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Saturday, December 16, 2017

December 2017.........

The garden is dead, dead as a door nail. The snow is coming down every day. The next week may warm up to the 30s. The snow is piling up. Look at my rose bush, does it look happy
 photo 102_0352_zpsrfeb6wyl.jpg
Well what can I say, not a whole lot. The birds are not cooperating at all. I am getting Blue Jays and not much else. It has been so cold that I think they are all frozen to posts somewhere. The cats don't go out much so it's not that. Miss Bessie is a pissed off pussy cat. She does NOT like staying inside, but hates the snow. Boots goes out and comes right back in disgusted.
 photo 102_0346_zpsiwaso9bn.jpg
The plants I brought inside are happy though, they are blooming with happiness.
 photo 102_0329_zpsr0ooazk1.jpg
 photo 102_0326j_zps20xuxifn.jpg
Some I cut way back and they are thriving. I put some upstairs but think I will have to move them because I keep forgetting to water them.
 photo 102_0328_zps7ohbaau4.jpg
 photo 102_0327_zps7ef1fxht.jpg
I did get some cuties come in one day but that was about the only day
 photo 102_0294k_zps94vdupkn.jpg
 photo 102_0298j_zpsfiriehij.jpg
 photo 102_0305j_zpszhjjbdcd.jpg
The squirrels on the other hand, goodness. What pests they are. All varieties. I have bought critter food so guess I can't complain really. I need to put up another hanging feeder so the squirrels concentrate on the table tops and leave the hanging feeders alone. Yeh like that would happen.
 photo 102_0315k_zpsoijtva8t.jpg
The poodles really don't mind going out when its not too cold, they get to run on the trails that Gerry makes for them. They have enough fur to keep them warm. Later on when there is way too much snow we close the gate to keep them on the deck.
Waiting for daddy
 photo 102_0349_zps3uej0mnm.jpg
I left most of my garden stuff outside this winter. Oh there is so much to clean up come Spring. When Gerry finally quits work he will have so much to do here he will wish he was working The garage needs to be emptied out. I can't do much in the garage because I can't see well enough. The glass bottles look pretty in the snow.
 photo 102_0336_zpshoypz6e5.jpg
 photo 102_0332_zpscamirikd.jpg
I can make some more wind chimes come Spring. I may sell them in my yard sale given chance. I suppose that means I have to be productive this winter. I still have not got down to working on my quilts, the sewing machine is set up it's just not doing the job. Oh, well, I suppose it does need someone to actually run it doesn't it? I have been painting in my sketch book. That's my problem I get focused on one thing. Justin and Carrie want me to paint some pictures for them so there's that too..........I really must make the most of Winter right?

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Magic Love Crow said...

Love your bird photos and the squirrel is so cute! Give all your fur babies hugs from me! Lucky all your plants are doing so well! The bottles do look cool! Take everyday one day at a time! Quilt, paint, and get ready for your garage sale, but do it after Christmas! LOL! Big Hugs!