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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Right now the garden is a complete mess. We are taking (well Gerry is) the shrubs out from the side of the deck. They are a depository for all kinds of junk. Due to this some have died and the others thinned out. More than that they seem to harbor white flys in the summer months. Those destroy things. So..............they are coming out.
 photo 103_3181_zpsqf1kxyma.jpg
It will leave quite a big area and we are hoping to make a vegetable garden there. I am not sure we have enough sun, but I have cut the hedges lower. We have to put a new fence in. It will connect the deck to the other garden fence so the poodles cant escape.
 photo 103_3185_zpsgjxbawu6.jpg
That is not the difficult part, getting the roots out is the hard part. Then we will dig it all up and I want to make boxes to plant the veggies in.
 photo 5c6bc894644ab44012ddaa53c4a774db_zpscxpeopks.jpg
The trellis on the deck can act as a frame for peas and green beans to climb. This year will be an experiment. I have not had any success ever, with tomatoes or peppers or anything else. So if this doesn't work then it will be flowers next time.
 photo 103_3189_zpstpdfo89t.jpg
All the stones and broken blocks I will use as edging for the back gardens. The area at the top by the garage/shed will have to be redone too. Tristen's sand box will be moved to the drive by the new fence. That should be easier to keep cleaned up. Right now he doesn't stay in his area but moves his sand into my gardens. So, now it will be based on concrete and he has the space under the deck to keep his heavy equipment haha. It will give him more space to play.
 photo 103_3190_zpsz7n3nre7.jpg
That is the area I need to replan also. Now I have all that extra room what will I do with it. I am thinking I will get some Boxwood shrubs as they seem to do well in my garden. That will fill in the hole in the hedges and will stay low. We got some higher new fencing the same as the old. Bud doesn't want a real fence.
 photo 103_3203_zpsqk8pqosp.jpg
The poodle trails show up this time of year. Once the plants grow again they are hidden from view
 photo 103_3202_zpsypr9shlh.jpg
 photo 103_3201_zpse4yhrrm3.jpg
They have their regular paths and I keep them open for them. Its an adventure for them. I love having secret pathways through the garden and keeping things interesting.
 photo 103_3209_zpsgtinc4mt.jpg
I make little corners and things to discover
 photo 103_3196_zpsmuq4igtk.jpg
I like to use pops of colour
 photo 103_3193_zps3jil15do.jpg
Meanwhile Bessie is still chasing squirrels.
 photo 103_3159g_zpsk8mnwhjs.jpg
The Blue Jays are still at the feeders
 photo 103_3168k_zpsijlivr8d.jpg
 photo 103_3165j_zps7tters5g.jpg
 photo 103_3169g_zpsrcutthud.jpg
Mr Cardinal is still singing his heart out
 photo 103_3161b_zpsgvvci6is.jpg
Brea is enjoying the garden
 photo 103_3163j_zpsy9irsuy8.jpg
The back fence needs to be updated. I like the extra trellis that makes it higher, I have to convince Gerry to get another piece.
 photo 103_3195_zps0smaqamr.jpg
It's hard to convince him of anything. He just does not get my garden at all. He is only interested in this project because he thinks we may get some vegetables. He won't like having to prepare the dirt. I will have to do that all on my own so he has no idea what goes into it. I just need him to make the frame. I am not up for cutting two by fours. I would if I had to but, well he can at least do that part. I want to get peas in as soon as possible. One of the earliest veggies we can plant.
Brea is like, why are you taking my picture. Well she looks cute with wood chips on her ears.
 photo 103_3197_zpsbnqseiso.jpg
I hope that the next set of pictures will show some progress. Right now I figured I would show how it looks now so that maybe we will have some good before and after pictures. Wish me luck.


September Violets said...

Your plans sound great with having raised beds for your veggies. I hope it all works out as planned. I don't have any veggies because I'm kind of lazy that way ;) Good luck with everything!

Magic Love Crow said...

Good luck my friend! Wow! That is a lot of work! Take everything one day at a time! I love how you garden, with all your interesting things around! I think it's so beautiful! I really hope the weather starts to get better! We have had lots of snow and more snow on wednesday! So, no gardening this week for me! Hugs! Again, loved the pics!