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Friday, March 11, 2016

What a Mess

My garden is such a mess right now. I wish I could put a blanket up so no one could see it. What with the snow melting and the old bird food all over. The deck is slick and slimy from being wet. The gardens need raking and new soil added. I need to get the wood chips down and so's an annual chore. This year I have no money to spend on plants. This is going to be difficult.
 photo DSCN5936_zpsrkzmbqr2.jpg
I have discovered that we had a lot of bunny visitors this winter. I only saw them a couple of times but judging by the little round pellets all over, they were frequently at the feeders. That's good to know. That means that they didn't eat my bushes. They were not hungry. I thought someone dropped a box of Cocoa Puffs.
Our new cat Bessie, well she has been going outside. I really hoped she would stay inside. Boots goes out and so Bessie figured it must be a good idea. I was worried she may get lost. First time out she didn't go far. She was exploring the garage and came in when she got hungry. Then she got out again but it was too cold and she came right back in, then the last time she was out for a long time. I began to worry that she would get lost but she showed up again. I saw her first attempt to climb a tree. She had fun going up, not so much coming down. Then yesterday I saw her chase a squirrel right up a tree. It was quicker than she was thankfully and far more nimble
 photo DSCN5933_zpskjlwyhxs.jpg
The Squirrel escaped over the overhead wires and was gone. That left Bessie clinging to the upper branches and trying to back down. She made it very slowly. She is learning. So far she has not gone too far astray so I am hoping as she expands her horizons she will be like Boots and learn her territory. I wish she would stay in, but she wont so I have to accept that. Boots has her favourite places in the garden and she does visit around the immediate neighbourhood. I like it when she sits in a garden chair in the sun. I hope Bessie will do the same, she is very young yet.
 photo DSCN5935_zpsxpu9zaxj.jpg
Bessie has claws so it will be a challenge for the local rodents. I don't like cats hunting. She better leave the birds alone or else. I can't have her bothering the birds. I sort of regret not having her declawed, she scratches the furniture. Boots doesn't have claws and she does just fine outside. Still, time will tell. They don't have to defend themselves and Boots manages to hunt, she gets Chipmunks. I do not like that side of cats.
 photo 101_2463a_zps1a8b1ddb.jpg
I would be much happier if they stayed inside but they get out when the dogs go out. Boots first time was by getting out the window. Bessie did the same.
 photo 101_3095g_zps7c5aeb5c.jpg
well, I did manage to do some raking the other day. Loads of wet leaves to get into the wheel barrow. Its too wet again today and cold. I think it may be a nice weekend though so I am hoping to do a lot of clean up. I will then take some pictures.
A lot of work to do this year. We are going to take out the shrubs by the deck. Also the ones by the front porch. The Pine trees with get a trimming too and all the gardens need digging and things moved around. I can't quite call it a redesign but.........something like that. It all needs to be organized. My roses did well in the new center garden last year. I think I will move the old wheel barrow and make that a rose garden this year. I also would like to do some veggies. That didn't work well last year. Spring, a new beginning and new ideas.


Connie said...

Hi Janice, I have been going through many of your posts and I am in love with your wildlife photos, especially the birds. Are these all taken in your yard? I was raised in Indiana and now live in the desert area of Washington state . . . I miss all the colorful birds like the Blue Jay and the Cardinal. Your photos are so close and personal . . . you can see every detail in their feathers . . . I love that.
Great Job!!!
Have a lovely weekend!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Magic Love Crow said...

You are going to have fun! My backyard is a mess too from all the bird seed! I cut down and took out a lot of trees last year! This year, will be easier! No spending for me either, except for earth! I am just transplanting somethings, that is it! It can get so expensive! You already have so many beautiful plants too Janice, everything will be great! The cats looks so cute! I hope Bessie behaves! LOL! Hugs!

Nora said...

I enjoyed this posting and loved seeing your cat and the garden areas. I find your blog to be very interesting and love all your photos on here. I am a new follower to your blog.