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Monday, October 17, 2016

Nothing going on..................

Not much happening in my garden. It's a mess. I had a yard sale during the nice weather. I think I ran that 4 days or something like that. It was fun but a pain too.
I could have spent the time working in the garden but looking around I decided it probably could wait until Spring. That is unless we get some more nice weather. By this time of year things are dying back so it's sort of hard to tell what needs to be done. The Hosta's do better in pots, they come back earlier. So I am placing those strategically around the garden.
By the way, someone ate all the ones out in the front garden. Hmmmmmm.
 photo DSCN7381j_zps29a4pszf.jpg'
This was a very disappointing year for butterfly. I had almost zero visitors. I grow things they are supposed to like. No luck whatsoever. Although I did see a hummingbird a couple of days but could not get a picture.
My vegetable garden did quite well. It was not big enough but I learned a few things. Cucumbers climb trees
 photo DSCN7819_zpscwnnsfgl.jpg
Tomatoes can become vines. They have spread all over the garden. We did however get enough tomatoes to supply us this summer. They taste so good, and I don't like tomatoes. I know what ones to buy next year and will try something a bit different. I will move the herbs to the other side and put the tomatoes where they can lean on the fence. They were so big they dwarfed the peppers. They need to go somewhere else. I have plans. I will grow some things in tubs in the driveway where they will get enough light.
Meanwhile the Mums are doing really well this year. The pink, burgundy and yellow all grew in size. So did the Asters. We got enough rain to give everyone the growth they wanted
 photo DSCN7826jk_zpszmhg1ymu.jpg
The Ivy took off this year too. I was pleased to see it filling in the spots that I want filled.
this one is cute, its gone white.
 photo DSCN7825h_zpsfpejbrle.jpg
My roses all did well this year. More light out front helped. Next Spring I will be digging up the garden by the road and planting Knockout roses. The ones Jason bought me, mini roses did very well when I planted them and still have flowers
 photo DSCN7827jb_zpsk4bfw5jb.jpg
The Holly probably should be pruned but is doing well. It gets bigger each year and always has berries
 photo DSCN7822h_zpsphfyrd1h.jpg
I planted seeds in two hanging baskets and they grew just fine but I didn't realize they bloomed later in summer.
 photo DSCN7828j_zpserfd7s2l.jpg
There are small apples on the tree out front. I think the deer have been helping themselves to the apples and my Hosta. Fine by me but please stay for a photo opp next time
 photo DSCN7838h_zpszw67uvvd.jpg
Pretty leaves, slow to change in my garden. Still plenty of time although wind and rain may bring them down first
 photo DSCN7841h_zpsodspuiwk.jpg
 photo DSCN7842_zpsoph4jqqg.jpg
Winter will soon be here, time to plan for next year. I look forwards to the birds coming back and I am setting out the feeders to coax them in. The Chickadees are all happy and cheerfully indulging and I saw a male Nuthatch, I hope he sticks around. I am looking forwards to that.


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Janice! Missed you my friend! Gorgeous pictures, as always! Since we had a very dry, hot summer, a lot of my gardening for the winter is finished! I am putting some extra earth down, under the trees, to cover the roots. There are some areas I am thinking about for next year too! Hope your computer is working well now! Hugs!

Denise inVA said...

Hello there, great photos from your garden and I love the little fairy house. The butterflies were lovely too. I intend to plant more butterfly friendly flowers for next summer. I saw a lot of butterflies at our local garden. Trimmed bushes and mulched today, otherwise my garden is very quiet. It was a nice hot day but no humidity. Getting a lot cooler starting the weekend. Have a great one :)