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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tomatoes, Tomatoes and more Tomatoes.....................

Well the garden was a halfway success. So I am confident we will do another next year. A better planned one. We had a lot of tomatoes.
What I did was to cook them all as I had a whole bunch in the fridge that we would never get through. So I thought hmmmmm Tomato sauces.
I liked the Romano Tomato best for cooking and eating, except for the cherry ones.
 photo 101_5236g_zpszzhw2nco.jpg
I used them all and made a batch of base for Spaghetti sauce, it will need revving up when I am ready to use it.
 photo 101_0662_zps7qbx6iyu.jpg
I cooked Turkey burgher to use in two batches of chilli. We ate one batch and froze two.
 photo 101_0663_zpsnqyzusk5.jpg
So no need to waste the Tomatoes. I added a green pepper that was ready but I had no use for at that time. I don't want to waste any. I don't know why the home grown ones are so much tastier? I wonder if the ones in the store are left longer to get bigger. Mine were quite small compared but tasted so good.
 photo 101_5227_zpsc5r65uvh.jpg
I am not at all sure what the black ones are.
 photo DSCN7315_zpsjfcg1lox.jpg
Cucumbers are still blooming but no cucumbers haha
 photo 101_0483k_zps2nfiwn9j.jpg
I guess next year I will have to put in a couple of them to cross polinate.
The Robins and other birds have eaten all the berries on the Mountain Ash
 photo DSCN7269k_zpsrr7ag9q9.jpg
 photo DSCN7269kk_zpsr0k40g4w.jpg
Some of the Robins are young ones and some are in moult
 photo DSCN7285j_zpslkcxoqhp.jpg
 photo DSCN7274k_zps5wvkluqs.jpg
I am still waiting for the eggplant to ripen. I know that critters are having their share of goodies, I see the tomatoes that have been nibbled and I smell the skunk who has been hanging around. The cats caught a mouse. So I know they are enjoying stuff and they are welcome. Next year I will plant more. Especially Sunflowers.


Merlesworld said...

The black ones look look like eggplant to me.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love tomatoes! So happy you are not waisting any! And, you are so right, the ones out of the garden, always test better! I think the black ones are eggplant too! Truly love your robin pictures!!! Hugs!