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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Inside in November............................

The plants I brought inside for Winter, well, some is good and some is not. Already threw out the Basil. Dang it, that was one I wanted very much to keep. Ah well. The Rosemary is not looking too good either. I will have to cut it and save what I can and see if it revives.
 photo 20171128_112843_zpsl99sqdgu.jpg
The Parsley is wilting but is trying to survive. Pity I don't use parsley more.
 photo 20171128_112807_zps2zq3xjjg.jpg
The Lavender is doing quite well so far. I have no idea whats up with that. I never have luck with Lavender so do not expect it to survive, but one never knows.
 photo 20171128_112924_zpsppvzug1k.jpg
Now The Geraniums survived last Winter so maybe those will survive this one. I hope so because once they did bloom they were spectacular.
 photo 20171128_112640_zpsmdu16tm3.jpg
 photo 20171128_112649_zps4u91iwju.jpg
I brought in 3 Geraniums. Sure will save some money next year if they do well again.
I did bring in the Boston Fern its stringy but well, if it likes it's spot maybe it will perk up. Trouble is this spot is by the back door and although there is a heater next to it, I wonder if it will be fussy
 photo 20171128_112644_zpsuaesqb85.jpg
I did keep some of the Begonia again, same ones that got through last year.
 photo 20171128_112633_zpsxms748wa.jpg
Some died right away and some are doing Ok. Time will tell. I need some potting soil to top up the pots guess I should do that pretty soon, I have to be in the mood for that. Should get myself in the mood before they dry out.
The couple of weird things I brought in were the peppers. They are so bloomin hot to eat but they are pretty and will be even better if I prune it back I think.
 photo 20171128_112605_zps7qudzxww.jpg
 photo 20171128_112617_zps0dckqddj.jpg
Now some of my regular house plants are blooming. Jason's plant I brought in early was happy to be back in it's window in the Kitchen. It is blooming happy
 photo 20171128_112506_zpszjo9n8go.jpg
 photo 20171128_112510_zpsujc62n3g.jpg
Tristen's little gift to me is struggling but still trying hard. I should re-pot that one.
 photo 20171128_112530_zpsmm6txbaw.jpg
The Christmas Cactus is also happy, I don't know why because its in a tiny pot that often drys out.
 photo 20171128_112710_zpszl3cb8f6.jpg
 photo 20171128_112715_zpsmzdvygbo.jpg
Some of my African Violets are reaching their end, it's hard to know. Some go on and on and others dry up and blow away. I love the Violets most of all I think. I was given the basket of them when Button's died. I kept those going through thick and thin. I did eventually replace one I think and again, they all need re-potting. I just don't like doing that job. Still if I don't I could lose them.
 photo 20171128_112914_zps6fwpk1nm.jpg
Spider plants doing well, at least these two are. I have a couple more upstairs along with some Begonias and the other flowers I brought in..........didn't picture those and I should probably also take care of those. It was hard enough getting them inside before the cold spell. Now its time to take care of them.
 photo 20171128_112654_zpsmqwtjclx.jpg
As you see I have a house full again. I do so hate to see things die if I can save them. Made room by using the bedrooms this year and once I know they will be OK I will move more up there. Right now I have a few who need nursing a bit. Outside is so blah. The weather has been so good I should get my lazy self out there and dig up the garden and put away the garden ornaments. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow so maybe that's what I will do and decorate the back deck.........

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow Janice! You do have a green thumb! Good for you, bringing all these plants in! Big Hugs!