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Friday, October 21, 2016

Bringing in the sheaves, I mean house plants.................

OK so every Spring I put out most of my houseplants and bring them back in the Fall. They seem to enjoy that. The Spider plants get huge (I think of Donald Trump now every time I say HUGE). I never know who to bring back and who to just let go. The Boston Ferns I bought this year are wonderful. I have wintered ferns before and they get stringy by Spring. Sure they pick up once outside again but never look the same. So what to do. I hate to see then die. I have three of them and nowhere to put them.
 photo DSCN7983_zpslxfexkbc.jpg
The Spider plants I usually have a place for those. Except this year two of them got really big for the spots they normally go. So what now. I could put them up in a bedroom but then I forget to water them.
This one is big and bulky. I will trim off the babies and see what happens
 photo DSCN7980_zpsc63y41lu.jpg
This one is more manageable and I think I have a spot for this one.
 photo DSCN7978_zpskgilojvy.jpg
Actually that one could go in my bedroom. I could also put one in my bathroom. They may do well in there.
I brought in some Begonias because one I kept over last year did really well in the house. These are just to pretty to give up on.
 photo DSCN7977_zpso3qkp2ce.jpg
 photo DSCN7976_zpsxmhanjmh.jpg
I hope the bugs got left outside. I do not like bugs.
 photo DSCN7975_zps5lofe7kp.jpg
At the moment these are sitting on the back of the church bench that is in front of the old back door. It does not look as though Gerry will be getting that done before winter so thats a good spot with plenty of light.
 photo DSCN7974_zpsbte5wit3.jpg
The others are sitting on the washer and dryer. For now. I don't know if the yellow begonia will be any good but I will cut her back and see what happens
 photo DSCN7973_zpsgq5lh41b.jpg
Does anyone have any luck with these in wintering over?
 photo DSCN7971_zpsnpbwrpfu.jpg
Some plants just fit right in and others are just a pain. I just hate to see something die if it does not have to. These Spider plants replaced a cactus that was not doing well.
 photo DSCN7969_zpsyjlkpf72.jpg
This one with the fern may not do well but it's getting a chance.
 photo DSCN7966_zpsuoqi7i3z.jpg
This plant survived last winter inside and did well outside so here she is again. Twice as big. I am not sure it will like this spot in the entrance, it may get too cold when the door is open. I am trying to think what it's called. It has those pretty drooping flowers that look like little ballerina's.
 photo DSCN7965_zpsnacufkpb.jpg
One Geranium. I have some big ones but cant save everyone
 photo DSCN7967_zpsiqs0ffpf.jpg
This came in last year too. No idea what she is but was flowering so in she came.
 photo DSCN7968_zpsphychsae.jpg
This guy did well in the house last year in this same spot so........we shall try again.
 photo DSCN7963h_zpswgkdw6mt.jpg
I have several more that are not looking so good and I am not sure what to do with those. They are alive and would probably perk up inside if I cut them back.
Bessie was watching the proceedings
 photo DSCN7986j_zpspagyjydh.jpg
Talking of Bessie. She came home with a note on her collar. Some lady down the road who I do not know. She said "I love your cat, what is her name? I have been feeding her" she left a number so I called her. She just loves Bessie and wanted to know she was not lost. Wants me to put her name and number on her collar. Well I did suspect Bessie visited people, I have seen her greet people. I had an idea food was a part of her program. Anyway we had a nice chat and she promised to stop by.
 photo DSCN7987h_zpsvtpio1rs.jpg


Merlesworld said...

I am so lucky no snow here my plants stay outside winter and summer only sometimes they die in the heat.

Magic Love Crow said...

You are so good with your plants Janice! So many people would not do what you do!!! I wish you all the best with them!!! I have always been taught not to bring in "outside" plants because of bugs, but, I guess if you are careful, why not? I would hate to see them die, like you said! I love Bessie!!! She is getting food?? She knows where to go! LOL! Big Hugs!

September Violets said...

Reading back through your posts Janice. I'm a very negligent blogger when I don't visit people regularly. Last winter I brought in all kinds of plants, but it was driving all of us a little crazy as they took up so much space. I have two favourite pink geraniums that I brought in again this year. But I left all my succulents outside as sometimes they seem to do better out there. I feel your dilemma and want to save all my little potted plants, but I just can't find the space for them in my small house. Ah well. You're doing great finding nooks and crannies for yours. My mom used to fill our bathroom counter with SO many plants and we never could use the counter all winter!