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Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Very Cool Visitor..............

Gerry called me to the back door this morning to see a special visitor. A cute little Possum.
 photo 20180120_092923_zpsyebwv1cw.jpg
He/she was up by our back door. I grabbed my phone camera and got a few shots before he got out of sight. Then I went to the bathroom window and waited for him to reappear. He never saw me and so I also got a couple of videos. I will try to get one on here for posterity haha. Not sure how at the moment.
 photo 20180120_092946_zpsl8vh4ww1.jpg
He went off the deck and found some food I had thrown over there for the wildlife, veggies and some meat and a big pancake. He seemed to enjoy the pancake. We usually get Possums in at night. I don't usually see them during the day. I bet he lives under our deck or something.
 photo 20180120_092856_zpsr5bxswlq.jpg
I love having wildlife visit. Gabby saw a Bunny the other night eating the seed off the deck. I saw how they get there (we have a fenced in yard) they have eaten a hole in the lattice. He had to squeeze but that was the way he left.
 photo 20180120_092906_zpsf7csqk7a.jpg
We also get Skunks now and then. We do not often actually see them but there is a slight odor when they show up. One morning apparently they had not yet left because the Poodles found him. I do not mind the smell of Skunk, but not when it is up that close and personal and the Poodles sleep with me. That was not fun for any of us. My neighbour Bud hates all the wild things that visit me. I love them.
 photo 20180120_092923_zpsyebwv1cw.jpg
My Crows who came for several years did not come last year or this year. They had nested in a Pine tree nearby and I have a feeling people sent them on their way. Yes they can be noisy but.....I love Crows. They have not been back. I thought the meat and stuff would have tempted them but no. Anyway this cutie enjoyed a good snack anyway
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Magic Love Crow said...

He is so cute Janice! I love this little guy! Too bad about the crows! I know my neighbours don't like feeding the animals either. Well too bad! LOL! Big Hugs!

Magic Love Crow said...

I meant to say, I know my neighbours don't like "ME" feeding the animals either!