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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Make up ya mind.................

One day it snows, next its warm and it melts. Then it rains, now it's snowing again. We have outside stuff to do. We need to get those fences done so that I can get the gardens ready to plant vegetables. This total waste of time is a bunch of nonsense, I try not to complain because it has been a very good winter. I don't mind if it stays coldish, just need to stop snowing or raining long enough to get stuff done. I just hope it doesn't decide to turn to summer before I am done.
This was yesterday
 photo 103_3210_zps7qblxzlt.jpg
The Daffodils were thinking of opening but changed their minds. This is today
 photo 103_3216k_zpstzzwzbmv.jpg
 photo 103_3217_zps3fa8aibz.jpg
Poor Robins are freezing their tails off. The worms are probably hibernating again.
I do have a pair of Cardinals nesting around the front. The Ivy that we want to tear down will have to wait for a bit until they are done with it. I cant see a nest but they are in there all the time.That explains why Mr C is so loud in the mornings.
 photo 103_3213_zps8krweh2s.jpg
 photo 103_3244g_zpshpvzd7zf.jpg
There were a few birds out there today but not many. Everyone is busy nesting I think.
 photo 103_3226kl_zpsjyekgdlk.jpg
I love the little Titmouse
 photo 103_3227j_zps0elrhblt.jpg
The Nuthatch was curious
 photo 103_3218h_zpsm4za7um8.jpg
He didn't come to the feeder while I was around.
Yesterday I took a few pictures of my flowers that were popping up.
 photo 103_3212h_zpshgzjlbzv.jpg
 photo h_zpsstpc5ry0.jpg
 photo f_zpsyezfngrm.jpg
 photo 103_3242_zpsdajwe7cu.jpg
Today though, still snowing and no one wants to be outside.
 photo 103_3241_zpslabrvoay.jpg
The poodles are snug as bugs in their blankets and heating pad.
 photo 103_3230j_zpsk5k3nrtw.jpg
 photo 103_3232j_zpsh3vevsgm.jpg
Tristen stayed in and had a PJ day as did I............
 photo 103_3272_zpsfqisrocd.jpg
Tomorrow is another day. I don't think I will listen to the weather man because I want a sunny day and I want to get outside and if he says its going to snow I will smack him.I know where the station is.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, we are having the same weather! Right now, we are having a snow storm, till tomorrow! And, we are suppose to have snow all week! Hang in there! I hope too, the weather just doesn't turn into summer. I don't like doing things when it's really hot outside! I love your pictures!! The animals/birds love you!