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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Birds in October...........

The weather is getting cold. The veggies are about done. In fact I picked all the green tomatoes that were big enough and I am thinking of making Salsa Verde. I will smoosh them up in the blender and freeze until I feel like doing it. Meanwhile the birds are beginning to come in to the feeders. I will keep them full now.
While out the other day I got some pictures of some birds at a window feeder at the coffee shop. It may look like it was snowing. Nope that's bird snot. Still it looks pretty, just like snow right!!!
 photo DSCN8136j_zpsja0plrgm.jpg
 photo DSCN8135j_zpsbca9czpg.jpg
 photo DSCN8132j_zpstgjdttcb.jpg
I could have stood and taken pictures for a long time but the coffee was ready. We sat and drank the coffee before going on.
 photo DSCN8122j_zps9deuifdh.jpg
Meanwhile at my garden feeders
 photo DSCN8224a_zpshsmhj6na.jpg
 photo DSCN8225h_zpsfijafcj7.jpg
Some of the plants I have brought inside are doing quite well.
 photo DSCN8223j_zpsetiu2aud.jpg
The little finches were very happy
 photo DSCN8041j_zpsz7w7kkke.jpg
 photo DSCN8037k_zpsoeictfk5.jpg
 photo DSCN8040j_zpsuk0e1ocl.jpg
The usual suspects all arrived. The Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Nuthatch both male and female, and the Yellow Finches. I can't wait to see the others come back soon. The Blue Jays are always there.
 photo DSCN8013_zpsbxgrtu5j.jpg
Then we have the rodents haha
 photo DSCN8004_zpsqwdaknbs.jpg
Laura is lucky where she lives she gets the Fox, skunks and Possums. We do too but not where I can see them darn it all.
 photo DSCN8019_zpsnyv7aypj.jpg
 photo DSCN7998_zpstnyqypa8.jpg
I am sure we will see a lot of Mr Chips, unless Bessie gets him first.
 photo DSCN7989_zpsibqvv9gh.jpg
Well, that's it for today. I hope to be able to get some good bird pictures this winter. I am using a different camera and need to get used to it. My old Kodak died finally. Sigh..........I will miss it.


Magic Love Crow said...

Those photos are amazing!! Love them! It does look like it's snowing! LOL! Happy the plants are doing well! We had snow yesterday, but it's almost all gone! Tomorrow, summer temperatures again! Crazy! Hugs!

September Violets said...

Great shots of your feathered friends. That chipmunk has a guilty look on his face ... "what? I didn't eat ALL the seeds!!" His cheeks are huge!
I stopped putting seeds out because the chipmunks here scarfed them all back in about an hour's time and then there was nothing left for the birds. As a result, there have been few birds in my yard. Can't win.