like that much either. Fussy things. The squirrels attacked my Fairy Garden, they seem to think there is something there for them. I will get more ivy and let it go for now. I want to use the bright green things in a container. I have another fairy garden out back, I think I will make a transfer out there later on when it cools down and just plant the wagon with ivy.
I need more rocks for the rock garden. Rocks sink .into the ground so the rocks tend to disappear over time. I use them to give some contrast to an otherwise flat garden.
 photo 7fdd8582-33dc-482d-9e25-8fa3f2b8591f_zpse0750a00.jpg
When we go to the beach and find Petoskey stones I put them in the garden. This is the rock garden. Sort of. I started it as a pond in a bucket, then the pump went. Then I had a fountain but Tristen would fill it with dirt so that got moved. Now its a rock garden
 photo 755b8fca-bb18-4f05-8af0-9dca3cc4c101_zps0820e53e.jpg
Thats enough for today. It has made me want to get out there and get it all done, but thats not going to happen today. It has to cool down and get rid of the humidity for me to be outside.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flower pictures.............

I do love to take pictures of flowers. I like them all, the ones in my garden or the wild flowers or those that grow in other peoples gardens. I just love flowers. This is a new Lilac to my garden, its two years old now and is settled in and growing.
 photo 9a425789-210c-41ef-a0be-91e02ea71320_zps115dd2eb.jpg
I need to trim back the hedges beyond it so it gets enough light. I love pink.........
 photo 454330c4-7d94-44cb-90f6-2c8bc5ab8f21_zps34debf5e.jpg
I suppose pink and blue have always been my favourites
 photo c0b14ad1-ce05-4e1e-bf94-a6be41ab3af7_zps1e274c28.jpg
Then again, multi colours are just awesome. The little garden in Frankfort that the garden club take care of is pretty. It has a small pond and little stone pathway. In some ways it reminds me of some of the English parks with the little walkways and hidden pond. On a very very small scale.
 photo ca890fbc-b13c-46a8-9fcc-6b804643ad3d_zpsc7ae9280.jpg
This is Laura in Frankfort
 photo 7eff4cd8-2677-46ee-b4b9-093036d7db49_zps3fefa416.jpg
All of these were in the pretty little garden too.
 photo 260b5606-4093-4003-af07-8087663b5ddd_zps6415bab6.jpg
On the left are Straw Flowers those were at the Manitou Gardens where the petting place was.They really do feel like straw.
 photo e187a0d1-5f49-408e-8ead-12ef4c129c2c_zps5504c3d7.jpg
This one though is in my own garden and shows the patio by my pond in the back.
 photo 124c46d1-c397-40d2-88b2-fe9a4f61b452_zpsf3c480c8.jpg
Its been too hot for me to work in my garden. It needs attention now. Weeding and thinning out things. Supposed to have a few cool days this coming week. I can only hope. I got some blocks from Laura and want to put those on the patio around the pond and next to the garden to define weeks projects maybe. Got loads of ideas. Then next weekend we get our new door in I hope. I also hope he gets it all done because then I get to change the room around and get a new cupboard maybe. I love rearranging things.
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