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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Looking up........sort of..............

All the tree trimming done. Now there is a lot of empty space and a big mess. I have a much larger garden than I thought.
 photo 103_3996_zpsgr9sjxcr.jpg
I am not sure what I will be doing with this mess. I sort of have to wait until everything begins to come up because I don't know what will. There are a load of Day lillies under the first Pine tree. I will wait and see how they look. Maybe for this year they can stay, they may do better now there is a lot of light. Then with some wood chips that may do for that one. The next Pine leads to a part of the garden. I took down the fence that was just a partial, not sure if I can put that back or not but I need to stop kids running over the flowers when they come up. I have 3 shrubs at the back of the garden area and I am thinking 3 more would help eventually form a hedge. Boxwoods are easy to grow and shape. Looking from the road side it looks like the fence is the best way to outline the area. I think I may be able to do that without a lot of cost. I hope so anyway. In the meantime some boxwoods would help to define the area.
 photo 103_3998_zpscunqoh7o.jpg
I would like to buy some more pieces of the fence but not sure I can do that. I think I will dig up that whole area and start it over. The 3rd Pine tree I didn't cut so low. For now that will be on hold. I will plant more ivy under that tree. Maybe with some more wood chips and some transplanted Hosta it wont be so bad. I have the old plough to use in that scenario.
 photo 103_3997_zpsyliq4n0d.jpg
The first pine from another angle. You can see from that side that there is a lot of space to use.
 photo 103_4008_zpsovi7mqzg.jpg
This is the first pine. Close to the house.It had a lot of dead branches. So after trimming those it looks bare and nasty. The Day lillies will come up soon and then I can thin those and maybe I can coral them and maybe outline with Hosta's.
 photo 103_3996_zpsgr9sjxcr.jpg
The side of the house by the porch had very large shrubs that were no longer savagable. They had grown stringy and rough so out they came. I am saving the Forsythia and will shape that when it stops blooming. I am hoping to find cuttings to move out back where another Forysthia is dying. It's old and needs some new shoots.
 photo 103_3992_zpskpgtsqdf.jpg
The bench is coming out and I will cut that Forsythia into a shape and encourage the ivy below it. I will clean all that out and make it look good again. I am hoping we can save the bench by putting new bars in it.
 photo 103_3991_zpsrh3k47xe.jpg
What a mess and no real plan of what to do with it. We have to redo the porch this year. A new roof so I probably wont decide on this part until thats over with. I have enough other things to do as you can see. Meanwhile the whole front yard needs to be done before I can even think about this part. I hope I can get everything done before it gets hot. Cut back on the work for next year. Jeepers.

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Magic Love Crow said...

WOW!!!! You have been busy!! Isn't it amazing, when you start to trim and clean up, how much space you really have! I think I told you, I cut down 3 trees last year and trimmed majorly! I am not replacing the ones that are gone. Making everything really simple and the back, is still my wild area for the animals. I have one long area, that I just let go wild in the summer, till Autumn and then I cut it all back. Whatever wants to grow in there, it grows. Take your time and have fun! And, as my mom would say, make it easy for yourself! LOL!