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Saturday, November 5, 2016

When the last leaf falls..................

The garden is covered in leaves. Gerry and Tristen did a bit of raking today but that hardly scratched the surface. The back yard is enclosed by a fence and so they collect there. There are also more Maple trees out back.
The side is thick with them and the front not quite so bad as we have the Pines out front.
 photo DSCN8593ki_zpskmumt6qk.jpg
I remember when I was a kid. The farm opposite my school had vines growing up the barns, we would collect the leaves for our class and using wax paper or paint we would do things with them in our art classes. I remember gathering all kinds of leaves in all the beautiful colours.
 photo DSCN8592k_zpsn4qqdq9s.jpg
Reds, yellows, orange and green. Brown and burgundy, even pinks and peaches.
 photo DSCN8582_zpsz0ccczau.jpg
Here in Michigan the Maples are the big colour winners. The Oaks are darker, mainly browns, but the Maples are all the Autumn colours you can imagine. I love the Poplars too because of the sound they make and they come in Limes and yellows. Some trees have silver leaves.
Bud's little Maple out front is Scarlet
 photo DSCN8567_zpsu0abepjl.jpg
 photo DSCN8567j_zpspphd5qsw.jpg
I love to recall my school days, so many years ago now and it amazes me what my memory holds. What was important enough to remember. I think the funny thing is that a lot has to do with Nature. I do remember one thing, making a little Viking ship one year. I don't know why that sticks in my mind except that it turned out really well and I loved History.
November, so far it has been warm and the plants that were almost dead are reviving. I put a pot of marigolds up the back of the garden and they are thinking of blooming. Look at this.
 photo DSCN8558j_zpsv7rj1q7z.jpg
So much for the crazy weather. I have to say I LOVE IT. The sun is beautiful and I have been enjoying seeing the way the light interacts with the leaves.
 photo DSCN8559h_zps6eziyqvk.jpg
Look at these berries, I took this picture while waiting at Burgher King
 photo DSCN8617hj_zpsl4rpr0qx.jpg
The leaves glow in the sun.
 photo DSCN8594_zps8ts4ug4m.jpg
When the Autumn lasts it is one of the nicest times of the year. I could take these temperatures all year.


September Violets said...

Our leaves were a bit disappointing in our area this year. They seemed to have turned quickly and now most have fallen off the trees. The red maples are always the last to fall, and my nieghbours on either side of me have quite a few of them. I just hope they all fall before it snows, but with temps up to 18C today, I think we'll be OK this year ;)

Magic Love Crow said...

I agree, I could have Autumn all year round! We've been having nice weather too! I don't think we will have snow for November, that will stay! I just finished raking up my neighbours Maple's leaves! LOL!