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Friday, November 17, 2017

Rainy Days...................

We have had a lot of rain, maybe a good thing. Better than snow.'s been cold enough. Tomorrow in fact it's supposed to get so cold that it will be icy in the morning so probably a bit of snow can be expected. I will have to be sure to fill up the feeders. I bought critter food as well as bird seed. The Squirrels LOVE it. So do the Blue Jays. There are peanuts in shells as well as corn and bird seed in the critter mix.
 photo 102_0232h_zpsyv5qwlvp.jpg
The squirrels were soaked through but still enjoyed their feast. I bet they were shivering poor little critters.
 photo 102_0212k_zpsyp7yt5zp.jpg
 photo 102_0234_zpsidzqhauy.jpg
SO the little blighters enjoy the food I provide all year and so they built their house right handy like.
 photo 102_0218_zpsgkxdbijw.jpg
 photo 102_0217_zps2q8pun1o.jpg
They also enjoy the grapes.
 photo 102_0249k_zpsjlsxgerk.jpg
I couldn't catch pictures of anyone else this day. The blue Jays sent out the the news and there was plenty of family squabbles as well as the squirrels fighting. It was certainly noisy for awhile. The ever present Mourning Doves were picking up the falling bits
 photo 102_0224_zpszf5kwczg.jpg
 photo 102_0214h_zpsapccdyn2.jpg
Well there were not many birds that wanted to get wet and so this is it for today. I will leave you with this little pest enjoying lunch.
 photo 102_0244k_zpszjcgblgk.jpg
Hoping for more interesting visitors soon.


Merlesworld said...

Those blue jays are pretty and the furry little fellows looked very wet but enjoying the food.

Magic Love Crow said...

Poor little squirrels! So wet! Love the photos! Gorgeous bluejays! Big Hugs!