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Friday, April 22, 2016

April showers bring flowers..............

We had one day of rain, just one. Today was cloudy and cold. It's not going to get a lot warmer and I even heard mention of snow. I really don't think we will be getting snow. Tomorrow is Saturday and we want to finish trimming bushes and trees and raking up the leaves and junk. The back yard is done. Now the side and front to do. Come May it will be time to prepare the vegetable garden.I am looking forwards to that. It will be a bit of work but I am hoping for success.
Today we had a different visitor, well not new but rare for us. Very pretty little finch type bird, looks like a Sparrow with yellow cheeks. He was scratching around like a chicken. I hope he comes back.
 photo 103_3906l_zpstlxexeoo.jpg
 photo 103_3904k_zpsbs5ujvfh.jpg
I identify him as a White Throated sparrow. Closest I could find anyway. Please correct me if I am wrong as I want to know what birds come to my feeders.
 photo 103_3899k_zpsuefjelwk.jpg
So Bessie now likes being outside. I think she is learning from Boots. I have seen her explore the adjacent gardens but so far not too much further. She has discovered she can get in and out of the bathroom window. I put my glass top table under that window that may have been a mistake.She is enjoying climbing trees and chasing squirrels.
 photo 103_3889k_zpsbx27eeja.jpg
Boots is showing her how to go potty outside.Thankfully in MY garden and not Buds. Bessie is watching her. Watch and learn.
 photo 103_3890_zpsfprgawk4.jpg
 photo 103_3891_zps18ovwhl5.jpg
The birds are not here as often as they were, they are no doubt finding enough to eat.Also busy nesting. The Cardinal couple are busy with their nest above the porch and may stay long enough to raise some kids.
 photo 103_3897k_zpsw49rs4lr.jpg
 photo 103_3896k_zpsn8wcom4b.jpg
Spring flowers are popping. When the sun comes back out they will really pop.I wish they would spread quicker. The ones I don't want to do. I have to dig out some Lilly of The Valley before they get going again.
 photo 103_3911k_zpsvhkuqk26.jpg
 photo 103_3912_zpsvw5xlhig.jpg
 photo 103_3915k_zpsjkdcgafi.jpg
The Trillium is trying to bloom but not quite yet. Soon the woods will be full of them. We put some more in last year but I am not sure if they will come up this year. I am hoping because I love the Trillium.I love it when we drive out and see woodlands full of them.
 photo 103_3916k_zpshtm1rgfp.jpg
The Primroses are blooming, the yellow ones are budding. The red ones come out first.
 photo 103_3919_zpsreiiaezv.jpg
The Hyacinth are up.
 photo 103_3909k_zpsirvgqooc.jpg
 photo 103_3908_zpsopfeo24p.jpg
These are from ones I have bought to have in the house, I love to do that when the snow is still on the ground. Makes me dream of Spring. I think maybe getting real garden ones would come up fuller but hey, these are spreading and will revert to what they should be at some point.
The Chickadees are here as always
 photo 103_3883g_zpsd5gmjlrf.jpg
 photo 103_3885k_zpsxqywvcyu.jpg
Then there are the pests who are here every day without fail
 photo 103_3937k_zpslauexz0l.jpg
Did I say that all the fish survived. Here is a picture of the black one. It's hard to see except in full sun.
 photo 103_3755jk_zpsty0uwhcv.jpg
 photo 103_3752j_zpsasl9zjkk.jpg
All four are doing well.
The we have the Yellow Finches, they discovered the seeds.
 photo 103_3928j_zpstdacmny7.jpg
 photo 103_3935h_zps1pk41bro.jpg
Those guys sing so sweet, I can always tell when they are around.
So tomorrow is Saturday, I hope that it doesn't rain because I want to get busy trimming trees. It's exciting after all the anticipation all winter. I just hope it doesn't get hot really quickly and foil my plans. So much to get done this year. We need a new roof. New porch and we need to get the window done out back. That is not my department though.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Everything is looking wonderful and yes, you do have a lot planned! Take everything one day at a time! I have everything cleaned up and I emptied earth everywhere needed, and then I got very sick with the flew! Yuck! But, now we are suppose to be getting rain and maybe snow too. So, I am happy I got the earth down! I love your new little bird! So adorable! I wouldn't trust Bessie licking his lips! LOL! Big Hugs!