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Monday, January 15, 2018

Januay 15 2018...........................

We certainly have the snow this year. The birds just are not coming in to the feeders it has been so cold, below zero for so many days. I worry about the deer and wild animals. The squirrels are getting fat at least.
 photo 103_0009k_zpsjixyzjow.jpg
 photo 20171213_134418h_zpsp2gjwppk.jpg
There have been plenty of Blue Jays when they can get to the feeder. The small birds have stayed away.
 photo 103_0035j_zpsrqjebk6y.jpg
 photo 103_0029a_zpscrjbuchw.jpg
There has been no break, save one day, when the temperatures got up over freezing.
 photo 20180113_124651_zpscnvbe63x.jpg
 photo 20180113_124153_zps7la6s3ta.jpg
We went to McGough's to get bird food, and saw all the local pigeons lined up. They eat well at McGough's
 photo 20180113_113720_zpsssltpo2r.jpg
On clear days the sky is sooooo blue and so beautiful with the white of the snow
 photo 102_0462_zpsgzz05dsz.jpg
My windchimes are looking good in the snow though.
 photo 102_0388_zpsktkxcbnx.jpg
The only small birds who showed up were a couple of Chickadees and for a few moments a yellow finch and a Tufted Titmouse.
 photo 102_0289k_zpsuay5wgtz.jpg
 photo 102_0299u_zpskwewb8kr.jpg
 photo 102_0285_zpsnqtzdhka.jpg
Not a lot going on here. I am thinking it might be time to close this blog and get it all on my Bluebell Woods. Not sure yet.
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Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous pictures Janice!! It might be a good idea to put everything on one blog! Big Hugs!

Julie Nyanyo said...

Beautiful photos. We keep hearing on the News here in the UK about what a cold and hard winter you all are having. Stay warm!