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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Stranger in Town................

Today we had a Red Winged Blackbird stop by. It did not stop at the feeder though. It was pure luck that I saw him/her. I think it was a male. At the same time I could hear a woodpecker doing his thing. It had to have been a very large one as it was very dramatic sounding. I could not see it, I went and got the camera and did get a couple of the Red Wing.
 photo 104_0148a_zpsosa1htq6.jpg
When we are out in the fields it is not very often that they stay still long enough to catch a picture. I think I may have got a couple over the years but not many.
 photo 104_0149h_zpskkgvbrj6.jpg
 photo 104_0151a_zpsfjyjkfqm.jpg
So anyway, that was our visitor today. It would be lovely to see them in town. Not our usual visitors.
When I was putting out food today I put out some bread. A Seagull flew over right above, but did not circle back and I am pretty sure it saw the food. Maybe the wing span was too large to get down here? Besides that I bet Bud next door would have a hissy fit if Seagulls begin to come in haha. I would enjoy it but poor Bud he does not like my wildlife.
As the snow melts you should see the Bunny poop in the garden. At least its my side of the fence. It has to be good fertilizer there is that. I just wish I could see the Bunnies. They come on the deck at night. It's hard to get pictures when its semi dark. One year I was sitting on the steps and there were some baby bunnies eating bird seed around my feet, I would love to have one as a pet. I left them alone though. So sweet.
 photo Baby Bunny_zpsnko8yxvy.jpg
When Gabby and I went out on Friday, there were a whole bunch of Crows in the trees. Gabby forgot something so we had to turn around and go back so while I was waiting I was able to get a picture.
 photo 104_0041_zpszdmvtdke.jpg
I do hope they stay around. I loved having the Crows come in to my garden and have missed them this past two Winters. I tried to get a closer look but the picture was not clear. This bunch of Crows were quite small individuals. I am used to Crows being bigger but these were a couple of houses away. The more I look at the picture I wonder if they were Grackles, they did not shine like Grackles do so I am not sure now. The eyes do not look like Grackles either.
 photo 104_0041a_zps1hgvl2qb.jpg
I have walked around the garden but no shoots up just yet. It is only March so I can't expect too much I suppose. We can still get some heavy storms yet. Meanwhile I am trying to get outside as often as possible. I wanted Gerry to find me a rake but he says its too cold yet. Bah Humbug, I will have to try to find it myself. I can rake what I can rake a little at a time. I crave the outside air. The snow is melting a little at a time and even though we will get more I want to do what I can out there so it's not so overwhelming when it does get warmer.


Merlesworld said...

My Pidge doesn't like crows but the crows here are much bigger.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love the way Red Winged Blackbirds sound! They are so beautiful! I love the rabbits too. I think my neighbours get mad at me too. They are always like, Stacy, do you put food out for the animals? They are digging up my garden and hiding it over here. Well, too bad! LOL! I think your picture is of crows, but not sure? I've been raking! Not too early! Big Hugs!