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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Next year........................

Well the Lord be willing and I make it another year, I am planning ahead for my veggie garden. I think I will continue my fence across the side yard. Then where the porch is I will dig up and put in a load of top soil. There I can make another veggie garden. I can plant some flowers along the fence line and a path between. Then...........I have seen ideas that I like. We have a lot of space here around this house so why not be productive. What was once Tristens digging spot will now become a useful area.
 photo 101_0443_zps8n86morh.jpg
I am thinking of something like this.
 photo 5c6bc894644ab44012ddaa53c4a774db_zpsljyjk0ru.jpg
I can use railroad ties because they stack and last a long time. Also once we decide to move I can fill in with shrubs.
 photo 14222180_1190783970978556_2267514571735051547_n_zpsfm92olgm.jpg
I know Gerry wont want to put the time in to build boxes so that will be a simple solution. It will also look quite nice if I handle it right. Not a lot of expense either. I am not sure about the fence though. That would make mowing more difficult. I just want to keep people out.
I have windows like this, so I would also like to do that for the young plants in the Spring
 photo ddd883de70a3dc93cf09a519761ca156_zpslai0h4ne.jpg
The garden we have this year is a great location but not big enough. Its so crowded now. Lesson learned. The tomatoes I chose got huge and I didnt crop them back as I should have. We had too much going on and it all got neglected.
Got loads of tomatoes though and today I am making some Spaghetti sause.
 photo 101_5237j_zpsh7dssjlw.jpg
 photo 101_5230h_zpsmadhd3jl.jpg
I like the cherry tomatoes and the Romano. The big beefy ones not so much but they would be great for canning. So may grow some anyway.
The peppers did well where they are but didn't have enough room or light. Next year I may dedicate that back garden to different peppers. I also think they may do well in containers.
 photo 101_5229j_zpsmqxjpnhc.jpg
The Eggplant did OK, its just taking such a long time to ripen but it has two large ones on it. I think that would do well in a large container.
The herb garden can stay where it is and that thrived. So next year I will put in more. I never picked the leaf plants like Kale and spinach. So that's sort of a waste of space. We dont eat salad often so its easier to just buy that as needed and save the space. I really didnt need the herb garden because I am stocked up with spices. I just like to have them growing though. I think maybe some Asparagus and Rhubarb could go in on the side as well. It would look pretty and I like both.
I want some green beans and peas and they can grow up the side of the deck next year. I know I always made good use of those.
 photo Vegetable-Garden-Trellis-Ideas_zpse8ktrbcr.jpg
So now to look forwards to Spring and it's not even Fall yet. Pity it's not such a big thing to do but would love to pull out the old crabapple tree and plant a cherry tree or something like that. Maybe in our next house I will try to be self sufficient. I still want chickens...................

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Magic Love Crow said...

One day at a time my friend! You will accomplish everything! I'm happy you are looking forward to Spring and making plans!! Big Hugs!