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Friday, December 29, 2017

Snow, snow and more snow................

It came just before Christmas and stayed. It is beautiful that's for sure. Looks terrible when it melts and you see all the crap under it. Literally as well as figuratively. The poodles had a great time the last couple of days. Gerry cleared paths in the back so they could run. It's too cold to be out there. Has been in the negatives or just a couple of degrees above and with the wind chill it has been bad. So they go out and little feet get really cold. They come in on 3 legs. Still, the suns been out and they go out and yell at people walking by, chase each other and run back inside for a treat. I sometimes have to remind them before they get too cold and forget to pee.
 photo 102_0364_zps6jchemwv.jpg
They are always looking for trouble. Brea and Bijou are the conspirators, the noise makers. Bodi, poor girl can't get down the steps on her own and it has been too cold for me to stand out longer than to fill the bird feeders. Have not seen many birds but the squirrels don't seem to mind the cold. I am afraid of slipping on the ice so dare not carry Bodi down last couple of days.
 photo 102_0360A_zpsgycqb3gz.jpg
I am always surprised to see my fish come Spring. The pond gets buried under a blanket, we keep the pump going. I am down to two fish now.
 photo 102_0359_zps4d5laou4.jpg
At least the snow blower is working again. That means poodle paths stay open.
The garden will be a big mess come Spring. The snow covers the mess. I didn't take in the glass ornaments and they look pretty in the snow
 photo 102_0367_zpsgfe39r02.jpg
I left the wind chimes up too and will make more come Spring because I liked how they turned out. Oh the list of stuff to do keeps on growing
 photo 102_0388_zpsgsibycto.jpg
 photo 102_0387_zpsax4fjjjr.jpg
Loads of work to do on the house. We need to sell the house that Laura was renting and then find out what we want to do with this one. To renovate or to sell? I was thinking of a smaller house. This one is too big. Thing is it is chock full of stuff. Every room. Five bedrooms and all the rest, even the storage and garage/shed are filled to the brim. However, to renovate it would be major disruption and work. Money. I would like to sell as is, let the new owner figure it all out.
 photo 102_0384_zpszxbfbrr5.jpg
 photo 102_0381_zps7p5g0k99.jpg
If we sell, will the new folks cut down the pines and undo the gardens?
 photo 102_0377k_zpsc5ybnla8.jpg
I liked the way the light was twinkling on the leaves of the oak tree.
 photo 102_0376_zpsozaarbfp.jpg
Well until the birds decide to come visit I probably won't have too many decent pictures. Roll on Spring.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous photos Janice! We have tones of snow and it's really cold! Whatever you decide, I hope everything goes well!
Happy New Year my friend! Big Hugs!