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Monday, February 26, 2018

Is it Spring yet?.........

The temperatures have gone up and the next few days could reach 50 degrees.That would be awesome, especially at the weekend. We hope to have Tristen and so we may go out for a ride in the country. I really want to go walk on the beach the sky was soooooo blue. I got this picture of Mr Cardinal singing his heart out against the brilliant sky. He has taken to sitting in the apple tree first thing in the morning. So I awaken to his squawking song. It does not sound so good before I have had my coffee. After that I can appreciate his effort a bit more. Here is is playing "I am king of the world"
 photo 104_0028a_zpsrkgcolx8.jpg
We have not had many birds at all this Winter. I don't know why. The odd Chickadee turned up but mostly it was just Squirrels, lots of them. They have been chasing each other up and down trees today so maybe Spring really is on the way. I sure hope so.
We took Bodi to the vets on Saturday she's having trouble walking. I carry her outside to pee. Today was so sunny I took her to a sunny spot. She liked that. The vet put her on a strict diet. Said the same as the other vet. She needs to lose weight. She is our plus size model. The tumour on her leg is not what is causing the inability to walk. She got X rays done. It is arthritis in both knees and her hips. So taking off the weight should help all of that.
 photo 20180221_173558_zpsnu1uqxk0.jpg
So today there was a Nuthatch at the feeder. I heard some Chickadee's and yesterday there were some Yellow finches but basically the birds have been rare.
 photo 104_0038h_zpsef6v7avj.jpg
 photo 104_0035a_zpsri0hfxul.jpg
 photo 104_0036a_zpsxadgdmdj.jpg
So what was the problem this year? I usually have loads of birds at the feeders, it has always been one of my favourite things to do in the winter. Have my cats had anything to do with it? I don't know why because they hardly went out all Winter. In fact they are reluctant to go out even now. I would keep them inside all summer but they are a pain in the butt. They are soooo naughty.
I don't like that they hunt. Still the Squirrels get into the birds nests and take the eggs then if they do hatch any cat that notices the nest will go for it. I really do not like that about cats. They are just doing what cats do but these cats are not hungry.
This is Boots enjoying a sunny day
 photo 20170615_135205_zps3ue9ogyp.jpg
I took a short walk around outside today but there is still a lot of icy snow. Nothing coming up in the bare spots, still covered in Autumn leaves. Looking for Snowdrops but it is way too early. It is still February after all. I am just ready, ready for cool Spring weather. Emphasize cool.
Not at all ready for heat but no problem with that just yet.

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Magic Love Crow said...

That is interesting about the birds? We have had tones this year! It's been fun to watch! I hope the weather is nice for you and Tristen this weekend! Give big hugs to Bodi! Poor girl! Big Hugs Janice!